RHONJ Season 5 Ep 1 “Gardenstate Emergency”

Fave moment of the episode. Jacqueline and Nicholas Laurita.

Fave moment of the episode. Jacqueline and Nicholas Laurita.Photo credit: Bravotv.com

I am so excited that Real Housewives of New Jersey is back! I am particularly interested in Season 5 because not only do I now know the entire cast, but I witnessed filming at 5 different events! I guess you could say 5 may be my new lucky number! Having seen what I have seen, and knowing what I know, I should be able to bring some unique perspective to recapping. Let’s begin at the beginning…

Episode one opens with the cast surveying the damage to their shore houses from Hurricane Sandy. The shore looks like a warzone. Jacqueline is concerned about her friends, Caroline is busy with providing relief, Melissa is concerned about mold, Rich is shocked that this could happen in the “United States of America” and Teresa is happy that the disaster will help put a lot of people (like her husband) to work. Joe Gorga has the best perspective, his family is safe, everything else can be rebuilt.

Back in Franklin Lakes Teresa’s girls, including a matured, and disappointingly sedated Milania, are sorting through their sequins and tulle to donate “beautiful and glamorous clothes and shoes” (that’s what Teresa says) to the victims. Of course, when disaster strikes the first stuff I would miss would be my burlesque wardrobe.

After the disaster of Sandy has been addressed, it’s quickly gone. Nice touch Bravo, because in reality it’s still here. But in Housewives land Sandy’s wrath pales to the saga of the Montagues and Capulets…I mean the Gorgas and the Gorga-Giudices. We start right where we left off. Ding ding ding..in this corner wearing a one shouldered lace dress …you get the point. Melissa and Teresa have not resolved their issues and have not spoken in a year and a half. Cue the kids to bring them back together for an awkward playdate.

While Mel and Tre ignore the elephant in the room, Mel’s hubby is on a date of his own. Caro has invited Joe to coffee to discuss his relationship with Teresa (even though she repeatedly says she told herself she would stay out of it.) Mel raises an eyebrow to the invite stating the obvious, that it’s not Caroline’s business. Foreshadowing of that Caro-Mel conflict we’ve seen being pushed in the promos.

Kathy and Rosie are discussing, what else, Mel and Tre, as they have dinner at their mother’s house. Of course this takes place after another conversation about Rosie’s love life.

Jacqueline is the only one not discussing much about Tre and Mel. She tells us candidly that it’s on par with her desire to “bleach” her “asshole.” Nice visual Jac. However, the footage of Nicholas was so heartfelt and honest that we will forgive you.

No TBB sightings yet, but I’d say we are off to a decent start. The hour flew!

What did you think of Episode 1? What are your predictions for the season?

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