Make Your Own McQueens

Earlier this week I wrote about an absolutely STUNNING and edgy pair of McQueen heels that I saw on Sonja Morgan at a recent event. My search on the net came up empty, however, well empty as far as my bank account because the shoes retail in the $1,000 range. (Though Sonja says she got these at a price that I don’t even believe possible…hmmm maybe they weren’t the real McQueen?) In my search for knock offs I came across a fabulous DIY project on a very cool crafting blog. I contacted blogger Jen Butts and she was more than happy to reprint her McQueen pump project for TBB readers! If you try the project, which I myself plan to attempt) please share your results with us!

Alexander McQueen Black Skull Pumps DIY Knock-off

By Jen Butts

I was shopping for shoes and found some Alexander McQueen Black Skull Pumps that I loved!!!! But I didn’t have $845.00 to buy them. After I couldn’t stop thinking about them I decided to create a budget friendly DIY knock-off.  *Note: This project has an unexpected supply source


· Skull valve stem covers (automotive parts)

· Gold enamel spray paint

· Dremel or Mani/Pedi Kit

· Metallic Gold (Plastic purpose or self etching spray paint)

· Shoe clip blanks (Michaels craft store)

*Step 1: Take a quick trip to an auto parts store. Luckily I have one close ( O’Reily in Denver, Colorado) Purchase a pack of “skull valve stems with red eyes”.

Amazon has them for $5.99 a package:

*Step 2:* In order to get the three dimensional skulls to lay flat for glue on the shoe clip blank, you have to sand the back flat. *I did this by hand with a piece of course grit sandpaper rubbing it back and forth. * I also roughed the surface of the skull with a cone attachment on a pedicure set I use for crafts. It is like a mini Dremel but without the intense outcomes. You can do it by hand just as easily. You need to rough up the surface to get a good bond with the primer.

*Step 3:* Prime and paint! I used gold metallic spray paint, but any color would look cool.

*Step 4:* When the paint is dry add black crystal rhinestones to the eye sockets and teeth with “gemtack” or strong adhesive.

*Step 5:* Luckily “Shoe Clip Blanks” are now easily available at craft stores or Etsy. Very inexpensive and they work perfectly. Originally, I ordered vintage 80’s one’s from Etsy. I have noticed they are in all my
local craft stores now.

You could also affix it to the shoe with adhesive. I need the shoe unadorned sometimes so I picked using a clip.

*Editor’s note: Want the bottom studded versions that Sonja was wearing? We also found this DIY guide on Polyvore !

For more great DIY crafts by Jen check out her awesome blog MixedUp Crafting !


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