March Giveaway- Sugar Snap Organizer!

Busy parents need every extra second they can get! One product that has saved me many seconds, and the embarrassment of knocking into people with my diaper bag on my way to change a public poop, is SugarSnap’s Jax diaper bag organizer.


With labelled sections, so mommy brain doesn’t cause you to forget that snack or change of clothes, AGAIN, SugarSnap’s neat and compact system will turn any bottomless pit of diapers and toys into an over the shoulder filing cabinet. Each zippered compartment hooks to a central ring which means you only need to carry what you need when you need it! No more lugging that entire bag into that cramped bathroom stall or baby changing station! And, because we all need a little pick me up, the whimsical design has inspirational quotes sewn in each section’s interior!


I truly love my Jax, and though it won’t make your heart race like that other Jax we talk about on here, it will make your life easier. This is why, in addition to getting one for all my new mamma friends, I’m giving one to one of my lucky readers! Simply follow SugarSNAP @HeySugarSNAP and then comment below about a time you forgot a baby essential or, moms-to-be, what you would most likely forget without your Jax!

Want an extra chance to win? Like SugarSNAP on Facebook and share your story there too! Good luck!

Browse SugarSNAP ‘s entire line of products at save 15% with code TBB15 until April 30, 2013!

*Contest is for one Jax diaper bag organizer as shown. Contest open to residents of US and Canada only. Prize cannot be redeemed for cash value. Contest open from March 4th, 2013 to March 18th 2013.

25 thoughts on “March Giveaway- Sugar Snap Organizer!

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  3. I followed on twitter (Techno_Mom)

    I try to keep my diaper bag fully loaded, but we hadn’t gone anywhere for a while… Went on an out of town overnight trip and I remembered newborn diapers… Too bad he was currently wearing size 3s! If I could have seen the contents of the pouch I could have seen that the pouch was full of diapers that were too small. The ability to see through the pouch would have saved an expensive trip to a small town gas station!

  4. I sometimes forget snacks, or diapers. This is so neat, I can keep everthing organized and so convenient! Love!

  5. I think I have forgotten everything at one point or another! The worst was with my DD, I forgot formula! LOL I had the water in her bottles all ready and no formula to mix in. With my son, I have forgotten diapers more than once.

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  7. Been following on twitter my handle is @marleneluvzray when my daughter was a newborn I always forgot the formula,because the can was so big to put in the bag.I always had to go all the way back home for it!

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  9. Forgot my son’s pacifier on our way to visit family, which live over 300 miles away… know we had to stop at πŸ˜€ I follow @HeySugarSNAP @mollydoo2

  10. I go between several diaper bags, mainly because I can’t find one that I’m truly in love with. Just before my husband and I headed out for a date night I grabbed one of my many diaper bags, threw it in the car and we drove the kids over to a good friend’s house (45min drive)… We then took off for the night (that didn’t last long). We got a call about an hour later… The only things in the diaper bag was…Toy cars and rocks… Yes…. Rocks… My son decided to put all the contents of this bag into his toy box to make room for his items. Needless to say we postponed our date night”.

    P.S. I follow @HeySugarSNAP

  11. I see myself forgetting desitin but paste and Tylenol for babies! I would so use this product and show it off! πŸ™‚ can’t wait to try it when my Lil inner I’d born.

    • Thank you for your entry. Unfortunately this contest ended. Please enter our latest for Perfect Pearl luxury mother/baby skin products.

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