Newlyweds: Episode 3

Tina and Tarz take the test.

Tina and Tarz take the test.

By Lesley Rousso

We continue with the Newlyweds, now married for about a month. We left off last week with both Tina and Kathryn taking pregnancy tests. Unfortunately for Tina, there was only one line, which obviously was very disappointing. Kathryn however had very distinct double lines and both she and John were thrilled.
John noted how sexy it was that she was preggo which was so cute.

Alaska spends most of the episode in LA, working while Kim shops for furniture for their new apartment in Harlem. The two definitely butt heads over furniture, moving, etc. Alaska even says when he fights, he fights to win, whatever the cost. Alaska, I’m not sure this is the best way to enter a marriage. Marriage is teamwork people, it’s not just about YOU anymore. Having never lived together before, it seems to me they’re a little set in their ways, making it hard for them to adjust.
Blair and Jeff, seriously how cute are they? What a great couple! Sadly, Jeff’s parents RSVP with a big NO. Jeff explains that his parents never said “I love you” to him and are very emotionally unattached. I just want to hug him and wring his parents’ necks.

Kathryn is about five weeks pregnant by the end of the episode which also happens to be Valentine’s Day. John sends her out shopping and decides to bake her some brownies as a surprise. He mixes them up in a stock pot, using a glass as a measuring cup and uses olive oil instead of vegetable oil. Needless to
say, the brownies end up sucking. Nice gesture though, especially for a preggo.

Tarz plans a really special dinner for Tina, surprising her with the caterer from their wedding and tons of blue balloons and blue gifts. As Tina tells us, blue is her everything. They end Vday with some dancing and seem to
have a great time. They spend this episode in NYC, as Tina explains that they are nomads and they do not like to stay in one place too long.
I’m looking forward to next week when the boys, my new faves, get married in Savannah at. Tina and Tarz visit a doctor regarding why she’s not pregnant yet. Alaska and Kim continue to argue and Kathryn and John
battle over her frivolous spending. I tend to be a frivolous spender myself so it’s okay for me to say that. Until next week…

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