All That Glitters…Sonja Morgan Steps out for Maya’s Hope

Last fall we reported on an event for Maya’s Hope an amazing charity run by an amazing woman, Maya Rowencak. Last week the organization,who has taken on a glitter theme in preparation for their upcoming October gala, held an event at the Chelsea Manor to help raise funds for the children who benefit from Maya’s Hope. Rowencak does a lot of work both here and abroad for orphans, specifically those with special needs.

The fantastic work that Maya and her volunteers do hasn’t just caught our attention. A very enthusiastic supporter of Maya’s Hope is Real Housewife of New York Sonja Morgan who attended the event in a fabulous silver Sue Wong. Listen below to what Sonja had to say:

What inspired you to start Maya’s Hope?

After having lost my mother, I had a deep sadness in me which ignited this idea. I decided to spend my holidays at an orphanage with children who didn’t have a mother. I wanted to inspire them, show them love, show them what I learned from my mom. But the kids were so amazing, that when I came back to the states, I made a promise to never give up on them. I started sending care packages regularly to the Philippines and then the rest is history. I started a sponsorship and starting finding sponsors for individual kids.

What are the goals of your foundation?

I aim to bring awareness to these serious problems that are happening in other countries and to help children who are in great need of love and hope. We operate in Ukraine because those kids are absolutely neglected and don’t receive proper care. In the Philippines, you cannot ignore the overpopulation issue and children are swarming the streets. Most of these poor children come from families of 5-10. It’s not fair they’re brought into this world and not given the same opportunities that we have. So we do our best to give a child a chance, one child at a time.

How can our readers help Maya’s Hope?

People can help Maya’s Hope through word of mouth, volunteering, or making a donation. We are small and most of our donations go directly to the institutions so we definitely need help for our general costs to keep it running!



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