RHONJ Season 5 Ep 4 “Gym Rats”

Risky business? Teresa "spots" her brother during some heavy lifting. Photo credit: bravotv.com

Risky business? Teresa “spots” her brother during some heavy lifting. Photo credit: bravotv.com

Last week Joe Gorga needed to “put a plug” in his ass. This week he is going to plug it up by eating his first pancake (make that a stack of 20) in a week. As he attempts to reenter the world of solid foods Melissa recaps all the drama that ensued at Gia’s birthday the night before. As this conversation happens Teresa is giving Joe “Juicy” Giudice her version of the previous night’s events. Bottom line, Teresa will not let go of Mel’s delayed hospital visit to the ailing Gorga patriarch,  and Melissa and Joe are learning how to count 4 days from Sunday.

The Teresa/Melissa feud isn’t the only hot topic. This family has a history of conflict as we learn more about the rift between Giacinto Gorga and his sister Maria Pierri. Kathy, Rosie, and Mamma P get into a heated conversation while the three of them share a family dinner and a few drinks. Mamma P proves she can handle both her scotch and her girls. When the sisters’ voices escalate it’s Mamma who reels them back in. We could have used her later in the episode when Rosie flips her “Gorga switch” at a birthday party for Richard and Victoria.

This drama is briefly interrupted by a very important word from our sponsor. The Manzo boys are working on opening their restaurant and Caroline is helping the chef learn to make her famous meatballs. Ok now back to our regularly scheduled fighting.

Jacqueline has decided that it is time to workout. If you recall last week she missed exercise class due to a fear of highway driving, which still doesn’t explain why she arrived at the gym sans workout wear. Now she’s dressed to sweat at home, but it is her trainer who arrives wearing a slit sleeve blouse more appropriate for drinking tequila than hitting the treadmill. Perhaps she expected that her outfit wouldn’t matter since it seems the only thing Jac wants to exercise is her right to gossip about Teresa.

Speaking of gossip Teresa’s mother in law, Filomena, certainly enjoys the past time. The pair go for pedis and slam Melissa for her recent book deal to write a “bible” for marriage. Speaking of said book deal Melissa has some demons from her childhood she is worried about sharing with the world. Does she not realize that by discussing her father’s infidelity with a mic pac and camera crew she has already shared it? However, it does offer a tender moment amongst all the insanity.

Everything comes to a head when Tre and Joe run into each other at the gym. The two share some very strong words and opinions. Joe takes this moment to really tell his sister how he feels about his brother in law, saying that marrying Juicy was the worst decision she has ever made. Without a table to flip Tre resorts to dousing her brother with her water bottle. Thank god she was no where near the free weights, especially since Joe accused her of being able to cook nothing…but books.


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