The Giudices Face An Unfavorable Reality

The Giudices enter Federal Court in Newark, NJ. Photo Credit: The NY Daily News

The Giudices enter Federal Court in Newark, NJ. Photo Credit: The NY Daily News

Just when the Giudices were starting to look better on camera, the reality stars’ real life drama has taken a turn for the worse. With 39 counts of financial fraud to be tried in federal court, this is by far the deepest pile of doggy doo any Housewife, possibly reality star in general, has been buried in. Even Survivor’s Season 1 winner Richard Hatch’s failure to report his $1M prize to the IRS wasn’t this serious. In fact, Hatch would have had to spend his entire prize just to post bail for the Giudices who are “free” on a whopping $500,000 each.

The Giudice scandal started long before they were famous. False financial statements and failure to file taxes date back prior to the 2008 premiere of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. I am not here to rehash all the counts against them, however. You can Google endless articles and watch network news for all of that. I’d rather explore why they may have done this, why Teresa’s fans still stand behind her, why maybe some won’t, why the general population should be angry, and some of the shocking details.

Teresa fans have long been a force to reckon with. Her season 1 table flip on Danielle Staub made her an instant star. Was it her passion, her dramatic flare, her physical strength? In the real world I’m not sure flipping a table would be such an honorable act, but with RHONJ fans it was ratings gold. Since that season Teresa was the underdog and even if she was calling somebody a “bitch” she still had a cheering section.

I’ve met Mrs. Giudice on several occasions. Sometimes she’s been distant, but when she is willing to chat she is warm, polite, even adorable. Somebody I’d love to go shopping or to lunch with. She’s an ass buster when it comes to work. I’ve met and followed the careers of many Housewives and, from my observation, the woman does more appearances than any, whether it’s to sell her popular books, her hair products, or her wine (which happens to be one of my favorite drinks…honestly). She also does this all while being a mother. I’ve witnessed her on the phone with one of her daughters who called her during one of our conversations…a meeting in which she also cooed at my two little boys calling them “beautiful.”

There are reasons why she is a hero to RHONJ fans everywhere, however, will she be able to hold that status in light of these new charges? Yesterday Lesley Rousso and I posted our latest RHONJ recap, a job I usually do alone, but needed some framework as I’ve been recovering from major surgery. I always recap the episodes with a humorous, aka snarky tone. I never mean to offend. The recaps are written based on the comedy I see in each episode, not on the true characters of the cast whom I all know and adore in their own individual ways. After the reports that Teresa and Giuseppe (Joe’s given name) were forced to surrender their passports and restricted to travel solely between New Jersey and New York, I ended the article with “and the Giudices will be watching wearing ankle bracelets.” This made some of my readers chuckle, while ruffling the feathers of others.

I was not, as one follower on Twitter suggested, “kicking them while they are down.” I was simply handling an uncomfortable situation with a little humor. I come from a family that traditionally does this. When my maternal grandmother passed we joked how the outfit we bought for her to be buried in was the first new thing she’d worn in 30 years. When my paternal grandfather, stricken with Alzheimer’s, put his underwear in the freezer my other grandmother laughed about it. It may not be how everybody handles life’s tricky situations, but it’s our way, and it’s kept us going through some pretty tough punches. My life, like anybody else’s, hasn’t always been easy, but I’ve always laughed, and believe, like the old proverb says, that it is indeed the best medicine.

But why, regardless of my intentions, get angry with me, or even Kim Granatell who viciously spewed her venom against Teresa and Joe on Twitter last night? Why not any anger at the Giudices? 39 counts of fraud? False earnings claims? False mortgages? Ladies and gents, this is an economy in which hardworking people making honest livings cannot make their bills and get mortgage approvals. There are people who have worked their entire lives and currently have nothing to show for it. People are choosing between groceries and medicines, yet you are heralding someone living in a mansion and driving a Mercedes simply because they allegedly hid their money, dodged their creditors, and refused to pay taxes that you and I paid. Think about the unfairness of that.

The Daily News estimates that Teresa, from the show alone makes $750,000 a season. This doesn’t even include revenue from her many other business ventures. I don’t know about you but for $750,000 I can pay my taxes and still live high on the hog. Perhaps the Giudices are culture victims. They are caught in this whirlwind of having to keep up with the Jonesettis. I hope they learn their lesson. I hope that, for Teresa’s sake and that of her children, if these charges are true they are the fault of a husband who maybe lied to her and took her along for the ride because love is deaf, dumb, blind, and far too forgiving. It happened to Lynne Curtin on The Real Housewives of Orange County and we saw it unfold.

I do not have any ill will towards the Giudices and I believe there is more to the story. I also believe, after all these years there’s a reason Joe has never become a US Citizen. I believe that fair is fair and I put the faith in our courts to figure this out. I also believe that Teresa is a hardworking woman and a good mother and as a fellow working mom my first instincts were to see how she was doing, not just from a mass statement that may have been manufactured by a very crafty PR rep. I contacted a friend of hers directly and asked, “She’s doing well, as well as she can be. She called me today after court,” my source said. Love and light Teresa, God bless your children.

