Maroon 5 Concert Review: A Night of Amazing Music, Good Friends and Flying Thongs

Large screens give far away fans a closer look.

Large screens give far away fans a closer look.

By Jaime Paige

On February 23, thousands traveled through the New Jersey mist and chill to the Izod Center in East Rutherford to spend the evening with Grammy award –winning band, Maroon 5.  I was one of many who braved the disgusting weather in order to hear a band I have loved since they hit the music scene and to catch a glimpse of the sexiest front man alive, Adam Levine.

By the time we arrived at our seats, I noted something a little different from the concerts I had previously attended.  Sure, there were younger kids and teens there with their parents.  However, the parents wanted to be at the show, proving that M5’s popularity spans generations.

The band began with a splashy opening, hitting the stage with high energy and enthusiasm, with Pay Phone, a hit from their album, Overexposed.  Makes Me Wonder and Lucky Strike kept the crowd on its feet, then winding down a bit with Won’t Go Home Without You and Sunday Morning.  To my pleasant surprise, M5 performed one of the hits that started it all: Harder To Breathe.  The band jammed out to a stage back lit by screens filled with flames.  Apparently, it became too hot for some, as a pair of skimpy underwear were thrown at Levine’s feet.

In true gentleman fashion, Adam stepped around the lingerie, while an ever-helpful roadie removed the garment with a long pole that had a hook on the end.  I guess they do have a tool for everything in this world.  My question is this: what happens to said lingerie? Is there a lost and found where you can retrieve these items post concert? Or, does the band get to take home these tokens of love? Well…back to the concert.

As the show came toward its end and the encore was approaching, my friends and I debated what the closing songs would be.  My friend, Jennie, loves the song Daylight, but was skeptical that it would be performed.  Jennie was a real trooper, still going to the concert after being seriously sick for weeks.  So to see her eyes light up when the band performed that during the encore made the evening even better for me.

My other friend Patrizia and I are both in love with She Will Be Loved and to our delight, it was also part of the encore.  Adam’s voice shined through the whole concert, but especially during this song.  He became emotional while discussing the song writing process and how the band strives to create songs that arenas of thousands would sing along with and how much they love their fans.  This edgy, sexy rocker showed a humble, softer side that made the fans go crazy and made me fall in love even more.

*Editor’s note: Some of you may be wondering, why a concert write up on a Reality TV website. Since Mr. Levine is a judge on The Voice we consider him a reality star in addition to being a rock star with M5 and an actor (American Horror Story.) Besides, look at the guy? Do we really even need an excuse to drool over….er, write about him?


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