Newlyweds: Episode 2

Alaska and Kim go apartment hunting. Photo:

Alaska and Kim go apartment hunting. Photo:

By Lesley Rousso

 This week begins with Kathryn and John on their honeymoon in Antigua, talking about a honeymoon baby. John admits to not caring if it happens now.  Upon their return we see that Kathryn has left her life in the city to become a glorified housekeeper. She’s quite happy about it though. I remember those days of what felt
like playing house, the novelty of it wore of fast, though and for Kathryn it’s no different. She starts spending money out of boredom and John quickly puts her a budget.

Blair and Jeff had the legal ceremony are now ready to plan their dream reception. They travel to Savannah, Georgia with Blair’s mom and friend to see their wedding locale. The guys mention that they always have better sex while out of town, not surprising, I mean,who doesn’t love a great hotel room?

 Tina and Tarz, have been married a little over a week. Last we saw them, they were in South Carolina in their new house. Now we learn that they also have an apartment in Manhattan and a house in Riverside, California.  Shortly after her mother’s passing Tina (and Tarz) took over this house from her father. They have some playful bickering over Tarz’s work ethic, business comes before his relationship. In lieu of taking a honeymoon they decide to do one crazy thing every month for next year. The first of which is something Tina’s dad is extremely unhappy about, just like every other decision they make.


Alaska and Kim tell us that, because they are Christians, they haven’t had sex before marriage. Hmm. Kim also shows off her “Alaska” tattoo. Isn’t tattooing someone’s name the kiss of death? Someone put this woman in touch with Tamra Barney.  I, myself, won’t allow my husband to sport a Lesley anywhere, I forbid him, it’s just bad bad karma!  However, tattooed or not, they do seem really in love, but living with Alaska’s sister and toddler nephew is definitely putting a damper on things. Kim explains that she feels like after they got married she expected an instant car, house and stress free life. Hahahahahahaha!! She’s funny. She apparently wants a traditional marriage and she talks about learning to become more submissive to her husband. They spend most of the episode looking at apartments.

This installment of Newlyweds concludes with a few cliffhangers.  There still has been no RSVP from Jeff’s
parents, and Tina and Kathryn both  take pregnancy tests. We’ll have to wait for next week for the results. Until


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