RHONJ Season 5 ep 8 “Scum One, Scum All”

The Giudices take advantage of their alone time.

The Giudices take advantage of their alone time.

We rewind a bit to the beginning of the fight between Joey and Juicy and it is more apparent to me than ever that Joey started it. Who knows if Juicy even intended for this to be physical,  but compared with the flashback to the Season 3 Christening, Siren Media and Bravo TV have now painted a picture of a hot headed Joey who lets his temper take over. Joey looks like a grizzly while Juicy looks as threatening as Teddy Ruxpin…which still was kind of a scary toy when you think about it.

Teresa runs out screaming for somebody to “call the cops” while Melissa jumps in with as much adrenaline as her husband. Once the scuffle is broken up we discover that the scum in the room isn’t Teresa, but a mysterious black “tar” that has stained the cast members’ clothing. Teresa and Juicy retreat to their room feeling defeated, Melissa and Joey retreat to theirs fired up,  and the Wakile/Pierri clan is blaming Tre for starting the whole thing. Personally, and I rarely give my opinion, I disagree with Rich’s claim that Tre shouldn’t have involved her husband, but I’m just a nosey audience member, what do I know?

After everyone has calmed down Ron Howard and his mute sidekick return after a double dose of Zoloft to talk to these people who they must think are, as Melissa suggested, “white trash.” Howdy Doody wants to know how Joey “feels”, and the creepy smile he wears while asking this is enough to make me want to charge him through my television. In the end everybody decides to stay, and Teresa and Juciy decide to get busy. Apparently sibling fights get that whole family horny.

The next day they all await the arrival of Dr. V, who is Dr. Venus Nicolino from Bravo’s LA Shrinks. In a pre-emptive strike, because Nicolino’s approach will be too sedate, Teresa calls Caroline and asks her to drive up to the set from The Shining. To our shock and awe Caroline agrees, even though Lauren warns her that it may be an elaborate set up to murder her.

Upon Dr. V’s arrival it seems that Tre is still gung ho on making this retreat work, but Joey and Melissa want no part of it. It doesn’t even make sense that they decided to stay. However, Dr. V manages to talk to Joey, after she convinces herself that this is all Teresa’s “f*cked up”way of trying to protect him. I think  it is f*cked up that the fact that Joey charged Juicy is completely ignored by everybody. Joey tells Dr. V that he doesn’t want to work things out and he tells the rest of us that his sister is “the devil” and “evil”. Suddenly Caroline comes in to save the day, and save us from Dr. V’s Valium infused phsyco-babble.

Within five minutes Caroline proves more useful than the Wakiles,who seem to have no place there. From the look on Kathy’s face she doesn’t even want to be there anyway. Suddenly there is a breakthrough…Joey and Teresa are hugging, Teresa is crying, the audience is crying, and Dr. V is mentally patting herself on the back. Next week the team continues to work on “building” and we wonder why the Wakiles and Caroline are there.

PS: The mysterious “black tar” is Joey’s spray on hair thickener. I’m speechless.


3 thoughts on “RHONJ Season 5 ep 8 “Scum One, Scum All”

  1. doesnt anyone just want them to just lock joe gorga and teresa in a room until they come out smiling and happy? 😉

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  3. The fight between the J’s was long in coming. Joey is very emotional and he carries his emotions on the outside. Juicy j is a walking time bomb he carries his on the inside. I think Joey misses their friendship. Having said that I agree with you, Joeys issues like his sister needs to be explored (Dr Phil stepping down) Good Post

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