Robyn's Raggedy Ann obsession is one of the more normal on My Strange Obsession.Photo cred:

Robyn’s Raggedy Ann obsession is one of the more normal on My Strange Obsession.
Photo cred:

By Lesley Rousso

TLC, it stands for The Learning Channel.  I have been watching it since it’s been a channel.  Remember the good old days of A Wedding Story and A Baby Story?  It really did have a learning aspect to it.  For instance, I learned that I would definitely be having an epidural and whatever other drugs they were pedaling when giving birth.  There were shows like Trauma: Life in the ER, Medical Detectives and Trading Spaces. Yes, it is important to learn how to decorate!  We most certainly watched for the reality factor, it was pretty new back then, but we also watched because it was quality programming.

TLC‘s current lineup is a tad different.  The mornings are still filled with baby shows, but now there’s Baby’s First Day, which chronicles, baby’s first day, Im guessing.  Okay, that’s not so bad right?  Wrong!  It’s usually followed by I Didn’t Know I was Pregnant.  Really?  You really didn’t know?  The enormous bulge in your stomach and the absence of your period weren’t a clue?  Seriously though, I think it is insane that there are enough of these “I didn’t know” people to make an entire series out of this affliction!

The evening line up is true you just have to stare, train wreck television.  For example, My Strange Addiction.  I’m almost speechless here but there’s just way too much to say.  In the episodes I watched (for research purposes only) one guy was in love, romantically, with balloons.  Another one considered inflatable pool toys his family members, going as far as calling Lila the inflatable dragon his “wife”.  On a different episode a woman ate several sticks of deodarant a day.

I’m not bothering with Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, it’s been beaten to death.  I did, however, give Gypsy Sisters a try.  For the love of god ,who are these people and where did they come from?  Mellie, the youngest of the sisters, is about 23 and spontaneously throws up more than my daughter did when she was a baby and had reflux.  I’m not kidding, it’s just out of nowhere.  She’s also a cursing, drinking, now pregnant & separated (about two days after the wedding) stripper.  Okay so that’s as far as I could get with that one.  I’m sure one day I’ll tune in again, that’s if I’m super bored and Bravo isn’t airing anything good.

I am not a fan of the Duggars and their 500 kids and still counting, I just don’t get it!

Admittedly though, I am a pretty big TLC watcher.  I try however, to stick to the “normal shows”. I love Four Weddings.  It’s a competiton show where four brides attend and score each other’s weddings for a chance at winning a honeymoon.  Many are filmed right here in Miami.  Of course I watch both versions of Say Yes to the Dress.  It’s refreshing to know that people are just as psychotic & controlling in Atlanta as they are in New York.  And who doesn’t love Randy Fenoli and Monte Durham?  

At least on Saturdays TLC airs reruns of Dateline NBC and 48 Hours Mystery.  I just love true crime stories.  The most important lessons learned by watching these shows is that (newsflash) no one ever gets away with it, and it was most certainly always the spouse.

Anyway, as far as what TLC stands for, yeah not so much these days, educationally at least. True Life Crazy may be a better bet, because at the end of the day what I’ve learned from watching The Learning Channel is that some people are certifiable and eating pounds of Secret can really f you up.


About mommyrou

I am a Miami raised wife and mom of three. Actually six if you count my 3 dogs. I have always been a TV junkie and I'm not embarrassed to admit it!

2 thoughts on “TLC

  1. I always DVR the Dateline and 48 Hours and mainline them on weekends while hubby has to work overnight in his home office doing server maint. for a computer company and I always yell “the husband did it!”. He is always happy when it’s not, but that rarely happens, lol! Plus I learned what NOT ever to do while your daughter is shopping for a wedding dress, some of those moms are awful!

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