An Evening With Mr. Cohen

By Lesley Rousso

imageAndy Cohen, Andy Cohen, where for art thou Andy? Well, lucky for me, on April 8th he was ten minutes from my house doing a signing for the paperback version of his book Most Talkative, at the University of Miami.  The event was sponsored by a great book store in Coral Gables, called Books & Books.  This very cool store also had him visit for a signing of the hardcover version, last year, which I also attended.  That event was mobbed, as was this one.  This was definitely better as we were also getting A Conversation with Andy Cohen, hosted by John Soliday, Associate Professor of Cinema, University of Miami School of Communication.  I’m not sure Mr. Soliday knew a ton about him, but Andy rolled with it, as only our Andy can (he’s really my Andy, but I don’t want to make you feel bad).

I went with my friends, Frankie (also my hairdresser, cause I gotta look good) and Jaime (a very close friend and fellow Bravoholic).  She’s a Real Housewives and Mr. Cohen lover, though what she really should be watching is Top Chef or Hell’s Kitchen even.  She’s a great cook and the loudest yeller on the soccer field.  I can just see her telling Gordon Ramsey to “F*&% off” right back.

Frankie just loves himself some Andy and is one of the funniest people I know.  I knew a great time would be had by all and Andy certainly didn’t disappoint.  Jaime and Frankie waited in line and I ran up to the front to get the copies of our books that were there waiting for us.  Just as I got up there, Andy walked right by us, headed into the building and waved to everyone.

We were also lucky enough to be sitting at the end of the row next to the door he walked into.  Frankie got some really good pictures.  It was about two hundred people, give or take, in a pretty intimate setting.  The audience was made up of UM students, mostly female and some assorted housewives, REAL housewives, not Real Housewives.


There was a Q & A lead by the students. As always, Andy wouldn’t name his favorite or least favorite housewives.  Though I got the feeling that former RHONY Jill Zarin was not high on his list of BFFs.  There were the usual questions, plus the ” Hi, we have a web show, how do we send it to Bravo TV?” ones. Yikes!

The best question of the night was when Andy was asked who one of his celebrity hookups was.  Nope, not who you’re thinking, Anderson Cooper and Andy are just friends (supposedly, but aren’t they a cute couple though?).  It was, drumroll….wait for it…..wait for it…..Lance Bass!!   Andy said they were both traveling on separate boats and had a “boatmance” for three days.


The signing part was next, but again, we had that lucky seat and managed to duck right out and be about tenth in line.  Jaime went first and told him “I’m a REAL housewife” and he told her she looked gorgeous, yay!  I went next, and he was texting when I got up there.  So, I feigned annoyance, just trying to be funny and I’m pretty sure he looked at me like I was a little nuts.  So I’m all, “Oh my God, I’m just kidding”. All was forgiven when  I gave him the Peace, Love, Andy bracelet I made for him, which he seemed to like!

Frankie was last in our little group.  During the show Andy kept reffering to himself as “Daddy” so Frankie said “W’sup Daddy” and Andy signed the book “From your Daddy”.  They would make a very nice couple.  Just sayin’.

On the way home, I was looking at Twitter, and saw that Andy retweeted the photo Frankie took of him coming in at the start of the talk.  We were so excited!  I, of course was like “Okay, I need a tweet too, tonight’s the night I’ll finally get one.”  And I did! I sent Andy a tweet and he tweeted me back! I am one happy Bravo fan.



About mommyrou

I am a Miami raised wife and mom of three. Actually six if you count my 3 dogs. I have always been a TV junkie and I'm not embarrassed to admit it!

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