Real Housewives, In the Closet

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We tune in every week to watch the latest drama surrounding The Real Housewives.  Viewers often get the added bonus of seeing inside the elaborate homes of these reality stars.  What is it inside their homes that captures the core audience’s attention?  In my case, I get all kinds of giggly when Bravo shoots a scene inside one of the ladies’ closets.  The closets usually have similar accouterments, notably crystal chandeliers, storage islands and shelves upon shelves filled with the latest designer duds.  Bravo was kind enough to film short clips of the Real Housewives giving closet tours, and I’d love to share a little bit about my favorite closets with TBB Reality readers. First, let’s start with my favorite closet.

Lisa Vanderpump

The Queen of Pink Hearts has a new home and a closet fit for royalty.  I am a Virgo, so nothing makes me happier than anything organized by color.  Lisa Vanderpump’s closet took my breath away.  Not only is it organized by color, but also each type of clothing or accessory is together, with shirts, tanks, pants and dresses hanging neatly like little families of fabric.  Did I forget to mention the color-coordinated shelves of Hermes Berkin bags? Pure heaven.  Two of Lisa’s white marble and wood center islands proudly display a handful of her beautiful and colorful accessories and jewelry.  While the white marble and wood show off Lisa’s sophistication, the crystal knobbed drawer pulls play up her love of sparkles.

Did someone say pink? No glam closet is complete without a chandelier, so in the Vanderpump’s home, two dusty pink crystal chandeliers hang dramatically above her accessory islands.  Rows and rows of neatly placed designers shoes and bags take up residence on the tons of shelf space in this closet fit for royalty.  Added into her space is a hide away vanity, where she puts on her makeup while Giggy the Pom naps nearby.

Yolanda Foster

Have you seen Yolanda’s fridge? It’s a spotless, completely organized treasure and her closet is no different.  The white wood holds a similarity to Lisa’s but is set up as an open shelving plan without a door.  According to her tour on, the most important part of her closet is her every day drawer, where she keeps her favorite LuLu Lemon yoga pants that she throws on to take the kids to school. I am right there with you, sister!

Aside from the typical shelving filled with designer shoes and bags, Mrs. Foster has an entire drawer to hold her sunglass collection.  What you end up with is a closet as perfect and pristine as the women herself.

Alexis Bellino

Mrs. Bellino has moved into new digs this season.  Alexis is our dark horse in the running. Literally. While all other housewives seem to favor an open, white wood closet design, Alexis opted for dark wood with top-to-bottom glass enclosures.  The room is accented by a gray studded pouf and a crystal chandelier draped in extra shine. I am a sucker for sparkle and the bold, dark color of her closet really caught my eye.

Bethenny Frankel

TBB Reality has to include the closet in the ‘House That Liquor Built’ – the 3,400 square foot Tribeca loft that belongs to the inspirational Bethenny Frankel.  Following in the footsteps of the other housewives, Frankel favored white wood shelving, but added a unique, silver mirrored vanity that embodies the spirit of classic Hollywood.  Like Alexis, a pouf completes the room, this time in a cream colored hue.

So, tell us here at TBB: Which Housewives’ closets do you covet?



Ramona Singer- RHONY models a Dominique Auxilly gown at The Reality of Fashion Reality of Aids event in February 2013.

Ramona Singer- RHONY models a Dominique Auxilly gown at The Reality of Fashion Reality of Aids event in February 2013.

Want to add to your own closet while donating to AIDS research? Back in February we reported on the Reality on the Runway Fashion Show. The orginal designs by Dominique Auxilly ( worn on the runway by reality stars like RHONY’s Ramona Singer and Alex McCord, Mobwives’ Drita Devanzo and Ramona Rizzo, Jersey Shore’s Deena Cortese,  and Rap legend Lil’ Kim) are now available via a pre online auction before the live auction event in June. Bidding on some pieces starts as low as $250! Visit their website to view the dresses and place your bids now! 


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