Let Me Tell YOU Something about Caroline Manzo…

carolineBy Brent Osborne (@HousewifeGuy)

For all the table-flipping, screaming and stripping allegations that are tossed around on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, we can always count on Caroline Manzo to be the voice of reason amongst the cast.  Love her or hate her, Caroline offers valuable advice and sound judgment on the show. When Mama Manzo speaks, everybody seems to listen.

The mother of three divulges her no-nonsense approach to life in her new book, Let Me Tell You Something: Life as a Real Housewife, Tough-Love Mother, and Street-Smart Businesswoman. (HarperCollins)

Let me tell you something about Caroline Manzo, she is truly the most genuine celebrity I have had the pleasure to meet.  Over the years, I have been lucky enough to meet and interact with Real Housewives and reality stars alike and Caroline and her familiy are absolutely wonderful!

Caroline’s book is filled with personal stories, family photos and her secret meatball recipe. Caroline also dishes about what goes on behind-the-scenes while filming RHONJ, such as when her middle child, Chris Manzo almost made a camera guy walk backwards into a pool while shooting with a $150,000 camera!

In the book, Caroline addresses marital infidelity– which is not a deal-breaker for her, especially if it was a one-night stand years ago. She shares her wisdom on raising children, keeping her marriage alive and gives honest confessions about beauty, body image and even plastic surgery.

My favorite part of the book is when Caroline shares a valuable outlook that she learned from her father:  “Everybody shits on a bowl.” Take a minute and think about it. As coarse as it may sound, all that it really means is that we’re all people.  At the end of the day, you, I, and the Queen of England shit on a bowl.  We’re all the same.

I cannot fathom living life in the spotlight–and sometimes, neither can Caroline. “I have to pinch myself every day to make sure I’m not dreaming,” Caroline admits in the book. Caroline shares her top five “pinch myself” moments with readers, a time when she has to stop and think “what the hell am I doing here?”, one being when she attended the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

I want YOU to share a “pinch myself” moment with ME! Leave a comment below and describe a time when you had to stop and think, “what the hell am I doing here?” (or simply tell us why you LOVE RHONJ)!  Every person who comments will be automatically entered for a chance to win our PERSONAL TBB  autographed copy of Caroline’s book, “Let Me Tell You Something”.

Listen to Tara’s audio interview with Caroline below!


About HousewifeGuy

Brent Osborne has always been loud, a little brash and unapologetically truthful. Prior to joining TBB, Brent founded and authored the successful Real Housewives blog, ThatHousewifeGuy.com and the Starpulse.com column of the same name. Brent’s industry experience is extensive and includes interviewing former Real Housewives of New York City star, Jill Zarin. Inspired by his former teachers, Brent is currently pursuing a career in Childhood Education with hopes of becoming a High School Guidance Counselor. With coffee running through his veins, Brent works numerous jobs and attends school full-time. Brent’s mantra is “Love what you do and work with others who do the same.” He’s grateful to his supportive family and friends for cheering on all of his endeavors!

46 thoughts on “Let Me Tell YOU Something about Caroline Manzo…

  1. I won’t read her book because I think Caroline is a self-righteous angry woman who calls her daughter an asshole on TV and who spoils her boys.

  2. Living so far away from NJ in GA – I especially love RHONJ because it reminds me of home – and being from an Italian American family it also reminds me of my family! I love RHONJ!!

  3. One of my own “pinch me” moments was when I found myself speaking with my ballet idol, Suzanne Farrell, at a 2004 fundraiser. She leaned forward and touched my wrist while speaking, and I couldn’t believe it was real.

    I love that Carolyn champions women who give so much of themselves as a mother to her family. She’s one of my RHONJ favorites!

  4. When I meet the Manzo’s at a meet and greet. I was like this does not happen to me. And then it was like my week was crappy until I meet real down to earth people. I love RHONJ!!

  5. What the hell am I doing here moment was when I attended an ex boyfriend’s wedding. Yes he invited me to come, and I said ok, even bought a new dress, what I hadn’t planned on was that I would like his wife. Or that for the first time in life, an ex and I had evolved to friends and a comfort level, they have sense divorced and he and I are still decent friends!

  6. Truth,I’ve watched #RHONJ from the beginning,and because the last 2 seasons became so vicious&brutal,i’m undecided right now as to whether or not i’ll watch this upcoming season. But if I do,it will be because of Miss Caroline. She is the most “real” Real Housewife i’ve seen! She is whip-smart,funny,opinionated,not afraid to speak her mind,and most importantly,she takes no BS from anyone!

  7. Pinched myself when PoshBoutiqueNJ asked me to walk in last March’s charity fashion show hosted by Melissa! Def was a “what the hell am I doing here?” moment!
    So fun and such an honor to be w/ all those fun, fab, gorgeous folks.

  8. I heart RHONJ cuz it allows Melissa to keep pumping out these songs that I not-so-secretly LOVE!! And anything manzo makes for great tv!!

  9. I heart RHONJ because its all about family. It’s relatable because no family is perfect. Siblings fight, sister in-laws don’t always say the right thing to each other, but in the end everybody tries to work hard and raise good kids. As a mom of 4 sometimes it feel good to see that not all other parents are perfect. Good luck everybody 🙂

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  11. Love Caroline Manzo. I think she is a very devoted no nonsense wife & mother. The fact that her children adore her says everything.

  12. I am a huge Caroline fan! I absolutely love the relationship that she and Al have. You can tell that it hasn’t always been easy (and probably still isn’t at times). But it’s important to both of them and they work at it.

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  17. I have long been a fan of Caroline! She’s a strong woman and will take every step to protect and defend her family. It’s one of the reason I admire her. She also comes across as a genuine person and does not come across as fake, like some other HW.

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  20. I can’t wait to read this one. Caroline has been my fave from the start. It certainly cannot be easy to be tough and fair on a consistent basis. All the while maintaining some semblance of normalcy. I would be batshit crazy just dealing with the social media attacks these reality personalities endure. Kudos to you Caroline!

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  22. When i watch RHNJ, Caroline is my favorite. To me she is down to earth and has brought up her children with great morals.

  23. I just love Caroline and the show and i would simply love to read her book, to bad i cant afford to buy it right now 😦 xo

  24. One of the reason why I really like NJ is the reason you loved Caroline, to me, RHONJ it’s one of the most genuine and real of the whole Real Housewives. That’s why I would find so interesting to read this book, ’cause I do feel that everything is written on it came legitimate from her heart.
    A “pinch myself” moment for me? Last year when I visited NY, I just couldn’t believe I was in this city that has been the lead role of a lot of great movies and tv shows.
    Great interview!

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  26. i had my moment when my family appeared on the reality show “Wife Swap”. i found myself far away from home and everyone i ever knew with no contact at all for ten days. It was the worst nightmare of my life!!

  27. theyactuallyA pinch me moment… Does it count when you actually pinch yourself to say how n when did things get so bad why am i all of a sudden struggling so hard when things were so good just a few days ago.
    Ps. I love all thews of nj. They are all silly n act like immature children sometimes n maybe if they all sat down n tried to speak like grown ups they’d be ok. Rosie on the other hand she’s out of control n there’s no reason for it

    • Hello Debra,
      This particular contest expired but we will be posting another one shortly. Keep checking and thank you for reading!

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