Fernanda Rocha Is Working It All Out

imageLast season Fernanda Rocha brought her Brazilian sass and a bit of sexual tension to the Real Housewives of Orange County. Newly in love and relocated, these days Fernanda is focused on taking the fitness industry by storm. With another series of DVDs on the horizon, and a new Brazilian workout called Jiinga, it’s clear that her time on RHOC, though over, was a great investment, though it was a bit of an emotional ride. So what exactly does she think about her time on Bravo TV? We caught up with her to tie up all those lose ends.

TBB: You were on RHOC Season 7 as a friend of Tamra (Barney)’s. How did your friendship develop to a part on the show?

FR: Tamra came to my class with all the Housewives. We started to hang out here and there and that’s how it started.

TBB: You went on a partial cast trip to Texas where Alexis (Bellino) made comments against same sex marriage that she later apologized for. Did you speak to her off camera about her views?

FR: Alexis tried to reach me several times and I chose not to speak to her until the reunion when she could finally apologize on camera to me and to the entire gay community, which she did.

TBB: There was a bit of playful flirting between you and Tamra on the show. Were you attracted to her?

FR: (Laughs) Tamra and I, we shared a kiss. I would not have done that if I didn’t feel an attraction and mutual chemistry.

TBB: Are you still friends with Tamra?

FR: No

TBB: How do you feel about her decision to open CUT Fitness?

FR: I had no idea she had a passion for fitness. I honestly have no feeling about it.

TBB: There are a few Housewives across the franchises who are breaking into the fitness biz with exercise DVDs. What do you think of the “Donkey Booty” and “Stallion Booty” ventures?

FR: I think it’s a joke. I take my fitness career very seriously. I have a degree in kinesiology and I’ve been teaching for 16 years. I care about my clients. Sometimes celebrities just want to put their name on a product for the sake of making money. It blows my mind. I would challenge any of the other Housewives with their DVDs. We can put our clients into a test and check which clients will get results doing our workouts!!! It will be interesting to see their transformation… or not!! ( laughs ).

TBB: You have your own series of fitness DVDs. What types of exercise do they feature and where can we purchase them?

FR: I have the Brazillian Booty workout on my website FernandaFitness.com. The Jiinga workout is my new exercise program. It’s a full body workout with Brazilian dance moves. It’s a lot of fun and great for arms, abs, legs, and booty!

TBB: Did your appearance on RHOC affect your business?

FR: I have had my fitness company since 2003 and being on the show of course, brought more exposure to my life as a whole I’ve been selling more of my workout DVDs and my fitness line (since the show). I’m getting ready to put another line of DVDs out.

TBB: We know how you feel about random Reality TV stars selling themselves as fitness experts. What are your thoughts on Reality fitness shows like The Biggest Loser?

FR: I love it! I thinks it’s very exciting and real. It’s wonderful for people to have the chance to work with professionals, lose weight, and really change their lives. I would love to share my Brazilian fitness methodology in a Reality Show like that. Well… we will work hard and play hard!!

TBB: Any plans to return to Reality TV yourself?

FR: There are a few possibilities. I’d really like to show the reality of my life right now.

TBB: You tweeted to Lisa Vanderpump that you recently moved to LA. Why the move?

FR: Well, I’m in love and my girlfriend lives in LA. I felt that I had to start a new relationship in a new place and with a new beginning.

TBB: There’s a lot of celebrities in LA. Can you share with us who your current clients are?

FR: I’m not back into training yet because I’m focused on my DVDs and I’m exploring working in Brazil for a while. Eventually I might go back to training. I love doing one on one work with clients and seeing results!

TBB: What’s your favorite fitness tip for women (and men) on the go?

FR: I believe you have to find at least 30 minutes a day to do some activities that will move your body.

TBB: What’s your favorite nutritional advice?

FR: I don’t have a degree in nutrition but I know a lot about it. I’m a big a fan of the gluten free diet because you really need to pay attention to the ingredients in the foods you eat. When you stay away from gluten and wheat and eat clean it works very quickly. It works for me when I have a shoot coming up and I need to be in top shape.

TBB: What do you want people to know about you that they didn’t learn from your time on Housewives?

FR: I was in an emotional phase of my life when I did the show. It was difficult for me to really connect with the women. I felt discriminated against and I didn’t have the strength to reach out to others. What people didn’t know about me they will soon learn.

2 thoughts on “Fernanda Rocha Is Working It All Out

  1. Fernanda is the best at what she does, she’s a professional , she’s full of energy, she’s BEAUTIFUL and mostly she is very humble and down to earth. She should have HER OWN REALITY SHOW !!!!!

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