WWHL:The Oprahcalypse

Oprah and Andy high five! Credit: Bravotv.com

Oprah and Andy high five! Credit: Bravotv.com

By Lesley Rousso

Last night was an exciting one for Andy Cohen, his guest on Watch What Happens Live was none other than….Oprah Winfrey herself.  I have to admit, I was nervous for my beloved Andy.  We’ve seen him gush before when Meryl and Cher were on. I wanted him to nail this one, given his past experience with Ms. O.  Read Most Talkative if you’re not sure what I mean.

Now, I know I am partial to Andy, but I have to say, Andy, you did good.  It’s your show and you kept a firm grasp on it.  The queen of talk did not take over.  Nor did she try to.  I think as a talk show host, she knew how to play along.  Oprah was a fantastic sport.

The show started out of course with cocktails, Oprah having a vodka and soda and Andy drinking his signature Fresquila.  That’s a Fresca and tequila, in case you’re not familiar with it.  Andy told Oprah that he watched the whole twenty-five years of her show,  thought it was the best produced show, etc.  A little warranted ass kissing, I’m sure we’d all do the same.  Love her or hate her, it’s Oprah Winfrey.  The bartender of the night was Adam Glassman, creative director for O magazine. Obviously Oprah was there to promote The Butler, the new film she co-stars in.  Andy of course made a game of it, having her read a line from the film, while fake slapping him.  Oprah is many things, but I think I enjoy her most in the acting capacity.  She’s really talented.


When it was time to Plead the Fifth, Andy didn’t disappoint with his questions. Oprah told Andy when she last “smoked weed”.  Andy responded that was way too long and they should hang out after the show.  (Hey Andy, when you and Lydia‘s mom hang out, can I tag along?) The second question was about The Legends Ball, and if she regretted inviting anyone, to which she said no. Oprah pled the fifth to the final question, “Name a politician who’s intellect was unimpressive.”

Caller questions of the night included, “What has been your ‘aha’ moment?”; (Last year when her OWN network was fledgling and she had to use the same advice she had given to others on herself), and a question I don’t think she enjoyed too much from a facebooker, “Have you ever swam in the lady pond?” Her answer was an irritated, “No.”

The Mazel of the day was a montage of Oprah’s evolving hairstyles.  It was cute.  Andy did not designate a jackhole of the day in honor of Oprah and her positive attitude.   During the breaks we were subject to lots of The Butler spots and a promo for Oprah interviewing Lindsay Lohan, which airs Sunday night at nine on OWN.  I will be watching and maybe live tweeting!

All in all, Oprah is a class act. I think she had a lot of fun with my Andy.  Andy in turn, kept his cool, conducted a great interview and didn’t get overly silly with her. Good one, Cohen.

WWHL is now on vacay until September 8th.

About mommyrou

I am a Miami raised wife and mom of three. Actually six if you count my 3 dogs. I have always been a TV junkie and I'm not embarrassed to admit it!

4 thoughts on “WWHL:The Oprahcalypse

  1. Great synopsis.

    What’s wrong with Andy gushing? I think that Andy’s balls out enthusiasm is charming and real. It also gives a non professional public access flair that sets WWHL apart.

    But I quibble.

    Good job.

  2. I found the #wwhl Oprah interview kinda boring (including the aftershow). Andy seemed sooo excited, which got me excited. But, the Oprah interview was a big let down. When Andy offered her some ‘Mazel’ swag, she didn’t even know what it was. I was sooo looking forward to the show, but ended up being disappointed. She was not a fun guest. She doesn’t even know what twerking is…

    • I noticed the Mazel part too. I wasn’t sure if she even knew what Mazel meant! I found it annoying but obviously she doesn’t watch the show. He should’ve asked her what she thought of the housewives franchise, I was curious about that. Oh well!

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