Food Network Star Prepares 5 Star 5 Course Meal

It’s always nice to be wine-and-dined at a Zagat-rated restaurant with delicious entrees, divine food, and loud diners at neighboring tables.  It’s nicer, though, to be personally served a 5-course meal by two celebrity chefs.  This was my dining experience at the Dining Engagement Group’s Top Chefs and Friends Celebrity Dinner at Bombay Palace.

Chris Nirschel and Salvatore Lima spearheaded the night’s culinary creations.  Chris was a contestant on the Food Network’s Food Network Star and has been featured on CNN, FOX, and even Dr. Oz.  Chef Salvatore Lima is an upcoming contestant on the Food Network’s Chopped.  Based on the entrees of the night, I know he is going to do extremely well!

Tuna TartareThe first course was a Tuna Tartare with seaweed salad.  I personally am not a big fan of tuna but the miso-ginger dressing mixed with the salad was just incredible.  The salad alone could have been my meal.

Next came some steak on toast with a balsamic glaze.  BALSAMIC glaze?  Isn’t that just for salads?  No…  I clearly remember spooning the last bits of the glaze even though there was nothing with which to eat it.  Yes, it was THAT good.


The third course was a lobster risotto.  I’ve never had lobster before (I’m afraid of crustaceans) nor have I ever tried risotto, but I was satisfied.  Honestly, I don’t like entrees with thick or creamy textures, but I was surprised I ate as much of the meal as I did! IMG_5049

The last and largest meal of the night was a steak with chimichurri sauce on top of sweet potatoes with a kick of spice.  This was arguably my favorite course of the night.  Everything about it was extraordinary.  I’ve had plenty of steak in my life, and I’ve tried homemade and expertly-made chimichurri, but this was the best.  When I took a bite of the sweet potatoes, I was not expecting anything but sweet sugar but that spice sure surprised me (in a good way).

Dessert consisted of small cheesecake pops.  The picture speaks for itself.IMG_5051

What was truly amazing about the night was the fact that we ate this divine food with, Chris’s girlfriend, Tom Murro, and Kim Granatell.  Who else can say they’ve personally eaten with TV personalities?  Time to check that off my list of dreams I’ve never dreamt.


With Celebrity Chef Chris Nirschel

TBB with Celeb Chef Chris Nirschel


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