Tamra Takes on The East Coast

WIth Tamra Barney at NOMA  Social in New Rochelle, NY.

WIth Tamra Barney at NOMA Social in New Rochelle, NY.

It’s always exciting when we get the chance to meet West Coast Bravolebs, as the opportunities, thus far, have been few. The last time was back in September when Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley were in NY promoting the Gretchen Christine handbag line (https://tbbreality.wordpress.com/2012/09/12/handbags-and-housewives/) . Last Wednesday (2/27) I finally got to meet another original from The Real Housewives of Orange County, when Tamra Barney made an appearance in New Rochelle, NY, a city like suburb of the Big Apple.

Tamra was on a mini East Coast tour, which also included a stop in DC, to promote Wines By Wives and RHOC ‘s upcoming eighth season, set to premiere on April 1st. The event, which was hosted at NOMA Social and coordinated by Illumination PR, was orginally set for January but was moved to February due to a scheduling conflict. Bravolebs tend to have a lot of these. Originally set to attend Wednesday’s event, which was officially titled Tamra’s Bachelorette Party, was Real Housewife of New Jersey Jacqueline Laurita. Jac tweeted about her excitement prior to the party, however there was a filming change and she had to bow out last minute. Too bad they just didn’t bring the RHONJ cast to film there since nothing is more fun than a good show crossover.

Jac wasn’t the only one who had scheduling issues. I almost didn’t make it to this event

WIth Amy Poliakoff. Photo credit: MTC Photography

WIth Amy Poliakoff. Photo credit: MTC Photography

myself. There was an entire comedy of errors that preceeded my arrival that night. It actually started with the RHONJ filming change. I was attending with some friends that Jac and I have in common. When Jac had to cancel there was a chain reaction that led to everyone cancelling. Then a friend of mine said she wanted to go (this was after my mind had already focused on having a quiet evening at home catching up on sleep). The saying she wanted to go morphed into about 100 text messages pleading with me. Finally I relented, I mean if Tamra can travel 3,000 miles to be there I certainly can drive 40 minutes.

I woke up fairly energized the next morning and, with an outfit chosen, I texted said friend we were good to go. “You really want to?” WHAT? Oh no she was not getting out of this, not after she convinced me in the first place. Fast forward to evening, I spent a little too long trying to figure out how to curl my hair…again, and was running late. Two miles down the road the realization that I had forgotten to put on deodorant made me even more late. A 10 minute detour when I got lost, less than a mile from NOMA made me even more late. (Even with GPS, send me through a traffic circle and I’ll still screw it up.)

Finally I made it and upon walking in heard somebody call my name, or The Bravo Bitch, at that point it could have been “Hey you bitch” and I wouldn’t have remembered. It was Megan Miceli who writes Housewives Hoedown ! She was there from Virginia and recognized me instantly. What a doll she is. Not only did she introduce herself immediately, but she offered me an exrtra ticket she had when I was on my way to buy one. (Also there that night were Twitter’s realmrhousewife, Amy Poliakoff of Gallery Girls, and Robin Kassner or Millionaire Matchmaker’s “Hello Kitty.)

With Robin Kassner. Photo credit: MTC Photography

With Robin Kassner. Photo credit: MTC Photography

Now ticketed, deodorized, and calm I entered the lounge to find my friend was happily at the bar waiting, eating pizza, drinking, and she seemed to had already made a replacement friend. Tamra was a few feet away from us when I got the chance to meet her and her amazing hairstylist Julius Michael. Michael had weaved her hair into a lovely top braid, made the bottom wavy, and added some cool purple highlights.(Perhaps, I should ask him to teach me how to use those hot rollers.)

Tamra is very tiny in person, like the size of a twelve year old, and she’s got the spunk of a pre-teen too. An excited fan approached her, handed her an iPhone and demanded she speak to her husband “Frank”. “That’s my dad’s name!” Tamra beamed and went on to chat with this total stranger’s smitten other half. How cool is that?

During the evening there were many other such moments as Tamra took many pictures, had some cocktails, and huddled in a corner with a bunch of excited women conducting girl talk and eating pizza. Of all the events I have been to this really was the most laid back. Tamra is truly a girl’s girl and, like Cyndi Lauper would say, just wants to have fun.

Does it ever get grueling though? “I do sometimes feel like time is flying because I’m so busy,” Tamra said. “When I started (RHOC) my daughter was one and now she is seven.” There won’t be any slowing down for one of the first Housewives anytime soon, however. She just opened her gym, Cut Fitness, this weekend, has the new RHOC season right around the bend, and a wedding to Eddie Judge coming up.

So will Tamra have time to do a TBB interview? Stay tuned…

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