Kim D Opens Posche 2

Tara and Kim D

Tara and Kim D

Last night was the grand opening of Kim D (DePaola)’s newest Posche store. Like the original, Posche 2 (at 74 Ridgewood Avenue in Ridgewood, NJ) houses high end designer duds with that special flair that you can only find in New Jersey. There to help her celebrate was her mother, Dottie, her assistants, and the entire Real Housewives of New Jersey cast. The chic space is housed at Moxie Salon, so Housewives (and Husbands) got treated to makeup and hair touch ups throughout the night. I managed to snag a little help myself when my lipstain navigated to my chin…oops.

It was an exciting evening as the guest list was very exclusive. Our entire TBB team was invited. Brent, Jaime and I were dressed up and ready to party. Onlookers outside the shop were dying to get a peek. In fact, when Brent and Jaime went outside to get some air they were asked to take pictures with a bunch of strangers who were beyond excited to witness a glimpse of a HW filming.

The first person we saw, besides Kim, was Heather Robinson, who was sporting a new bob. Looking stunning as always, she really is a knockout, she wasn’t as confident about her role in the upcoming season. “I laid kind of low this season,” she confessed. “I don’t really know if I’ll even make it on.”

One person sure of her role is Melissa Gorga who is not only excited about Season 5, but her long awaited book. “I’m an author now,” Melissa told us. Her book, Love Italian Style, will hit the shelves mid-September.

Mel G isn’t the only excited NJ HW author. Caroline Manzo, who just released her book Let Me Tell You Something admitted she hasn’t even gotten to see hers on the shelf. When an excited fan outside said, “I saw your book at Barnes and Noble today,” Caroline laughed and said “I haven’t even had a chance to go see it yet!” Caroline is about to begin a book tour so keep a close eye on her Twitter and website for dates in your area.

Jacqueline Laurita and I discussed her children. “Ashlee is still in LA, doing well. Nick has his good days and bad days. CJ has been such a wonderful big brother and helps him a lot. I am so proud of CJ…he’s 10 now!” Jac continues to raise awareness for Autism Speaks. Throughout April Cafface, Lauren Manzo’s beauty bar, is giving out blue hair extensions for a $10 donation. I will be heading there in the next few weeks to get mine, plus help celebrate the shop’s one year anniversary!

Kathy Wakile continues to be the sweetheart we’ve come to know her as, in more ways than one. She recently held an event at Dylan’s Candy Bar in NY to promote her cannolis and is heading to their Florida and California shops as well.

The only Housewife we did not catch up with was Teresa Giudice, who seemed less approachable than usual. Perhaps she had a nervous sixth sense about how the evening would end. All I can say is… HOLY COW WATCH SEASON 5!

Blind Item: Which Housewife had me touch her stomach to feel the evidence of a tummy tuck she had 10 years ago?

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13 thoughts on “Kim D Opens Posche 2

  1. I have a feeling Teresa knew they were getting ready to set her up yet again. I am glad she stayed away from the brawl considering Joe’s court issues. If she gets involved and Joe gets involved it would have been a bigger mess than it already was.

    Where was KIm D when everything went down, cause I know the Greeks are pretty close with Kim D. I wondere what she had to say when everything came to an end.

  2. What? Drama at one of trashy KimD’s events?? Go figure. The fact that all the HWs were there is even more evidence that this show is completely set up & scripted. So disgusted with it now.

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