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71 thoughts on “The Giudices Face An Unfavorable Reality

  1. Nice job! I believe that for now, she will become more popular than ever because like you, we all want to believe that her husband did all this. I, for one, when it comes to taxes, just sign off on them every year. If my husband, was cheating or not paying, I would have no idea. After, this story broke, and I explained that I had no idea about our taxes and exactly how much money we have, he told me I could have access to the returns at any time. Lucky for me, he would never cheat. However, we have money…and from what I did see, we have maybe slightly less then the Giudices and that is because we in no way come close to living about our means. I believe that yes they were trying to make money and tried to keep up with the Jonesettis and someone shady talked them into shady stuff. I don’t think it is really very smart to claim bankruptcy if you have not been honest. At 58 years old, their indictment is petty compared to some that I have seen over the years. I don’t think Teresa will go to jail. He may do some time but it will be years before he gets there, and if he has to go back to Italy then she will go with along with the family and she will run her businesses, which will thrive, from there. I am not mad at them because then I would have to waste my time being mad at the rest of those around who have done the same or worse. Too petty for me to worry about. I will, however, continue buy her products because they are quality items. I have all her cookbooks and make her recipes all the time. This weeks special will be her sprinkle cookies and pignoli cookies because I have to bring cookies to the church for a Bible School program that my grandchildren are in. I could not live without her Milania. I raise Mariah and her hair is so cotton candy and hard to maintain. She used to suffer so bad to get her hair brushed. It was sad. She has not had to worry about it for almost a year now since Milania came out. I will buy it forever. Her Fabellini is out of this world good and I am hoping to be able to get some when I get to the Jersey Shore this summer. It’s a pain to have to order it. We live 3 minutes from South Philly and I am hoping that her new food line will some day soon make it to the Italian Market area so I can get that also. She is a hardworking woman and a mother. Like you, I have met her and she was very kind to me. I am not in the blog business so I don’t go out of my way to meet celebs so I would not expect her to remember me every time she sees me. The most disgusting thing is reading Twitter with people proudly retweeting others bragging that they took her down. Funny thing is, my favorite saying is *God always pays back the Aholes of the world.* Those who are so classless will get a nice visit from karma. It happens, ask anyone who knows me. Ohhh and they made bail so I don’t think they will have to wear ankle bracelets yet. LOL

  2. Great article Tara! I just don’t get how anyone can put the blame elsewhere. At the end of the day, they knowingly & willingly chose these actions.

  3. As a citizen of New Jersey and the USA, I am mad. I am mad they think they get to live above the law you and I follow. This isn’t an isolated incident. This is a pattern of behavior. A lifestyle. I will have more to say about his on my blog. But I think you are right, this started before they were STARS….why are both their lawyers claiming unfair persecution because of their celebrity status? ridiculous.

    • I just have to say to Mom’s Thoughts, I’ve seen your constant negative tweets and blogs regarding Teresa. I do NOT condone her behavior at all, but you have to admit you ARE somewhat obsessed in your hatred of Teresa. I wonder if your friendship with Melissa & her sisters have anything to do with that?? I’m sure you won’t post this Tara, but let’s be real here. The Guidice’s will pay the price for their mistakes.

      • I would never charicterize Tara as being obsessed with anything other than ambition and thats great! Frankly she had frustrated me on more than one occassion by her supportive comments of Theresa and her products! Fabelinni wine? My Wine St cred would be nil if I even sniffed the screwoff top! Tara is always fair and professional in her blog
        Her snark on Twitter is for every housewife. She even busted the great Dubrow’s ballz about the fourth bedroom issue, I agree, but luvs me some Heather as does Tara!. I have never heard you even say anything about Melissa’s sisters, maybe I’m not obsessed enough! Jenny your comment is pretty baseless.

      • Jenny’s comment was actually directed towards Anne from MomsThoughts Radio who is a long time friend of the Marco sisters. However, Michele, I appreciate all you have said. Thank you.

  4. I taught my children that there are consequences to their actions. Somewhere along the line Joe and Teresa never learned this and sadly are passing this on to their children. The amount if entitlement they think they have is crazy. I hope they are punished for breaking many laws. Those poor kids.

  5. I was watching one news cast and the lawyer said pretty soon there lawyers will suggest they turn on one another. I don’t think that will every happen, not unless Joe tells her too. Till death do them part.

  6. Tara, I see you as biased towards certain cast members. I tried to comment once, and it was never posted. You later made a general statement on twitter about not allowing certain things to be posted in the comment section because you do not want to offend the “stars” and they would not come back for an interview. (Mind you, I am very tactful when giving my opinion and did not in any way say anything that was inappropriate.)
    Having said that, i’m certainTeresa will NEVER grant you an interview. Do you think your words in this article may perhaps offend Teresa? She is innocent until proven guilty, yet you assume she is guilty. Let me ask you this Tara, will you write an article like this when JL business bankruptcy comes to fruition? Probably not because it would offend her.
    I’m sure this wont be posted…. but think about it.

    • This is posted and it presents both sides including what is being posted on news outlets everywhere. As far as Jacqueline Laurita I refused to post anything attacking her as far as her son Nick. Some of those comments were way over the line. And right now I can assure you Teresa is no granting any interviews to anybody…unless they are People, US Weekly…etc.

