Drew’s View: Married to Medicine

Photo credit Bravotv.com

Photo credit Bravotv.com

We have a show about housewives, we have a show about waiters, we have a show about celebrities trying to dive, and NOW there’s a show about the wives of doctors.  Does this sound interesting to you?  What if I told you it’s a show with two angels in lab coats, two women who could be on the next season of Bad Girls Club, and other women whom I can’t stand.  Yes, this might be my least favorite show of the season, but I’m not legally bound to like every show that Bravo TV produces.

The first few episodes of Married to Medicine really bother me.  I dare you to count how many times Kari Wells and Mariah Huq say “doctor’s wives”.  Kari acts like being a doctor’s wife automatically makes her a part of society’s upper echelon and that she must follow a set of stereotype rules. For one, I’ve never heard of any stigma that comes with being a doctor’s wife.  I know plenty of doctors, but I have NEVER heard any of their wives discuss the pressures associated with being a “doctor’s wife”.  The ladies on this show have mentioned that they need to be reserved and classy to bring patients to their husbands, but they don’t  always practice what they preach.  If these women are really trying to live up to some image they’ve imagined in their heads, then Kari is the classiest one of them all.


Despite these exaggerated “classy’ personalities, the show has a bland storyline.  It’s hard for it to compete with its lead in Real Housewives of Atlanta.  The women in that series went to Anguilla, exclusive charity events, and were driven around by chauffeurs on a daily basis.  The women on Married to Medicine, in comparison, seem like the poor man’s version of that show.  The events are very small and we wonder will they ever go anywhere special or exotic.  Doctors on the Dock was just a few doctors and their wives (of course) drinking in Mariah’s backyard.  The highlight of the season, thus far, was a party Mariah and Kari had for their husbands.  Kari didn’t have a party planner, so I commend her for putting everything together without professional help, but the party did die out quickly.  A fete’ like the ones thrown by OC Housewife Heather Dubrow it wasn’t, but at least she tried.

The contradictions of the so-called classy doctors’ wives they strive to be, and who they really are may be the only saving grace of this series. During the aforementioned party, hostess Mariah arrived THREE hours late, blamed it on getting lost, and then proceeded to get in a fight with her friend Toya Harris.  Hair was being pulled, faces scratched, punches thrown… Not kidding, it was on par with some of the fights from Bad Girls Club.  I’ve never seen women get in so rough a fight.  It was, frankly, embarrassing, but  at least Kari, remember I said she is the classiest, kept her composure.

Dr. Jacqueline Waters , one of the two women on the show who are doctors as opposed to being married to one, is always working. She’s incredibly fit and mature.  I hope we see more footage of her in future episodes because she could balance out the craziness of this show.

Quad Webb-Lunceford IS one of the most annoying women I’ve ever seen on TV.  She’s like Porsha Stewart on drugs.  She’s newly married, young, and likes to spend money and socialize. HER VOICE, THOUGH.  I have never heard a human speak the way she does.  It’s exaggerated.  It’s sharp.  It’s just not real.  A little diva-ish.  However, when she went to Mariah’s help at the party, to separate her from Toya, I started to grow fond of her.  She does need to control her mouth (she called Kari an anorexic, amongst other things) but she stands by her friends.  Sidenote: She tweeted at Porsha to check out her blog a few days ago. Maybe I’m psychic and there is a Quad/Porsha connection?

Dr. Simone Whitmore is very loud, lively, and in control (of her life, business, and the show).  Watch her OTF  interviews, they are very entertaining.

To conclude, Married to Medicine needs a prescription because it’s a lot of crazy.  The women, as a whole , lack the kind of interesting lives and personalities that have made the Real Housewives famous.  Why would I want to spend an hour a week watching them do what many other women do?  Of course, I welcome all opinions, so please let me know, would you get married to this type of medicine?

2 thoughts on “Drew’s View: Married to Medicine

  1. Every time Quad comes on screen, I cringe. She is, sincerely, the most annoying woman on any TV, reality or otherwise I’ve ever seen. Is “Honey” the only word she knows. Honey this and honey that.

    I stopped counting, after a few minutes, just now many times she said it. Triple annoying.

    Not crazy about any of them but the two actual physicians and the husbands, are fine.

    And, the make up on these chicks is like clown make up. Especially Quad and Mariah. They both are in need of a new make up artist. Mostly, they look like Ringling Brothers clowns. Like who wears yellow eye shadow or rainbow colored make up. Yuk!

    I also have half a dozen friends married to doctors and I’ve never, ever hear any of them, in all the years I’ve known them, refer to them as doctors’ wives. Never!!!

    Lose Quad first. Cannot stand her. She’s like nails on a blackboard.

    On a scale of 1-10….they’re a 1.

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