Gramercy Girls- Heather Thomson Honored at Karen Karch

From Left: Matchmaker Amy Laurent, Good Charma's Pam Fink, Heather Thomson, TBB

From Left: Matchmaker Amy Laurent, Good Charma’s Pam Fink, Heather Thomson, TBB

On Tuesday June 25th the RHONY ladies gathered in a Gramercy Park boutique to celebrate Heather Thomson and the work she has done with The Kellner Family Pediatric Liver Foundation. Thomson’s own son is a “liver transplant survivor” making both Pediatric Liver Disease and organ donation close to her heart.

Jewelry designer Karen Karch opened up her store at 38 Gramercy Park North to Heather and her friends, new and old. Among the guests were of course some of the ladies from the Real Housewives of New York. Ramona Singer, just back from a South African holiday, said she had a most memorable vacation which was part of the high school graduation festivities for daughter, Avery. “Avery had a great time when we visited the schools,” she said. “The children there have so little, the schools need so much, yet they are all so happy and full of smiles. Avery was singing and dancing with them.”

With Singer was best pal, and Ethel to her Lucy, Sonja Morgan. “We need to catch up,” she told me about Ramona, “I’ve missed her.” Sonja looked stunning and svelte in a black cocktail dress and edgy Alexander McQueen heels. Both myself and Thomson’s husband, Jonathan Schindler, were admiring the skull ornamented black suede stunners.

Also in attendance were Carole Radziwill, rumored new Housewife Kristen Taekman, and Countess LuAnnn DeLesseps who greeted me very French like with a kiss on each cheek. DeLesseps’ beau Jacques Azoulay, who is cute as a button and much taller in person, told me that his mother’s first visit to the states in 7 years is going very well.

Thomson, as always, looked stylish and confident. In addition to her TV family she was surrounded by many childhood friends like Good Charma jewelry designer Pam Fink, who is near and dear to both myself and matchmaker Amy Laurent. For me the bees knees of this event was spending time with my girls, whom I needed around to laugh about being walked in on in the bathroom AND being walked into by a waiter with a tray of champagne. Hey, but what’s pride in this biz? At least I didn’t find out until after the fact that the woman who saw me wiggling back into my silk skorts was TKFPLF ‘s founder Samantha Sheeber Kellner. Kellner was talking to me after the run in, and having being intro’d casually as Sam, I never made the connect. At least I know she will never forget me!


Carole Radziwill

Missing from the gathering were Aviva Drescher and the other rumored addition Amanda Sanders. No word as to why. Hope we see all the girls together next season! What do you think?


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