      • Tara, you did discuss both sides, but then also your BIASED opinion. “…you are heralding someone living in a mansion and driving a Mercedes simply because they hid their money, dodged their debtors, and refused to pay taxes that you and I paid.” The same can be said about JL. Have you seen her lawsuit documents? Have you written an article like this about the Laurita’s? I’ll answer that for you “No.” That is why i believe you show favoritism and are biased. And for the record, I have never once uttered, thought or attacked JL son.
        That is all.

      • I have yet to see Jac’s legal troubles in the news like this. And we have reported on her and Chris’s charges by Johnny the Greek. Go read our reality roundup.

      • Ummm The fact that Jac owed $500,000 to the IRS was all over the news. And their bilking people out of 50 million dollars was public knowledge also.

  7. The facts are out there. The law is the law. If they broke the law, then shame on them. I obey the law and I hope that people who dont are punished for their crimes. Who cares if Tara is putting in her opinion about this matter. I don’t want bad things to happen to good people. But, I do want people to be punished if they have committed a crime.

    • Laura, the point I am making with Tara is the double standard, bias and favoritism when it comes to reporting on “stars,” not about the Giudice’s guilt or innocence. Yes, it’s Tara’s blog and she can write whatever she pleases… but she has said that she does not want to offend “stars” because they may not allow her to conduct future interviews. Making that statement is understandable and commendable… however, she only extends that courtesy to some.

  8. Well, as a hard working, tax paying, law abiding citizen, I don’t condone anyone who conducts their life like this. It is in the law’s hands now. However, the absolute venom that was spewed from Kim G’s mouth was uncalled for, and worse than anything else for the attention she so pathetically desires. There was no reason to tag rag mags in her tweets. And, I’ll add, there is also proof out there that the other cast mates are involved with shady dealings as well. Time for this particular franchise to close the door!

  9. I am Team Tre, but whether it was Tre or anyone else, I don’t like to make fun of someone’s misfortunes, whether brought upon themselves or not. I just don’t find humor in a situation where there is a real possibility that both parents of 4 very young girls will go to jail leaving them without parents. Even if one parent goes, they are permanently affected. But that’s just me. Humor always was and always will be a fine line. Everybody has a different threshold of acceptability.

    But regarding Tre supporters, me being one of them, why do we support a potential “criminal” (remember, she is innocent until proven guilty and an indictment is not a conviction). Well, for one thing, it’s a financial crime. Teresa is not Casey Anthony or George Zimmerman. She is a very hard working mom who probably signed the piece of paper her husband put under her nose. And didn’t they withdraw their bankruptcy filing? Doesn’t that mean they intend to pay their debt – I’m not sure about this, but if that’s correct, than they didn’t “dodge their debtors.” As for not paying taxes, well, how many Hollywood celebrities did we hear that about? Did anyone shout “crucify them, crucify them?” No – it barely made the news.

    It’s not that I condone such reckless behavior (if it’s proven true). It’s just that they have worked so hard to climb out of their financial hole, it’s heartbreaking that they could be forced to leave their girls behind. That’s the tragedy in all this in my eyes.

    • Totally 100% how I see it also…for any of the cast because I am sure some more indictments are in the works for others.

      • Conviction yes but the sentence is not automatically jail as the media would have all believe

      • Simply stated the media is correct in suggesting jail time is inevitable, if convicted. However there may be many arguments and reasons to “avoid jail.” Everybody’s case is different and so is Teresa and Joe’s. The greater the crime, the more likely they would do some jail time because the “offense level” is increased. Judges are pressured to rule with sentencing guidelines in federal cases.The most likely result for Teresa if convicted in my opinion, full restitution, fines and penalties, no jail time, but instead “home confinement” and probation. Home Confinement means staying in your home for a period of time, and you are not allowed to leave except for medical or other similar reasons. This surely beats going to jail. We can only speculate. It’s going to be a long time before we know the results, we can only pray that justice is served and the best results for all parties concerned take place.

  10. I find this article appalling, because you Tara in particular “claim” to stay neutral. You are a pleasant and nice to Tweet with one on one. What you fail to admit is your own bias towards the Manzo’s and the other cast members. You make it your passive aggressive job to defend them and this may be the case because you socialize too much with them. That may explain Teresa’s “distance” towards you. I read your Tweets favoring the others, but you have a right to your opinion, so I agree to disagree. Can we get an article breaking down the Laurita’s financial mess or shall we wait for their charges? Come to think of it! Teresa and Joe are only charged. This article comes off as if you finally have “your” moment, so the neutral game is up. You did take it upon yourself to jump in on a Tweet I sent to Andy asking Caroline to speak. Let me explain, since there is obviously a lack of corporate background with you. The purpose of Caroline to speak is not to stand up for Tre or even discuss the legal issue. RHONJ is a business part of a large franchise. See it doesn’t matter of your for or against Tre. Viewers are hurting and some are not as strong as others. They need to know the show will go on. You should ask yourself why you have convicted Teresa and Joe in a passive aggressive way without giving them their day in court? Why would any of Teresa’s fans assume her guilt? There is a legal system in place to figure it out the properly. This article is very hypocritical in my opinion and for that very reason you will lose credibility for jumping on the band wagon before the Giudice’s even had their day in court. Out of all the articles I’ve read from you this is the FIRST one where your disdain for Teresa is CLEAR and that makes you a hypocrite. Stay opinionated or stay neutral. Foolish move on your part, but at least Tre fans really understand your disdain for her family now. Please do not passively disregard my comment and allow your readers to read.

