RHONJ Season 5 Ep 10 “Best Frenemies Forever”

Jac and Tre finally face to face.

Jac and Tre finally face to face.Photo credit: bravotv.com

Melissa’s Porsche pulls up to Joey’s construction site. She’s completely shocked that it is so “dirty.” Thank goodness she isn’t wearing heels. After a brief voiceover about how hunky dory life is now, she hands Joey some papers he needed. He then goes on to ask why she won’t be in a Sizzle Tan ad with him. Mel explains that, since Teresa previously did a SIzzle Tan ad, she can’t or it would give Tre more reason to say she’s a copycat. Then Mel tries to drive a bulldozer. She drives it like a girl.

Caroline visits Jacqueline to brief her on the Lake George retreat. After she takes a bit of credit for what Dr. V solved she drops the bomb that she has set the wheels in motion for a Jac and Tre peace treaty. Jac is less than thrilled. Enter Mel to drive home that it is important for Jac to give Tre a chance because it would be so wonderful if everyone could get along.

Later on Mel, Joey, and the little Gorgas are at Tre and Juicy’s door for a family dinner. Mel tells Tre that if she continues to be a “good girl” then they will have more pleasant evenings. I don’t know what everyone else thinks, but it sounded like a little dig to me. Tre decides to let it roll and keep her mouth shut for the sake of family. Apparently family being happy isn’t good enough for now because Joey and Mel bring up Jac. Juicy joins in and everyone is on Tre about making amends with Jac. Tre is as thrilled as Jac was earlier. Why can’t everyone just let it go?

The Manzo boys are busy getting their restaurant ready for opening. Later on, back at Manzo headquarters, Caro expresses concern that Albie is working too hard, and Chris gloats that he’s glad he’s not Albie. Albert Sr. comes to his eldest son’s defense by basically telling Caro to stop nagging Albie (and himself) about their balls to the wall work ethic. Later on in the episode Caro and Albie are alone and Albie expresses concern for his parents’ marriage. Caro tells him he can’t fix the rest of the world’s problems and that their marriage isn’t his business. Hmmm, sounds like somebody needs to follow her own advice.

Speaking of that, Teresa calls Jacqueline, right when Jac is trying to bond with CJ at a toy store. After a civil convo we cut to a night out on the town. Kathy, Rich, Mel and, Joey escort Rosie to a lesbian bar because Kathy has now internalized Joey and Tre’s conflict as her own. She earlier told Rosie that she never wants any disapproval of one another’s partners to ever get between them. At the bar Rosie chats up an attractive woman while the rest watch like they are at a sporting event. Melissa gets drunk like she did at the retreat and once again seems very interested in the other team.

Back at Jac’s house Jac and Chris are gearing up for their respective showdowns with Tre and Juicy, and of course Caro is there to prep them. Soon they are entering The Brick House in Wyckoff, NJ (ironically the same place I dined earlier today to celebrate a friend’s marriage). Tre and Jac go to one room and Juicy and Chris go to another. The juxtaposed scenes of melodramatic female face off with laid back male neanderthal face off is quite entertaining and could make for a wonderful case study. As the women are rehashing the past and pointing out each other’s faults the guys are laughing. Male friendships are so far less complicated.

Next week: The conclusion of the showdown at the Brick House, Jac decides to get a tummy tuck, and Caro breaks down.

Up to date info on Tre and Juicy’s real life legal drama.

Win back to school bling!


5 thoughts on “RHONJ Season 5 Ep 10 “Best Frenemies Forever”

  1. They better add some new characters with interesting baggage to this show stat, or even bring back some former stars.

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