Little Town Off to Big Start- Audio Interview with Albie Manzo

While the entire Real Housewives of New Jersey cast is busy getting ready to promote the new season (airing June 2nd), Albie and Chris Manzo are promoting their new restaurant, Little Town, NJ. Like its New York City predecessors, Little Town, NJ  is the best of local food and spirits brought to one relaxed atmosphere in the city of Hoboken. Listen to the clip below as Albie talks business, BLK, and why mamma (Caroline) Manzo has some stiff kitchen competition!

The Real Spinoffs of Atlanta

Kandi Burruss (Source:

The Real Housewives of Atlanta is turning out spinoffs faster than Kenya Moore can twirl.  The newest RHOA to debut a show is Kandi Buruss. Already a few weeks into the season, The Kandi Factory is like  American Idol on speed; at least the one episode I saw was. Airing at 10pm EST on Sundays, I’m usually trying to fall asleep when it’s on, but I found myself awake last week and got sucked into watching the entire hour. The episode I watched featured an overly emotional gay rapper and a shy almost albino blonde Marilyn Manson wanna  be who calls himself Sweet Tooth. Essentially The Kandi Factory is Extreme Makeover “Rock Star Edition.” Buruss takes these seemingly clueless (and talentless) hopefuls and tries to mold them into performing artists by writing them each a song and coaching them in vocalization and movement to prepare them for a live performance. Post-performance Kandi and her team choose one winner who gets a video and a single that can be purchased on Bravo TV’s website.  Though I do like Kandi and find that her easygoing, nurturing persona shine in the role of music mentor, the songs she wrote on this particular episode didn’t impress me. Sweet Tooth, who dreams of being a goth god, had a song that sounded more cheesy 80’s hair band than goth. Perhaps goth isn’t Kandi’s specialty. As a former goth kid, and forever fan, I certainly could suggest some music she should check out, but the song presented actually reminded me of a bad, very bad, song I wrote when I was in fifth grade. The upside is The Kandi Factory held my interest,  after all it is a makeover show, and we always, no matter how painful it is to watch, want to see how a good makeover turns out.

Kim and Kroy are excited to see the progress being made on their new dream home. (Source:

Former Buruss BFF, Kim Zolciak, is back with Don’t Be Tardy. Now in its second season, we are following then Zolciak-Biermann clan as they build a new home and juggle two little boys under the age of two. Zolciak and her brood are as entertaining as always. Anchored by her practical husband Atlanta Falcons Defensive End Kroy Biermann and her stylist Shun Melson, Kim manages to just be shy of forever going off the deep end. As wacky as some of her ideas are, like recreating her wedding for her first anniversary, there always seems to be someone there to rope her in or at least roll their eyes. Don’t Be Tardy  is the type of show I look forward to every week, yet don’t want to tell anyone about it. In one scene Kim takes her daughters to what appears to be a Whole Foods only to have them balk at what isnt processed crap in cardboard boxes. The whole conversation was reminiscent of TLC’s Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, yet I feel less guilty watching because the Zolciaks are like Honey Boo Boo’s wealthy cousins. I’m looking forward to the rest of the season which will see the return of June Boo Boo, er I mean Jen, Zolciak’s best friend.

The Atlanta Housewives will continue to saturate the Bravo landscape when both Phaedra Parks and Nene Leakes join the spinoff club. I’ll be sure to park my donkey booty somewhere cozy to check those out for you when the time comes.

Reality Roundup

Slade & Gretchen (Source: Life & Style)

It’s official!

After endless relationship rumors, The Real Housewives of Orange County star Gretchen Rossi popped the question to long-time boyfriend Slade Smiley.

Gretchen bucked tradition when she popped the question to her man with a black-gold and black-diamond band, atop the roof of the AT&T building in LA.

“It was a really emotional moment!” Gretchen revealed to Life & Style.

Life is too short, I’m in love with this man, and I needed to take the plunge!” Rossi tells the magazine of taking the step to propose herself.

Slade surprised his bride-to-be with her own ring, a 4-carat yellow diamond surrounded by smaller stones, five days later.

“It’s official,” Slade told TBBReality about the engagement. “We are so excited.”

The proposal will be featured on The Real Housewives of Orange County.

The couple hosted an event last weekend in San Antonio attended by TBB reader Melissa Harris. Harris reported that the restaurant made a major faux pas when they opened the exclusive ticket holder event to the public. “We were very upset,” Slade told TBB’s Tara Cushing. Slade reiterated that the venue was at fault and the evening was certainly not what they had planned. Harris has since been refunded her money.

For fans hoping that Danielle Staub will bring some love and light back to The Real Housewives of New Jersey this season, you’re out of luck. Housewives mogul Andy Cohen stopped by The Wendy Williams Show on April 22nd and put the rumors to rest.  Andy declared that the prostitution whore former cast member will not be returning to the reality series.

However, Andy did reveal that the premiere of RHONJ will feature the wives picking up after the devastating Hurricane Sandy twirled through the Jersey Shore.

The former Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Kim Zolciak says she would consider returning to the series in the future.

“I can’t say that I won’t return to RHOA,” she told Us Weekly in a recent interview. “Housewives brings its own little spice.”