    • Do any of you read the whole article in which I discuss how much I admire her work ethic? The day Jac, Caro, Kathy…etc are on EVERY news channel I’d write about it too. I reiterated the facts being reported everywhere. Teresa is distant because she is guarded. The press has attacked her many times. I did not say they are guilty. I said I leave it to the legal system. You want to talk “hypocrisy”? The very same people who lambaste me for not “having” and opinion are the very ones who get fired up if mine doesn’t agree with theirs.

      • Yes, I read every party of your article. It is written in a very passive aggressive way to make it “appear” as though you admire Tre as you go for her throat with the assumed guilt. There is assumption of guilt through out the article. You’re not a hypocrite for having an opinion that does not agree with mine. I’ve known for quite some time you do not like Tre. This is the 1st time you have written an article with such a strong opinion and the dislike for Teresa. That is what makes you a hypocrite. You’re not sharing your wealth of opinions with the others.

        “Why not any anger at the Giudices? 39 counts of fraud? False earnings claims? False mortgages? Ladies and gents, this is an economy in which hardworking people making honest livings cannot make their bills and get mortgage approvals”.

        People are choosing between groceries and medicines, yet you are heralding someone living in a mansion and driving a Mercedes simply because they hid their money, dodged their debtors, and refused to pay taxes that you and I paid. Think about the unfairness of that.

        The above is not press. It is an opinionated blog. I’m all for a person have an opinion whether it agrees with mine or not. What I do not agree with is a person ONLY having an opinion on Teresa after numerous bragging rights of hanging with the other cast members. Why are you not as outraged at the Laurita’s in this economy and their charges of fraud? Or the violent charges against them? Or the Gorga’s?

        Your not wrong for your thoughts, but you are wrong for letting your readers down. Credibility has been lost. You’re not covering press in this writing piece. You’re blogging.

      • You write from a place of anger. I have NOTHING against Teresa. I never have. It is a FACT that this is a bad economy and people are struggling. It is a FACT that her family is in the news with 39 counts of fraud. Had it been Jac or Caro I’d have written the same article. I guess it’s just easier for you to attack me than CNN, FOX, The Daily News…so on. I stand by what I wrote and I stand by that this is not a veiled
        piece of contempt for Teresa I genuinely like her. I have not “hung out” with her as you say because I can only go where I’ve been invited. Teresa and Melissa do mostly signings, the Manzos/Lauritas/Wakiles do charity events…how many article do readers want about standing in line to have something signed?

      • I agree w Reality TV Bliss that the part from “Why not any anger at the Giudices” to “think about the unfairness of that” is more than just reporting what’s in the news. It is a personal indictment with an assumption of guilt. But Tara is entitled to her opinion. She is doing it respectfully (ie no obnoxious name calling) which is all that I ask of all bloggers and tweeters.

        But to that point, please prove to me that she is not paying her debtors (I mean that sincerely because I do not know that is the case). As far as I know, they withdrew their bankruptcy petition, which means to me, their debt is outstanding and being paid. As for not paying taxes, well, there could be a variety of reasons for that. It could easily be related to the unraveling of the bankruptcy. It’s hard to report your income when you don’t know what your income is, especially when much of it is entangled in the bankruptcy web. Did anyone stop to think why only these 4 years? That means they have been paying income on all their earning since 2008, including, Tara, the 750,000 income you quoted. That 750,000 was not earned in the 4 years in question. That’s only most recently.

        Is there some validity to some of the indictments? My guess is that their probably is. But a lot of the counts seem to be tied up to the loans (which as far as I know, they are paying) and the bankruptcy (which they withdrew). So who is being harmed in any of those indictments? They made a mistake and they have been paying for it since with such hard work. To me the criminal is the one who sits back and does nothing. Teresa (and Joe for that matter) have been busting their humps to get out of this. THAT’S WHY I’M TEAM TRE. I admire her incredible work ethic and her strong willpower.

      • Well, like I said, there might some truth to some of the allegations. They probably lied and/or stretched the truth on their mortgage applications. Of course that’s wrong if it’s true. And, the loan should be called because it was given under false pretenses which may trigger financial hardship – that is something someone deserves if it’s true. But jail?

    • Did Perez Hilton start as a blogger? Yes, in fact he still calls himself that. Yet, he still manages it daily with help, creates vide content, interviews with big named musicians, hosted and makes events, and the list goes on & on.. He started his blog after working for US weekly and turned his hobby into a lucrative and much. talked about business, now over 8 years later he’s still doing it. Like him or not, he turned his blog into a business and for someome to defer to Tara’s blog as that.. Guess what? it is, and thats not a bad thing, If your trying to knock someone for what you think is working to be in the news realm. Take a step back and think for a minute, is Brian Williams on your speed dial boo?

      Chill out on knocking someone’s passion project and save that passion for a place more appropriate like with your partner.

