RHONJ Season 5 Ep 2 “A Manzo of Her Word”

Caroline waits for Teresa. Is she praying? Photo: Bravotv.com

Caroline waits for Teresa. Is she praying?
Photo: Bravotv.com

Picture it, a private room, tons of tables not nailed to the floor. Two women both dressed in turquoise and…

After a full week of the Teresa Giudice and Caroline Manzo face off being teased by Bravo we finally got to see the fireworks…or lack there of. This meeting was uncharacteristically tame for RHONJ. I, personally, find it refreshing. It’s nice to watch Caroline and Teresa without needing a Xanax. While cuts to this meeting dominated the episode, there’s plenty of stuff keeping everyone else busy.

Melissa Gorga is hell bent on selling her house, that is if the place doesn’t crumble before a potential buyer signs a contract. Jennifer Dalton, a friend of Teresa’s and a Pregnant in Heels alumnus, brings a prospective buyer to the Gorga McMansion, only to break the knob, and part of the vanity, off the bathroom sink. Poor Melissa feels “stuck” in the sprawling home that Jennifer says will “never sell for 3.8 million” without a pool…and more solid bathroom fixtures. Sorry for your real estate woes Melissa, but I’m pretty sure few people feel sorry for you. My rec, fix the sink, put a pool in, and get used to your neighbors, er family living across the street.

Somebody else a little out of touch with the commoner is young Joseph Wakile who wants a Ferrari. What sixteen year old gets a Ferrari, other than Justin Bieber, who earned it himself? No worries, young Joseph can’t have a Ferrari because, as Kathy points out, he must learn how to drive stick first. Yes, because that is the ONLY reason he shouldn’t have one. More grounded is Victoria who is studying nursing at Caldwell College. She sends her friends away from study group when mom, dad, and a camera crew come for a visit. Good thing, because Richard cannot control himself around the training dummies.

While Caro is dining with Tre, the rest of her family is gathering, along with the Wakile/Pierri clan, at Casa de Jacqueline Laurita. The men, and Rosie, play poker while the rest of the women hang out in the kitchen, because you know that’s where us straight women belong. Albie Manzo asks Rosie everything he ever wanted to know about lesbians, and this is the last frivolous moment of the show. The conversation turns to Chris Laurita who reveals that he has been working with the speech therapist to teach Nicholas to say “I love you” to Jac. In a made for TV moment Nicholas says the three magic words, mommy embraces her child, and the whole family, along with their friends…and fans…are reduced to happy tears. Ah, a Hollywood moment in the Gardenstate.



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