RHONJ Coming Back, What We Can Expect According to Jac

Though we try not to play favorites, I’m sure all our readers know we have a special affinity for The Real Housewives Of New Jersey as it really hits (more on that later this year) close to home. We’ve met the entire cast and have been to several filmings, so we are super excited for the new  season to air!

When it comes to being a Real Housewife Jacqueline Laurita is a pro. About to enter your living room for the fifth run, Jac is one of the three original cast members of Bravo TV’s extraordinarily popular series. We caught up with her at the now infamous Brownstone and asked her what we can expect starting June 2nd!


One thought on “RHONJ Coming Back, What We Can Expect According to Jac

  1. When beverly hills or alanta gears up for their premire I am excited….when jersey gear up to begin I get anxiety lol. Cool interview as always…no longer a fan of Jacqueline after seeing her mean and vindictivie side….however I think she and her hubby are doing a stellar job of providing amazing care and advocacy for Nicolas. Gotta give credit where credit is do. Hopefully this is Jacqueline’s last year and she can focus all of her attention on Nicholas as I don’t think HW’s is a healthy environment for her and her family given all of the stress.

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