    • I’m not attacking you Tara, I’m point out the obvious. I’ve stated several times agree to disagree and that is fine. I do not like hypocrites and the Laurita’s and Manzo’s have been in the news for criminal charges/acts, yet I read nothing on them followed by a strong opinion with assumption of guilt. You are every right to have your own thoughts, but do not call this written piece press. It’s a blog. That is the part that bothers me, so as for the CNN or FOX I highly doubt they are referencing excuses and grandparents. They are reporting news which I Tweet positive and negative. Normally, on this page they are written as articles. You can call anything ALL of the RHONJ has been charged with as a FACT. There are so many to write about. It’s endless. The only anger is coming from you towards the Giudice’s. It shows in the article and your responses to comments. I’m direct and call BS when I see it quickly. That is not anger. That is TRUTH.

      • 39 counts…federal counts. Doesn’t matter which cast member. Maybe my head is under a rock…I’ve never seen the others on network news like this. If I am wrong please provide links and vids. And not from The Bergen Record or Access Hollywood.

      • You lack legal knowledge as I’ve noticed on the non residency status of Joe Giudice referring to a Twitter follower as an example. Your head is not under a rock and the court docs are readily available on the Laurita’s on going case. This case is a money game as you will see as it unfolds. Keep believing the Giudice’s did this to themselves. Must be nice living in that world. People with power do not like people (especially women) that earn fame and money quickly. You never seen other’s on networks like this? You’ve also never seen a more famous housewife and Jersey has been notorious for going after any of the reality stars in their state. You should wonder why? Now there’s an article.

      • You lack knowledge of my sources as the non citizen status was reported on channel 4 news. That’s where I heard it and was one of the first to tweet it after that.

  11. Tara is not biased in any of her coverage. This has been the lead celebrity story on all news outlets the past three nights. Tara is simply covering what the preeminent news sources are covering, JL’s, even Danielle Staubs legal troubles were not covered to this extent by CNN. The Washington Post, and all nightly news shows. I’m not speaking for Tara, but I think what Tara is writing about t simply what every major news organization is. It would be like let’s ignore the news about the Presidentail Election, cause I’d rather report about the local person who got caught jaywalking.

    • This is far from the unfavorable light almost every news/media outlet has cast upon this situation. From the Today Show to CNN it has been covered from all angles and attacked from all fronts. I hardly think Tara’s blog comes close to that. When a person or people break the law and then chose to shine a national spotlight on their lives it can be expected that these things will get more attention, not just from the public but possibly the authorities. Considering these 39, not 1 but 39, alleged charges date back to actions that were alleged to have taken place in 2008 before RHONJ first aired it is understandable that all media i.e. newspapers, magazines, blogs, television etc would cover someone who is already in the bright lights of fame not matter a reality star or a movie star. Some may believe Tara shows some sort of bias but aren’t also those who are commenting against what he has written? To show no bias one has to have no opinion what so ever. So to those who choose to attack Tara for her take on a now widely public situation consider yourself biased as well.

  12. Here’s my opinion, this case will drag on for years most likely after the show has run it’s course on tv as they normally do.

    I am a Teresa fan, since the first episode. The happiness to see her fall & negative backlash towards her is grotesque. You either love or hate her. It doesn’t affect me personally in my daily life, I’m sharing my feelings of one of her fans and one of the other families detractors.

    The hate directed towards her is out of control! Yes I know the allegations against her and Joe, they are innocent until proven guilty, so it’s alleged. Doesn’t look good for them but I’m sticking with alleged, I’m Team Tre what can I say.

    KimG is bordering on needing a 72 hour hold for a psych eval with her hate fueled remarks! Kim? Westboro Church called they want their ignorant hate filled speech back or they’re going to picket the house your ex provides you with!

    What I am pissed about is the biased media attention shown towards the Guidice family. We’ve known about the Laurita, Gorga, Wakile, Manzo schemes, fraudulent behavior, lying, finger pointing and deflecting away from, for how long now? WHY ISN’T THAT ALL OVER THE NEWS? I’ve been waiting for anything to come out I’ve been waiting for all the insiders who have the truth! who knows what really happened! who knows who effed who! who cheated on who! who’s ripping off who! NOTHING, zero, zilch. I don’t think they know shit anymore, except for Bryan. He twitters like the LSA op writes, the read between the lines style with the minute details.

    I’ve read the LSA “tea” and have to say for me it answered many plausible questions, made a lot of sense and tied up loose connecting ends. The op sounds like someone very close to the situation or close enough to someone in that circle. The writing style is of that of someone who can’t come right out and say it so “would it surprise anyone to know that Melissa tricked her father in law by saying she needed to warm a baby bottle to get in the house to look for paperwork” sounds like someone has talked and shared how part of the set up was done, it’s in the minute details. No I don’t think set up in a ‘Teresa’s innocent, let her take the fall’ kind of way. I mean the set up & plan to get the feds onto her and Joe. The lawyer, I think has more than a moral legal interest in the case, there is a personal touch to it.
    Melissa, are her hands dirty? Deflect cheating allegations, the bank fraud deflection what is their stake in this? Did her and Joe cut a deal, did the Laurita’s cut a deal? for some leniency elsewhere? That porch convo where Jac all but water boarded Teresa into giving up the goods about her finances, got pissed and but hurt when she didn’t! That set all kinds of alarms off for me when I watched it, wtf is she going on about I thought as I watched! Then dun dun dun out of the shadows comes the Manzo peeping tom with kids clothes in her hands, creepy much? The other fraudster lurking inside the house, one ear aimed towards the porch. wth is wrong with these shysters!?

