Bethenny Back in Bergen County

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On Wednesday August 14, Bethenny Frankel fans lined up early outside of Bookends on Ridgewood Avenue. The small shop is known for bringing in big stars; (we recently saw Wendy Williams there and Billy Crystal will be there signing his book in a few weeks). It’s a shop that has become my personal go to for celeb signings ever since my very first trip to meet Frankel for the first time in 2011.

Let me be honest here,  I don’t often get starstruck,  but a Bethenny sighting is a whole other animal for me.  I’m often asked who my favorite Housewife is and the answer would be this former Housewife, a woman who has taken that platform and ran so far away from it that we often forget she was a Housewife. You see, it was Bethenny and her message of self empowerment and coming from A Place of Yes, that was the entire catalyst for this website and everything that has resulted from it. If the aliens landed in my yard and said ,”Take me to your leader,” it’s to Bethenny Frankel we would go.

Why am I so drunk on the Bethenny Kool Aid? It’s quite simple. I spent many years trying to squash what some would consider a larger than average personality. Holding my tongue for fear of embarrassing myself, or my husband, with my often inappropriate jokes and strong opinions. Bethenny was the first person who made it not only okay, but cool to over share and say the “wrong” thing. She’s the self-professed Queen of TMI. Finally, somebody like me that I could look up to. I was able to let go a little bit and be more myself regardless of what others, including my husband, thought.

On this very night I had an opportunity to tell her this. To thank her for motivating me to go after my dreams by being myself and being honest with myself about what I really wanted out of life. I also had a chance to tell her that, though I landed a job interview with her long awaited talk show, I didn’t get it. Landing that interview I felt was a success itself, like Queen B says “All roads lead to Rome.”

I arrived early and was one of the first 10 fans in line.  I had my speech rehearsed and I spent the 2 hour waiting period reading her new book Skinnygirl Solutions and chatting with other people in line. Frankel arrived a little before 7pm rolling the window of the SUV down and calling to us all. Her assistant Jackie (Lagratta) was outside snapping photos and a rep from the show named Christie was enthusiastically greeting everybody and writing down all of our stories and contact info since we were “local” to the show.

Prior to the signing Bethenny came out and took a group photo with everybody. I heard  a rumor it’s to appear in US Weekly (if anyone sees it please let me know). Then it was time to head inside. I tried to keep my nerves calm as I went over the few points I wanted to make in the thirty seconds I’d have her ear. She was as warm and friendly to each person she greeted as she was two years ago.

When it was my turn to step up I lead in with that first meeting two years ago but she quickly interrupted, “You look very familiar,” she said. “I’m TheBravoBlonde on Twitter,” was about the only thing I could think to say. “Oh my god!” she exclaimed excitedly. I quickly told her that her book encouraged me, that I’m working on launching a foundation, and that I interviewed with her exec producers but didn’t get the job. “You’ll get a better job,” she told me. (I believe this as I think at the time all they had left was PA work.)

I left really excited. Bethenny, my biggest inspiration, recognized me. That was,  as cheesy as it may sound, enough validation to carry me a bit further on my journey. I’ve since been reading Skinnygirl Solutions, though with my hectic schedule it’s a very slow process. The book so far holds my interest. I can clearly hear Bethenny’s voice come through the text. Of course it is peppered with plugs for her products, and Starbucks (either she loves them as much as I do or they gave her a nice endorsement deal). Regardless, I’m enjoying the latest addition to my growing Bethenny book collection. I’ll be heading to see the September 5th taping of her new talk show thanks to a reader who invited me.

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The same night as Bethenny’s signing Teresa Giudice, on the tail of a court appearance, was signing her latest cookbook Fabulicious! On The Grill at Kim D’s Wayne, NJ Posche Boutique. Our affiliate the Derek Z Show was there to get the story. Have a peek below!


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