Drew’s View: Princesses Long Island

Source: Alex Martinez/ Bravo (cc: realitytea.com)

Source: Alex Martinez/ Bravo (cc: realitytea.com)

If you’re ever in my position where you’re sitting at home on a Sunday night and all your friends aren’t answering their phones and you feel lonely and you want to watch a ridiculous TV show but can’t decided between Toddlers and Tiaras or Real Housewives then Princesses: Long Island is the perfect mix between the two!  Bravo’s newest show features the next generation of pampered housewives as they live at home with their parents and live their royal lives.  Well, maybe not royal, but they certainly could be princesses.  These six girls have it all… except a marriage.

Chanel (Coco) Omari is, according to her Twitter bio, a writer and producer (did she produce this show?) but she forgets to mention that she is a modern princess.  Sure, her family has money, but Chanel doesn’t let it get to her head and she doesn’t let it define her.  I like her.  I feel bad that her ex-boyfriend broke up with her to get back with his ex-girlfriend (sounds like a scoundrel to me) but she will definitely find someone.  She’s a great catch!  Plus, she has a journalism degree, a bonus in my opinion.  I can’t forget to mention that she does the BEST Jewish voice ever!  I’m really looking forward to what this season has in store for “Little Miss Everything”.

The “hottest girl on Long Island,” Erica Gimbel, is 29 but could still be in high school.  She may have graduated from Indiana University with a communications degree, but this girl likes to party.  While she was throwing a party at the end of the first episode, she said in a side interview, “It really feels like we’re back in high school.” Is that a good thing for a girl her age?  Her parents’ black and white house is gorgeous (what I’ve always wanted) and Erica must thinks so because I’m not sure she ever wants to leave it.  Her green eyeshadow  makes me wonder if she shares the same makeup artist as Mariah Huq from Married to Medicine.  I’m indifferent towards Erica at the moment, but as the season unravels and we get a better look at her tense friendship with Casey (Cohen), I’ll get a better feeling for how I feel about this Long Island princess.

Ashlee White.  Ashlee friggin’ White.  She can’t be a real person.  I mean, she got a mani-pedi with her dad and then refused to walk out of the salon because she couldn’t wear heels so she had the MANAGER carry her to her car.  That’s TV for you. My question is: if you get your nails done so often, how would you forget you can’t wear closed-toe shoes to the nail salon?  Ashlee’s voice bothers me.  Her personality bothers me.  Her ombre hair doesn’t bother me.  Actually, at Erica’s party, Ashlee got really offended when “Psycho Sara” called Amanda‘s boyfriend offensive names, so that touched me.  It showed me that Ashlee does have a conscience and a heart, so that’s the only reason why I haven’t ripped my hair out of my head yet.  If Ashlee continues to express her sincere emotions this season, then maybe I’ll be able to look above her 4-inch stilettos and like her.  That’s not a promise, though!

I mentioned her before, but Amanda Bertoncini is really something.  Correction, her boyfriend and her mother are really something.  Amanda owns her own couture drink holder company (uhhh) called The Drink Hanky.  I literally have never heard of such a thing.  Then again, this girl’s life is too much for me.  Her mom is a flirty  young Mama Elsa type.  Amanda’s boyfriend, Jeff, is very attracted to both her and her mom. Is it cute or creepy? You decide. Does his eye wander even beyond the mother/daughter duo? At Erica’s party, psycho Sara approached Jeff and Amanda and started a fight by stating, “I just want you to know that he’s definitely my Facebook friend.”  Yes.  Sara said that like it was a big deal and it was enough to start a fight.  You have to watch the episode to believe me.

Joey Lauren doesn’t seem like she fits the Long Island princess mold.  She’s independent and owns her own company, Kissamint, which basically sells different flavors of its own lip conditioner/ breath freshener.  According to her website, she majored in business with a concentration on marketing, so it’s clear this princess has brains.  I already like her.  Better yet, she doesn’t want to be like the other princesses.  She knows Ashlee’s spoiled but she isn’t jealous.  She doesn’t want to be spoiled herself, either.  This is why Joey may turn out to be my favorite princess of the season… She stays true to herself and doesn’t need material goods to be on top.

Here are some EXTRA things that I remember from this episode:

1.  “Poking is creepy.  People should not be doing that.”- Joey, on Amanda’s boyfriend poking Sara.  Is it really THAT creepy?

2.  “You’re too ugly for me to look at.” – Sara needs medical help or rehab and you can’t deny that.

3.  “Are you srius???” – You have to guess.  This is one of my new phrases.

4.  Who has a real tan?

5.  Amanda’s applause at approximately 40:45 needs to be GIF-ed or something because it was fabulous.

As for the rest of the season…

1.  Where is Casey Cohen?

2.  A major plot line seems to be Casey vs. Erica.

3.  A major issue for ALL the girls is MARRIAGE.

4.  “How do hasidic Jews get their curls so perfect?”

5.  Does one of the Princesses get engaged?

This will turn out to be a show I love to hate or hate to love.  It just depends on how high the heels are and how big the parties are.


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