    Now I have to ask why? Are all the participants that jealous of Teresa, hate her that much, have a huge vendetta against her to do this? Work on this with the feds for 4 years? What the heck did they do to those individuals that was so bad? You can say oh but they didn’t claim this, they forged that etc. ALL THE OTHER FAMILIES on the show are just as dirty! And have been accuse of that and so much more, in one case 55 million! Ripping off cancer foundation, a rape and coverup! If that’s not hurting someone I give up.

    Ok, I am going all over the place. To those involved in trying to take Teresa out-

    “Who are you to judge the life I live?
    I know I’m not perfect
    -and I don’t live to be-
    but before you start pointing fingers…
    make sure you hands are clean!”
    ― Bob Marley

    Are your hands clean Melissa? Joe? KimG? (plz stay off the pole and keep your drawers covered) Kathy? Rich? Lauren? (just bc she bugs the fuck out of me, the grumpy old troll) Jac? Chris?d Al? Caroline? Monica? ARE YOUR HANDS CLEAN?

    Peace out!

    • aww man,, hate when I forget something— I think Teresa’s businesses will continue to profit and succeed as long as the companies behind her have the guts to stick with it. Cha Ching. I hope Joe isn’t deported. Would you exchange him for Jac, Mel, Chris, Joe, etc? If Teresa has to leave the show, the show will fail in no time flat. I believe without her there is no show and I think Andy and Bravo know that. Shame on Bravotv and Andy for their hand in the destruction of these families all for money, dirty money. blood on the hands money. ok no blood spilled except for when I sock the tv screen bc Melissa started “singing” again. I reiterate this does not affect my personal life! lol

    • I don’t buy that someone ratted on them. They filed for bankruptcy. Don’t you think the IRS looked into the mortgages they were trying to discharge and saw the discrepancies??? They were denied bankruptcy. They didn’t withdraw their filing.

    • It sickens me that Tara has to show your nonsense and innuendo to show she actually is being fair. Until there is more evidence of cases against the Lauritas, Manzos or Gorgas anything Tara would report could be libelous, or is it slander? I always forget which is print! Furthermore, this notion of fair and balanced reporting is ridiculous, if the other side is promoting a LIE or twisted truth. She did report on the Lauritas case with Stilettogate, because that is an actual pending legal case. Anyone can make a claim, people can even make outrageous legal claims, welcome to the ridiculous court systems these days, but until a hearing is set forth and a judge rules whether it has merit, it is unfounded and reporting it is unethical!

    • THIS….is what I just don’t get. Are the Wakile, Manzo, Gorga and Laurita hands clean? My question is, why does this matter? Do their dirty hands make the Giudice hands more clean?

      And the conspiracy charges, really? The Giudice’s showed their own hand when they submitted fraudulent documents to the Federal bankruptcy court and lied to the Federal bankruptcy trustee and hid assets. They lied to the Federal Government and got caught, and the government started digging to find out what else they lied about. No conspiracy or outside involvement needed.

      Teresa and Joe did this to themselves, and I hope they pay the price for what they’ve done.

  13. Nice job, Tara. I totally agree with you. I like Teresa, but I am not a ‘tre-hugger’. They committed a crime and should pay for it. I don’t make 3 figures, but I’m happy with my measly 2 figure income and would never think about cheating the system in any way. It will catch up to you sooner or later. Not that it matters, but I think Teresa didn’t know most of what was going on with Joe’s financial indescrepencies. Ignorance is no excuse of the law. Hopefully the court system will judge them fairly and their celeb status wont have anything to do with their sentence. Why did you say ‘after all these years there’s a reason Joe has never become a US Citizen’? I’m not up on immigration law, but do you think Joe can be deported and live as a free citizen in Italy, while Teresa is serving jail time in the US? hmm… Anyway, like I said, they need to pay for their crime. But, at the same time, I do feel bad for them, especially the kids.

    • Hello Kitty,

      My theory is that Joe will be charged, Teresa will be cleared and his citizenship status may save him from being jailed here. Just a theory. Teresa is successful enough that she could float living both there and here. It’s just a theory, one presented by one of my Twitter followers, but it makes senses. When you consider people like Fernanda Rocha(RHOC S 7) who are here a few years and become citizens, you wonder…why would a man who went to high school here, married here, had 4 children here not have dual citizenship? It doesn’t make sense to me.

  14. T, your article was well thought out and fair. You painted a much nicer version than most news outlets have. You had to address this, to not say anything about it would be wrong. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, you did not lose “credibility”. For god sakes this isn’t CNN. Tre obviously has many supporters that would back her regardless. As a member of your team, I support you wholeheartedly. I know everyone’s innocent until proven guilty but obviously they have something on them. Whether Tre knew about it or not is not for me to say. I will however say that stupidity is not a defense in court. I have nothing against Joe and Tre, I wish them well for the sake of those four little girls.

