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NeNe Leakes (Source: Valerie Macon/Getty Images)

Happy Birthday to the ThatHousewifeGuy brand! THG turns three years old this month and we are celebrating with an exciting giveaway for all of our Reality Roundup readers! See the bottom of this week’s Roundup for details!

Is being on Reality Television really worth it? For one of The Real Housewives stars, it is!

NeNe Leakes can now add highest paid housewife to her growing resume. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star has signed a mega contract for the sixth season of the hit show. The housewife turned actress will be reeling in a whopping 1 million dollars plus bonuses for the new season!

NeNe’s Real Housewives co-stars may be a little envious of her significant promotion; however, Bravo takes good care of the Atlanta ladies. Former Atlanta housewife, Kim Zolciak received a raise and her own spinoff series, Don’t Be Tardy…, last year with the second season premiering next week.  Kandi Burruss and Phaedra Parks received their own spin-offs as well, both of whom will be returning to RHOA next season.

Not only will Kandi and Phaedra be back, but all of the ladies will return—including Kenya Moore, Porsha Stewart and Cynthia Bailey.

The former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Camille Grammer is expected to sit in the hot-seat on Watch What Happens: LIVE! Monday night. Camille is set to address the reasons why she won’t be returning for a fourth season of RHOBH and dish on the hardships of her divorce from Kelsey Grammer.

“I’m so excited to go on Andy’s show,” Camille told RadarOnline. “I absolutely adore Andy, and always have a great time on the show. I have no idea what Andy is going to ask me…The stress of the divorce has taken a toll on me, and I would happily address it on Andy’s show.”

Camille also praised her former cast member, Lisa Vanderpump for her recent stint on Dancing with the Stars. “I’m a former dancer, and I know how hard that can be on your body. I was so proud of Lisa and how well she did on Dancing With The Stars. She looked incredible, and kudos to her for sticking with it when she was so sick, good for her!”

Lisa was recently sent home from the competition after dancing away for six weeks. “It’s been six long weeks,” she said. “It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done.” Lisa was the first housewife to appear on the show.

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The Jersey Shore and The Real Housewives of New Jeresy collide! The Emporio Motor Group celebrated the grand opening of their new showroom on Route 17 in Ramsey with a celebrity studded event last Thursday.

Among the hundreds of guests were JWoww and her fiancé Roger Matthews, who are currently in the midst of planning their upcoming wedding.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey stars, Melissa and Joe Gorga and Jacqueline and Chris Laurita were also in attendance at the event to check out the dealerships luxury car line-up.

Speaking of Jacqueline, she and former RHONJ star Danielle Staub recently got into a sparring match on Twitter.

Danielle slammed the show earlier this week on Twitter, suggesting that Bravo fire the entire cast after learning about the recent brawl at the Posche 2 opening.

Now, Jacqueline is outing Danielle for sending messages to Jac’s Twitter followers—encouraging them to tweet mean things about her. Jacqueline posted screenshots of these messages, proving that Danielle has been a driving force behind some very nasty tweets.

The cast of The Real Housewives of New Jersey may be reluctant to reveal whether or not Danielle will be appear on Season 5 of this show,  but we will see for ourselves soon enough! The fifth season returns June 2nd! Be sure to look for the TBB Reality team in the background! We have been at many of the filmed events this season!

Blind Item: Which two stars of The Real Housewives of New Jersey argued at an event this week which ended in one pushing the other?

MobWives fans may be sad to hear that Love Majewski will not be returning next season. In fact, she wasn’t even invited to the reunion taping.

The producers of the show gave the pink slip. She took to Twitter to share, “I appreciate everyone’s support but please don’t blame @VH1 they did NOT fire me,I enjoyed working with @vh1,I was let go by left/right [productions].”

“YES this was a difficult week&it sucks to watch this little weasel lie about me&not b able2defend myself,” Love tweeted. “but this week was also a blessing!  YES a blessing! 4the 1st time since I started MW I can see ppl for who they really are&I am blessed to have some amazing REAL friends !”

Love is keeping her head up, however. And according to her tweets, she has plans to work on a new project! “Thank You all for the tremendous support I can’t wait until we are hear [sic] discussing my new project. I want to work on something REAL”.

MobWives co-star Renee Graziano says that she could not prevent Love’s fate on the show, even though her sister Jen is the creator of the series, tweeting: “Look People I wld LOVE 2 b the 1 HIRING n FIRING but I’m NOT the BOSS so there’s NOTHING I can do 2 get LOVE back.”

Ladies, have you bought your swimwear yet for the upcoming summer? Well if not, The Real Housewives of Orange County star, Gretchen Rossi has got you covered, literally!

Gretchen took to her Facebook page this week to announce the launch of her Gretchen Christine swimwear line. “Super excited to announce the launch of my new Gretchen Christine swimwear line with @LuxebyLisaVogel,” Gretchen wrote.

“We have styles for everybody type!” she continued. “Pre-orders available at and will hit retail stores on June 1st.”

Gretchen has become quite the entrepreneur! Between handbags, cosmetics and swimwear, this gal is well on her way to building a brand. Congrats, Gretch!

Jeana Keough was one of the original housewives, staring on the first season of The Real Housewives of Orange County and several seasons thereafter. During her time on the show, viewers got to know her children, Kara, Colton and Shane, who was pursuing a baseball career.

According to his tweets, Shane Keough  may be planning on releasing a book about his stint on the show. “My first book cover :),” Shane tweeted Friday, adding, “So excited to be a part of the team and looking forward to everyone getting a chance to read all the excitement.” He didn’t include a picture of the supposed book cover and he didn’t dish details about what the book could be about. Do you think the book is about RHOC?

