Drew’s View: Dukes of Melrose

Silver and Garkikos are the Dukes of Melrose.Photo credit: Bravotv.com

Silver and Garkinos are the Dukes of Melrose.
Photo credit: Bravotv.com

By Drew Schwendiman

Anybody remember Fashion Hunters on Bravo?  You know, the now-defunct show that featured two NYC thrift goddesses who owned Second Time Around?  Well, that show is OLD news, but Dukes of Melrose is (hopefully) hear to stay!

Set in Los Angeles, California, “Dukes” follows the lives and business of Christos Garkinos and Cameron Silver as they sell high-end vintage clothes to the rich and famous.  Their clients have included Charlize Theron, fellow Bravolebrity Rachel Zoe, and even Sarah Palin.  Remember finding that cute $25 Kate Spade jacket at Goodwill last week?  Psht.  Try finding that at Decades, Inc., a secondhand store that is redefining the stigma of “secondhand clothes”.  I mean, $895 for a vintage Oscar de la Renta dress is a STEAL… right?
Christos Garkinos is the Greek “Robin Hood” of fashion.  He buys clothes from the uber rich and sells them for better prices to… the not so rich (I can’t call someone who can shell out $500 on a Lanvin sweater poor).  He is very protective of his company’s cash but is still a riot to watch, because….
Cameron Silver is his rebellious partner.  Christos can set rules and budgets for him, but Cameron doesn’t care.  Fashion is fashion, and if he wants something, he’ll get it, even if he knows Christos will be upset (temporarily).  He loves color-blocking and can pronounce the names of every fashion house PERFECTLY.  For instance, I never knew Givenchy was pronounced JHEE-VON-SHEE.  Oops.
At Decades, Inc., the owners live by the motto “Chic, not cheap” and sell dreamy clothes for a fraction of their cost.  Each week’s episode exhibits the hidden glam of consignment shopping.  Sometimes they buy clothes from Hollywood starlets, other times they sell clothes to friends of Russian royalty, but they never fail to introduce new trends and make my eyes drool.  For the fashion hungry or comedy-craving television addicts out there, Dukes of Melrose is one of Bravo’s best new shows this season.

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