  15. I came here from twitter to leave my opinion, before I read your article. Stupid me. This blog is a joke, the posters are perfect, as well their parenting and kids. Keep teaching your kids tolerance and empathy, consequences and such because no one in this world is, but you apparently. Pompous, judgemental people. The worst kind there is. Adios lunatics.

      • Hmm, I don’t think any of us have ever claimed to be perfect, have perfect children or perfect lives. Not sure about you but my life is utter chaos most of the time. Giving my opinion about someone’s legal woes does not make me judgemental or perfect. Also, why would you comment on something before reading it?

  16. Fair and balanced. Thanks, Tara. Those of us who work for a living should be angry at those who lie, cheat and steal. HW or private people, doesn’t matter. It was wrong.

  17. Your blog is biased. However…it is an opinion…which a blog is by definition and all opinions are biased. So carry on, even if I don’t agree with you on things. 😉

    • Ditto. A blog is allowed to /supposed to be opinionated. But let’s all call a spade a spade. It’s partially news, but also partially opinion. I think that was what one commenter was trying to point out.

      And Tara is allowed to have favorite castmembers for whatever her reasoning. We all do.

      And as for her not commenting on other castmember allegations, well, first of all it is her choice and second the other castmembers aren’t as popular so it isn’t as newsworthy.

  18. I commented on here a few days ago and came back to a bunch of bashers. Question why do people who disagree take so much time to write a small book to you over your opinion not just hit un follow? If they dont like your blog why read?

      • Its funny I read a lot of blogs, tweets, articles about many celbs. Tre’s fans are very aggressive and go at you if you dont agree with them. Some what like her. I hope the best for the Giudices for there kids only. You reap what you sow.

  19. I’m not a huge Teresa fan, but I am a fan. There’s times I love her and times I want to knock some sence into her. That being said this article I truly felt was not biased in any way. I personally felt it was a good read for team Teresa fans, anti Teresa fans and for people who just could care less about the housewives, but are interested in legal issues. I feel as though Tara is preparing the readers, fans and critics for the inevitable. Its a sad but true, recent statistics show that 90% of federal indictments result with convictions. That being said yes your innocent until proven guilty, yes I feel bad for her girls, no I don’t want to kick her while she’s down, I just think its time to face reality and that’s what Tara expressed in her blog. (In my opinion)

  20. well, this blog is bias and it tilts favorably towards Manzo’s and Laurita’s because Tara hangs with them the most. Manzo’s and Lauritas ALWAYS invite Tara because they know she will give them favorable spins and stories. Heck, if I got to hang with a bravolebrity and given behind the scene passes to their events I would not want to ruffle their feathers. I see nothing wrong with this as Tara is human and she has a right to be bias to whoever the heck she wants…..even if I don’t think it is right this is HER blog. I don’t have the patience nor the motivation to create my own blog….so I will not dare tell someone how to run theirs. I can give my opinion respectfully…..and keep it moving.

    With that said, I honestly don’t believe if tables were turned that Jacqueline would get the same spin. Jax would probably reach out to Tara and give her interview or “sourced” info for spin factor. Jacqueline is good at trying to get her “version” of dirt spun with her go to blogger. For a very long time Jacqueline’s bff blogger was Lynn from Chicago. Jacqueline gave A lot of interviewers and sourced info to this blogger (even negative stories about Dina and Tre) Once Lynn started to have a great relationship with Jacqueline….she NEVER once wrote a bad blog about her and her blogs about T became nastier and nastier. Hence why Teresa probably is extremely guarded with certain bloggers (especially ones strongly connected to manzo and laurita clan). Once Lynn passed away (RIP Lynn miss u) Jacqueline’s go to Fully became Tara. I know the back history because I am an avid reader of the top three HW blogs. The most neutral HW blogs to me are realitytea and stoopidhousewives. Realitytea cause they have several bloggers that blog with differing opinions that rotate. Stoopidhousewives because they give EQUAL snark to everyone… this day I honestly cannot even tell which hw stoopidhousewives likes….cause she goes hard on all of them lol. Being neutral is hard….when you hang out with many of the players….hence why this site will never be neutral. Again this is Tara’s blog and she has every right to state her opinion and be bias toward whoever she wants to.

    THank you for letting me add my two cents.

    • First thank you for being respectful. I don’t think I’ve been nasty to Teresa at all. I have been VERY clear that she is the hardest working HW, and a wonderful mother. I have been clear that she is charming. Why is it nasty to point out that she and her husband have been charge with 39 counts of federal fraud? It’s a fact that is on every channel for the last 3 days.

      • Tara,

        I NEVER said you were nasty at all….sorry if you misunderstood. I said Jacqueline’s past bff blogger (who ironically I liked even though I didn’t like her blogs bout t)….wrote some pretty nasty and harsh blogs about Teresa after she established a relationship with J. I honestly think you try to be neutral tara…but u are human. Since you have a greater affection for certain cast members it would make sense you would have a different spin. I honestly think if u had more interaction with T or interviewed her more frequently it would have made a difference in ur tone. That’s just my opinion. Had it been jax, you would have more of an insight because you have a stronger relationship with her. Nothing bad about that. For instance, when Jacqueline’s bankruptcy lawsuit came to light I went in HARD on J, cause I felt like she was a hypocrite. On one hand she was throwing shade at Teresa regarding her financial drama to deflect attention on her own. Was that fair of me to be that hard on Jax compared to Tre….Nope. But I like Teresa more than I like Jacqueline…hence where my bias comes into play. I guess my point is we all have biases no matter how hard we try to play fair.

