Teresa Sparkles,Even in Unflattering Spotlight

Teresa Giudice and her Beauty Buster Award. Photo credit: Lora Warnick. http://www.lorawarnick.com/

Teresa Giudice and her Beauty Buster Award. Photo credit: Lora Warnick. http://www.lorawarnick.com/

On Wednesday night celebrity beauty expert Lora Condon hosted The Beauty Buster Awards in New York City.  Condon, dubbed “the ultimate beauty insider” by Dr. Oz held the event at  Next Vanity Salon and Lexington Plastic Surgeons. I, on the mend from my own plastic surgery, was not in attendance, however that does not stop TBBReality from getting the scoop, especially since the reality television star of the hour was there.

It was the first public appearance, sans her Newark, New Jersey Federal Court entrance and exit Monday, for Teresa and husband Joe (Giuseppe) Giudice. The couple were charged with 39 counts of financial fraud. The Giudices’ charges include false loan applications and tax evasion dating back prior to their Real Housewives of New Jersey fame.

The mother of four is known for her tough as nails attitude, always smiling in the face of the worst of circumstances. Wednesday night, according to our exclusive source was no different. “She said it was great to be out…That you can’t stop living because of unfortunate circumstances.”

She also was there proving that her business endeavors are unstoppable.  Picking up an award for Best Specialty Hair Products for her Youthful 8 Milania Hair Care line, Giudice showed no signs of physical distress looking stunning in a fitted royal blue dress.

Giudice is one of a cast of Housewives who have had their share of legal troubles. Fellow RHONJ members Jacqueline Laurita, Chris Laurita, and Joe Gorga are set to appear in a Ridgewood, NJ court on September 5th on assault and threat charges stemming from a scuffle with John Karagiorgis during a filming in late March. The Lauritas have also had previous financial problems  including a bankruptcy filing that Jacqueline referred to in Season 4.


7 thoughts on “Teresa Sparkles,Even in Unflattering Spotlight

  1. This is one of the things I truly admire about Teresa. She never cracks under pressure. I know this is a nightmare for her, but she will put on a smile for her children and stay strong. No matter how some of her costars want her to crumble and wither away in a ball of sobs….Teresa will not waiver. Some folks who go through hard times become so paralyzed and weak and just crumbles. But it seems this is not the way Teresa handles hard times….and guess what it works for HER, it allows her to be strong for her children, and this is her coping mechanism. Staying busy and keeping a routine in face of this is what is helping T stay sane. I hate when folks judge her for that. Not everyone copes with hardship the same. Each person has their own way of dealing with things. I think that was one of the issues T had with her friendship with Jacqueline. Jacqueline wanted Teresa to deal with things the way Jacqueline’s thought was “normal”….and Jacqueline doesn’t realize when dealing with hardship there is no “normal” standard….as everyone is different. As a friend or a family member you have to meet a person where they are at. Once someone feels judged or not understood…they will shut down.

      • I hate when people comment on someone’s mental faculties when they know nothing other than what they read of hear.

  2. Deny, deny, deny…. even if that includes denying to YOURSELF that you are in serious trouble legally, financially, morally, etc. She should be focused on her children & family right now, not out trying to prove to the world that she is unfazed by these criminal charges. Her behavior makes her look like she feels entitled to break the law & not pay the consequences. Personally, I think she truly believes she IS entitled. She is a disgusting woman who has managed to pull the wool over the eyes of all these Tre Hugging fanatics. How people don’t see thru her is beyond comprehension.

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