I guess we will have to wait for the 100th-episode special of The Real Housewives of Orange County which will allegedly feature interviews and segments with cast members past and present!

Since ThatHousewifeGuy is celebrating its third birthday this month, I have decided to giveaway an awesome prize for all of my Reality Roundup readers! If you told me three years ago that I would be writing a weekly gossip column and mingling with stars of The Real Housewives, I’d probably laugh in your face.  What started off as a collection of RHONJ episode recaps, has turned into something I could never have imagined!

Throughout my time as “That Housewife Guy”, I have made many memories that I will cherish forever… and I want YOU to be able to capture your own memories! That is why I am excited to be giving away a Polaroid Digital Camcorder so you can take pictures and videos of all of life’s fantastic moments!

To enter, leave a comment below! Tell us–what is the most memorable moment of your lifetime? For more chances to win, click here.


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16 thoughts on “Reality Roundup

  1. The MOST memorable moment of my life was the moment my life’s dream came true, the moment my world went from black and white to technicolor, the moment my purpose on this earth was realized. It was the moment I became a Mom. That will be 19 yrs ago next month. 🙂 Congrats Brent and Tara! You make a great team!

  2. Other than the obvious, getting married and having children..I got to go onto the sidelines first quarter of a Patriots game and be a “professional” was amazing!! We love our Patriots and was a dream come true!

  3. My most memorable moment…the day my Mom passed away. She may not have been perfect & I wasn’t always the perfect daughter but not having her to answer questions or just have a chat is difficult even now. She’s been gone for 11 years. Just because you grow up doesn’t mean you out grow your parents. I miss her & my Dad daily.

  4. OMG! I am so thankful for all of you at
    It just keeps on getting better & better. Cheers to all & keep up the excellent work😘

    My most memorable moment was on May 9, 2008 when my daughter went into labor & I was so lucky to witness the birth of my granddaughter. Her OBGYN was great he let me stand by his side & watch the whole birth. I will never forget that moment as long as I live.

  5. In 2009 I won tickets to Saturday Night Live in their ticket lottery. It was my first trip to NYC, I got to see the dress rehearsal and live show AND I got to meet a lot of the cast when they were walking out of the building (Andy Samberg, Jason Sudeikis, Will Forte). That was the coolest moment (in totality) ever!

  6. Getting accepted to one of my top schools for college was really a memorable moment for me – and my family! I swear that my sister wanted to cry. Plus, being that I met my now boyfriend of 2 years really makes getting accepted even better!

    Monica Meza xo

  7. The most memorable moment of my life is when my little brother was hit by a car. Thankfully, my brother survived. But I will never forget the fear I saw in his eyes. I love him and care about him so much and am so thankful he is okay!! ❤ ❤

  8. The most memorable moment of my life was when I went to Tennessee and I participated in Habitat for Humanity. That experience made me realize that I am fortune and live a good life. I have so much to be thankful for! 🙂

  9. My most memorable moment of my life was when I found out my step mom got stage 4 of cancer and she was very close to dying it was the worse day of my life. All I could think about is that my little siblings won’t be able to grow up with a mother and my dad would have to do it all by himself. But thank god after 2 years they were able to cure her. And she is now 6 years free of breast cancer

  10. The most memorable moment of my life so far was when my little brother was born. I was eight years old at the time and being able to help my mom take care of him was the coolest thing ever!

  11. My most memorable moment will be when I win the camera so that I can take pics & videos and upload them to the internet. YEAH!!!

  12. Getting married in Las Vegas! Everybody acts like it’s crazy but we did it. It was such a blast! We got married under the signed, got a lime (for the first and only time ever) and had a nice dinner. 10 year anniversary in less than 2 weeks – who says it can’t last?!

  13. The most memorable moment of my life was when I learned the “act” of silent giving. It changed me forever. I was traveling as a nurse taking care of a vent dependent patient who was a paraplegic. While traveling in the van we were in a minor mishap but I suffered a bad injury. Workman’s compensation said they were not responsible, and car insurance said they were not responsible, the job was private duty and did not provide medical insurance and I was off work recovering for a year. It did not take long to deplete my savings and I was unable to afford food, etc. As a single, young woman, my mother helped me with my rent, but I could not bring myself to ask for more help then that, so I did without. I had made too much money the prior year to qualify for food stamps, and for the first time in my adult life I was in a true bind. I hired an attorney but was told the case would take at least a year, most people just suffer the pain and go back to work, but because the back injury I suffered caused severe nerve damage that effected both legs I was unable to stand up for more then 10 minutes at a time, the pain was overwhelming. My older brother who barely supported himself always stopped by to visit from time to time. He started visiting me weekly, and after he would leave I would find a $50.00 bill hid under a paper, or a bowl, or tucked somewhere I could find it. One day I heard a knock at my door and when I opened it two bags of groceries were hanging on my door knob, and I seen his tail lights driving away. I realized I had never in my life, given silently. I had never thought about it before, I gave face to face, where I could hear a thank you, etc. It was just something I had never considered before. I was so humbled at that moment. Why do we give? From that first day on, once I was able to be back on my feet, I began to give quietly, for no reason other then the person needed help. Not for recognition, not for a thank you, or any reason. It feels so much better to just give and walk away knowing you helped, and that person will learn the same lesson I learned, someone helped them, simply because they cared enough to say, “here”, you don’t even need to know who I am, I don’t need a thank you, someone just wanted to help. It is a blessing when you are the person in need, and it is a blessing when you are able to give in that silent manner. Years later I shared with my brother the true help he was to me, it was in the lesson I learned, the gift of silent giving.

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