        I think Teresa’s mess is all over the news because she is the most imfamous of all the housewives thanks to that table flip that put HW’s on the map. Teresa’s coughs and it is all over the place. Teresa and Bethenny are the top two housewives that get the BIGGEST press, because they are the most popular.

  21. Jac did respond to the 39 counts and she said to leave Tre alone and her family. All the people saying that Jac will jump on the I hate Tre bandwagon are wrong.

  22. Jenn,

    Jac didn’t say leave Tre alone….Jax said leave HER AND HER HUSBAND CHRIS ALONE. Big difference. I pray to GOD Teresa keeps Jax at distance. The last think Tre needs is a vindictive mottermouth leaking stories to the media. I know that disgusting Tom Murro is Jacqueline’s biggest mouth piece so I am sure he is eagerly waiting for Jacqueline’s tidbits.

    P.S…Tara. As vile and disgusting as Tom Murro has been in regards to his disturbing tweets wth Kim G…….I am curious as to why the playful interaction with him on Twitter Tara? Not telling who to tweet or not….but I just found that weired. I see your tweets and they are sweet, playful, and engaging. So it creeped me out that u engage with someone that is this disgusting towards T and her fam. It is one thing to not like someone or be appalled by the charges….but to go out of ur way to be cruel is beyond disgusting. That Kim G and Tom Murro are truly gross ppl. Their ties to Jacqueline make you go hmmm.

    • Tom happens to be a friend of mine within the industry. I, however do not read any of his stuff unless he asks me too. I know he is friends w/ Kim G who I also have a nice acquaintanceship with. I base my opinion on others on how they treat me directly. I acknowledged that tweet in light of how I’m getting criticized by many of Teresa’s fans.

  23. Tara, fair enough….I understand that philosophy. As his friend….I hope you pass along the message for me that he is being truly gross in regards to his remarks. I completely get being upset with the charges…but his and Kim G’s remarks are personal and disturbing. It completely turns me off from ANYTHING that Tom Murro writes as he comes off as unprofessional, vindictive, and vulgar. You would think Teresa stole his first born child the way he gets glee in attacking her (even before this news). You can disagree with someone without becoming downright cruel. On twitter ppl can become truly despicable creatures ON BOTH SIDES. I remember folks even claiming Jax is faking her childs illness.. DISGUSTING. I don’t even like Jax, but I was still appalled by this nasty commets. I can never understand how folks can be so disrespectful. You can get ur points across without being gross. I like who I like…but cannot imagine saying some of these stuff I see folks tweeting. I know Kim G is only looking for attention hence why she tags all of these media outlets…but isn’t Tom a professional? Gross. I never thought I would say this in a million years but I truly respect Danielle Staub, she has been a real class act in this.

    Even if you don’t respond to my last comment I really respect the fact you take the time and responded to my earlier comments. Not too many bloggers do this and I just wanted to let you know I appreciated that. Thank you for letting me post my FULL opinion even if it may not align with yours. Thank you for ur efforts in bringing us these articles. I don’t think the majority of folks are criticizing, more so giving their opinions. Now there are a small handful that have been OUT of hand…but for the most part I only see folks giving their overall perspectives. The OUT of hand folks are a small margin that are consistently over the top…the other ones are just firm in their perspectives. Just my take. I think when there is critizcism you have handled it with class. Continued success on ur blog…time to pick up my God Son. Have a wonderful day.

    • Thank you. Your god son is blessed to have you as you are fair, wise, and can express your opinion without being hurtful.

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  26. I just found this blog, and I have to say, I’m thankful for it! I have no problem admitting that I’ve never been Team Teresa. I was neutral on Teresa for the first season, I just thought she was ditzy. Second season, I thought she was a violent thug and criminal. Third season until now, I have realized what a conniving snake she is, and I don’t know which is worse, Teresa and Joe or their die-hard Trehugging fans. Watching Teresa’s fans twist themselves into pretzels with their level of denial has been my entertainment for the past week. I’ve known Teresa and Joe were criminals since they filed the bankruptcy and had to withdraw it because they were accused of fraud (not because they were intending to pay their debts) and that not only did they not file taxes for four years, they submitted fraudluent unfiled tax returns in their bankruptcy petition! Joe Giudice admitted to forging his partners name on a loan AND stealing the notary seal and forging the name of the notary! These people are as shady as the day is long, but yet people STILL support them! It’s mindboggling to me. And Teresa seems to carry on pretend that nothing is really wrong! I don’t know who is more delusional at this point, Teresa or her fans.

  27. Today, while I was at work, my cousin stole my apple ipad and tested to see if it
    can survive a 40 foot drop, just so she can be a youtube sensation. My iPad is now destroyed and she has 83 views.
    I know this is totally off topic but I had to share it with someone!

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