The Real Housewives of New Jersey Help Lauren Manzo Celebrate First Anniversary of Cafface!

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It’s a big week for the Manzo kids as one business has a birthday and another is birthed! The RHONJ cast, and cameras, were all on deck at Lauren Manzo’s Cafface Beauty Bar to celebrate its one year anniversary. The Franklin Lakes shop is in the same location as the former Housewife haunt, the infamous Chateau Salon.  Cafface utilizes the space with a minimalist look offset by a sparkly modern central chandelier. The color theme is white with black accents. Rich Wakile told us that sister in law Rosie Pierri, who works in the furniture biz,  helped with the decor.

Upon entering Cafface there is a large front desk to the right where Lauren and her team, which includes Albie’s former girlfriend Lindsey Andrews, take turns greeting their guests and ringing up their purchases. More like a bar than a reception area, there are stools which patrons can perch atop. At the end of the evening Kim D was settled on one chatting away with proud Manzo mom Caroline who was behind the counter.

“As a parent you raise your children to soar and be strong,” Caroline told me. ” There’s no prouder moment than to see your child get their wings and fly and I’ve seen that tonight with Lauren.” Caroline’s cup certainly runneth over. The cast gathered the following night to celebrate the opening of Albie and Chris’s Hoboken eatery Little Town (we were invited by Albie himself, but couldn’t make it this time).

Much like a maze, Cafface’s layout twists and turns with a surprise in every corner. Some walls are lined with makeup, some have styling stations, and in the back there’s a little clothing boutique, a fave spot of the evening for Teresa Giudice and sister in law Melissa Gorga who were both looking for coverups for the Jersey Shore summer. “I have that one in black,” Caroline told Teresa about a light blue gauzy dress with beaded straps.

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The casual and intimate event, was truly a family affair as the delicious hors d’oeuvres and desserts were catered by the Brownstone and the bar was stocked with blk. I couldn’t stay away from the crab cakes which were truly to die for.

Makeup artists were on hand giving makeovers and there was a hair extension station open for the April fundraiser for Autism Unites Us. Both TBB photog Mel and I got our blue streaks on. Jacqueline Laurita, who is sporting several blue strands in support of her son Nicholas, was looking fantastic after some recent maintenance. “You’ll see it all on the show,” she says about her Season 5 transformation.

Everyone was in a laid back and festive mood. Teresa was chatting up fans and in much better spirits than she was at the Posche 2 opening. Perhaps she knew this would be a low drama evening. We really felt that this was one of our fave events…but what did the lady of the evening Lauren  think? We think you should hear for yourself:

BLIND ITEM: Which Housewife claims that Danielle Staub still tries to contact her on a regular basis?

12 thoughts on “The Real Housewives of New Jersey Help Lauren Manzo Celebrate First Anniversary of Cafface!

  1. OMG…Lauren doesn’t sound to invested or knowledgable about her business. Maybe she is not a good public speaker, but based on this interview I don’t feel ethuasiastic about going to Caface.I mean who admits to hating the name of their own business? I am all about being honest….but sheesh woman, i wouldn’t want u to be a marketing/salesperson of my business lol. This interview just confirms for me what I have always thought. CAroline help purchase and run this business for Lauren, so there is no sense of “true” accomplishment and business savviness from her daughter. I have seen small business owners start from the bottom, scraping everything they have to build their empire. I hear passion, dedication, and heart in what they have accomplished. They know every product they have and sell at any time and have a true sense of passion. Some folks go to school to get the knowledge and know how others get it from their street smarts, motivation, and drive. I don’t sense any of this when I hear Lauren, which is sad. I get that passion, dedication, and drive from Albie…..but not his siblings. Out of all the Manzo kids….I think Albie is the business minded one….maybe since he is the only college grad…..or maybe he inherited his dad’s and uncles business savvy genes….but I only get that vibe from Albie. I have seen Albie’s interviews when talking about BLK and his restaurant partnership….I see that kid going the distance.

  2. Were they taping for the show? Because I can’t imagine the Manzo’s would invite Teresa there voluntatily after last season. Especially Lauren who had a lot of choice words for her at the reunion

  3. ssmidwest,

    Caroline and her brood play nice to sell her book…..diminish her bully title……earn her bravo paycheck……..lure business opportunities (talk show radio show etc), so I am sure they all had a meeting on how to play nice for the cameras. It’s business as usual….fake it till u make it Jersey edition. I am sure they still can’t stand Teresa and dream of her being kicked out of the show….but they will act nicey nice to portray the new theme of the season that CAroline keeps alluding to….”self reflection, repairing bridges, and reconnecting. This unreality is the new reality lol. IF it weren’t for the show half of these woman wouldn’t even hang out with each other.

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  5. God Bless you Lauren, I love your Mom and the whole family! I have thought for two years to put you in contact with my cousin a world known make up artist to the stars! I believe you are the perfect fit! This would be great for you! For your career! She has done Presidents, Vice Presidents, The royal wedding, many many stars in Hollywood and New York! She would get you in to the big league!! You are a star in your own right. I am a old fashioned Italian girl and would love to help you. Contact me A-1 Land Surveys Inc ask for the office manager, Kim. God Bless you and your beautiful Italian family and all your future success. We are like your family, we work hard and fight hard, play hard and love hard!!

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  10. Lauren is uneducated and lazy, basically a loser. The Manzo kids should have a show called
    Failure to Launch, none of them have done anything, no education, live at home waiting for handouts, and then Caroline bragging about them for doing nothing, such a sad family.

    • I’m curious if this comment is fact or opinion based. Do you know the Manzos personally? I will tell you that first of all Albie and Chris do not live at home and bust their asses. Lauren’s store is beautiful and she is there quite often to oversee it. So what if Lauren lives at home? I lived at home until I was 28 and I’m not ashamed to admit it. It’s extremely hard to make it without help for young people. It’s the state of the world we live in today.

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