As for her rocky relationship with frenemy NeNe Leakes¸ Kim says that although the two aren’t best friends, things have improved.

“You can’t pick up where you left off,” Kim said.  “We just decided to just let the past be that. The reunion was a turning point — I started this whole journey with her five years ago.”

However, Kim’s relationship with former co-star and bestie Kandi Burruss has made a turn for the worse. Kandi is currently suing Kim over profits from the single Don’t Be Tardy for the Party. Kandi claims that she was never paid her fair share of royalties for writing and producing the song for Zolciak.

“Kandi doesn’t have any ground to stand on,” Kim said. “Her claim is so ridiculous.”

While the two may be going head-to-head in court, they’re also duking it out on the small screen!

According to Bravo Ratings, Kandi’s spin-off The Kandy Factory is tanking while Kim’s spin-off Don’t Be Tardy has been ratings gold!

Ramona Singer (left) and Aviva Drescher (right) (Source: Cindy Ord/Getty Images)


Sonja Morgan of The Real Housewives of New York City seems to have finally landed herself a contract… and a man!

“I’m dating again,” Sonja, 49, revealed to InTouch of her new 23-year-old boy toy, real estate developer Benjamin Benalloul. “He’s an old soul. He’s charming and wise beyond his years. I’m certainly enjoying my time with him. Any girl would love to spend time with him.”

Perhaps we will see Ben on the upcoming season of The Real Housewives of New York City. When TBB spoke with Sonja last week, she confirmed that she was in for season six. And now, it seems that Aviva Drescher will be returning for the next season as well!

According to the New York Daily News, after relocating to a more camera-friendly townhouse, Aviva signed a last-minute contract with Bravo just in time to begin filming on May 6th.

An insider revealed that Bravo held back on asking Aviva to return as a strategy to save some dough.

“Bravo deliberately staggered her contract until the last minute,” a source told the paper. “Last season, Aviva and Ramona [Singer] were the stars, and Bravo was scared if they invited them back at the same time they could team up and ask for a lot more money.”

Ramona signed a contact early and will reportedly earn a whopping $450,000 this season while Aviva will only make $100,000.

On last week’s episode of Watch What Happens Live, Porsha Stewart spoke out about her husband, Kordell, filing for divorce; revealing that she was totally blindsided by the ordeal.

Long story short, I was very disappointed and let down. When I got married, I meant it for life. I always said I’d never get a divorce unless he cheated on me or something like that,” Porsha said. “I was heartbroken.  Like I am still right now. I’m a brave woman and I know I’m living this out in front of the world because of the way it was done.”

Porsha admitted that she and Kordell are still living together in their Atlanta mansion. “It’s a difficult, difficult situation right now. It’s something I did not want at all,” adding that although they live together she is certainly not performing her wifely duties. “I didn’t say we speak and I didn’t say I’m cookin’. Ain’t no eggs and bacon and ham hocks no mo’.”

Porsha also confirmed that the there was no pre-nuptial agreement between the couple, who wed two years ago.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Foster underwent surgery on Friday, April 19th to remove a port in her arm that was being used to treat her chronic Lyme disease.

The Dutch model turned reality star announced she was going to have a port implanted in her back in December of 2012. “need to Start my treatment for Neuro Borellia Lyme disease,” she wrote. “can’t wait to get my energy back.”

Yolanda hopes to spread some positivity to those who are suffering from the disease, tweeting: “❤Love & Light 4 my fellow Lymies battling this brutal disease. I am ur voice and I will bring d awareness u deserve!

It is no secret that The Real Housewives have their fair share of financial trouble, especially when it comes to the ladies of the Garden State.

After numerous reports that The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Jacqueline Laurita is in danger of losing her home and owes over $300,000 in back taxes, the mother of three addressed the situation with Tom Murro.

“Thank you for all who were concerned, but my house is NOT in foreclosure. There is no threat of losing it. We simply modified our mortgage which is a process,” Jacqueline said. “Our mortgage modification has been approved and all is good.”

“My husband and I have always filed and paid our taxes every year. We have never evaded taxes,” she continued. “The $340k was from a tax audit in 2006 in which about 1/2 of that was added interest. We have been disputing this because we didn’t think it was fair to pay so much interest on something that we didn’t even know we owed until recently. The IRS is currently working with us to lower the amount owed and once that new amount is decided we will, of course, pay the amount.”

Baroness Monica Von Neumanm (Source: Adriana M. Barraza /

Move over, Countess LuAnn! You’re not the only royalty on Bravo! The newest name to be thrown into the mix of possible replacements on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is Baroness Monica Von Neumann.

Monica is a wealthy African-American socialite who is the widow of Baron John von Neumann, the first importer of Volkswagens to the U.S!

Monica inherited John’s fortune after his death in 2003 and has reportedly met with producers, a source revealed to RadarOnline.

“It went really well. She had them cracking up. The producers asked about her past, where she lived, and why she’s a Baroness. They appear to really love the idea of having her on the show.”

Other possible candidates included Days of our Lives star, Lisa Rina however E! News confirms that Lisa will not be joining the show.

A rep for Bravo says there is “no truth” to the story that Lisa is joining the show.

Tell us: Do you think The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills needs some diversity in the cast? Weigh in below!