Jennifer Dalton – New Jersey’s New Girl

Jennifer Dalton doesn’t believe in sugarcoating. Self described as “honest and blunt” she admits she can come across “harsh”, but it’s all with the best intentions. As the newest Real Housewives of New Jersey friend she has already made a lasting impression on viewers. Her no holds barred attitude has settled her right in the middle of the show’s feuding sisters in law. We got a hold of her to find out who she is and exactly where her loyalties lie.

TBB: This is not your first turn in a Bravo series. You were on the second season of Pregnant In Heels (PIH) when you were expecting your daughter Reign. How did that filming experience compare to this one?

JD: Pregnant In Heels was very easy because it was about me. (RHONJ) was a lot more difficult because it’s about people I don’t really know very well.

TBB: In your episode of PIH Teresa Giudice made a guest appearance as one of your friends at your baby shower. Had you already been asked to be on RHONJ by then?

JD: No. Before I got pregnant they came to me for casting, but I was not going to be a cast member when PIH happened. My husband and I were going through a difficult time and then I found out I was pregnant. I told them “Now is not the right time but think about me in the future.” That’s when they came to me with PIH. It was a different production company than RHONJ, but still Bravo. Teresa and I have been friends for about 4 years. We met at a party. She was there for my baby shower and that’s it. It was my personal shower that cameras happened to be at.

TBB: What was Teresa’s reaction to you being added as a an associate cast member for Season 5?

JD: She loved it. I was actually the one who told her. She didn’t know and when I called her she was so happy.

TBB: In the most recent episode you were privy to a negative conversation about Melissa (Gorga) which you then went back and told her about. There’s a lot of talk about loyalty with both the cast and fans of this show. People want to know whose side are you on?

JD: Teresa is a dear friend of mine. I just met Melissa being on the show, so of course I will say Teresa. I did what I felt was right. When I heard Jan talking about Melissa I had to tell her, because if it was me I’d want somebody to do the same. I don’t care if the person telling me is someone I just met yesterday or have known forever. If someone is supposed to be your friend they shouldn’t be talking behind your back like that. People are now saying things, but let them call me whatever they want. There’s a lot of editing and in the end they made me look bad.

TBB: You reported to Melissa that Kim D has it out for her. I also saw you and Kim feuding recently on Twitter. A few months ago I saw you at a small party, not a filming, for Kim when she released her cuff line. What happened to your friendship?

JD: I honestly don’t know, she started just attacking me. I feel that she has to have it out with somebody to become relevant for the next season. I also feel that she’s afraid that I’m cutting into her territory.

TBB: You were introduced to the fans of the show as potentially Melissa and Joe’s realtor. I saw the house remains on the market. Is it your listing?

JD: No, it’s not my listing, but I did tell you that it wouldn’t sell for $3.8 million. Melissa told me they had a full asking price offer but it didn’t go through.

TBB: I know you filmed a lot and have a feeling we will see more of you. Are there any scenes that have been cut so far that you wished had been aired?

JD: I wish that the Hurricane Sandy¬†event hadn’t been cut. It was the first time I met Melissa and Joe.

TBB: Yes, I remember, it was the first time we met as well. I too was surprised that wasn’t aired. If I recall Kim approached Melissa and Joe with an apology that night. Do you have any plans to return to the show next season?

JD: I have no idea. When I did film it was fun. It was new for me so I would probably do it again.

TBB: There’s been rumors of some drama at an event you held with the cast. Can you dish about it?

JD: (Laughs) Sorry, I can’t, but you will see. I’m pretty sure it will air. Lil Kim and Pepa (Salt n Pepa) were there as well as some other surprise guests. It was a huge party.

TBB: You mentioned that your marriage was in trouble around the time you filmed PIH. How are things now?

JD: I’m now getting a divorce and I am living at Lil Kim’s house. Kim D said I’d be living in the street if it wasn’t for my best friend but that’s not true at all. For me to get my own place would mean my daughter and I would be alone. I want to be around people that love and care about me. I will get my own place when I feel ready, but I have always had a room at (Lil) Kim’s house. She’s been my best friend for 18 years. My ex tried to keep me away from all of my friends so it’s nice to now be surrounded by them.

TBB: What does Kim think about your role on the show?

JD: She watches every episode I’m on. We watch together.

TBB: She’s also Reign’s godmother. How she doing at that very important job?

JD: Kim is a great godmother. She plays with Reign and she takes her places. She babysits too!

TBB: Thank you for speaking with me. Is there anything else you’d like people to know about you?

JD: I’m a very honest, loving, and fun person. I look at life as you only live once. I’m outspoken and blunt so sometimes I can come off a bit harsh, but if I like you I like you and if I don’t I don’t. I just don’t like people thinking they know me when they don’t. I’m getting a lot of that being on Housewives. For me to go back and forth on Twitter with the haters, I just dont have time to do that. I feel bad for Teresa and Melissa and what they go through (on social media). I got along with everybody during filming. The only one who has a problem with me is Kim D…and Caroline.I heard she’s not my fan either. Oh well…

Want to learn more about Jennifer? Follow her on Twitter @flygirljennifer


3 thoughts on “Jennifer Dalton – New Jersey’s New Girl

  1. Perfect timing for this interview! I liked Jennifer on PIH so was excited to see that she was going to be on RHONJ. I feel like we need to see more of her to know what she is all about. Great interview!

  2. When I saw her on Pregnant in Heels, I instantly disliked her, and was pretty sure that marriage was doomed. Not that I’m happy to be right, divorce is tough especially now they have a child. I have tried to be more open to her on RHNJ but just can’t really get into her. Kudos to you as always for being so fair and balanced! I know everyone suffers from the edit and that’s one of the many reasons Bravo vexes me!

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