Battle of the Housewives: Bethenny -vs- Teresa

Earlier this month two of the biggest names in Real Housewife history held simultaneous events a hop, skip, and a jump from one another. Both liquor brand bosses and NY Times Best Sellers with brand new books out, we thought about how similar these two power women are. Despite the parallels, however, they don’t get along well in the press. Jaime Page takes a closer look:

In the world of the Real Housewives, feuds don’t just exist among co-stars. In recent years, catty remarks have crossed state lines, and stars of the different franchises have taken shots at each other. Much to my dismay, two of my personal favorite housewives, Bethenny Frankel and Teresa Giudice have made disparaging remarks about each other’s businesses and personal lives. Why do we think this happens? Is it because the Housewives franchise, in general, puts pressure on these ladies to compete against each other? Is it just the ladies exhibiting their outspoken and opinionated nature that got them cast on the show in the first place? Perusing some of the ladies’ Bravo blogs and Watch What Happens Live episodes, I’ve highlighted some of the most interesting comments that tell the tale of the evolution of the word feud. Let’s take a look at some the less- than –flattering comments these two culinary entrepreneurs have made against each other.

Skinny Or Fabulous: Drinking and Griping

Both of these Housewives have left their mark on the culinary world; Frankel, with her reported $120 million dollar baby, SkinnyGirl Cocktails and Giudice with her champagne and fruit fusion, the Fabellini. Similar in the avenue of the drinks being touted as low-calorie, both the SkinnyGirl and Fabellini brands have been a source for snarky commentary on both sides:

During a wine tasting for her own line, Fabellini, Giudice commented, “My thing is I don’t like anything that tastes diet-y. For instance, Skinnygirl tastes diet-y. I don’t like that.” (Source: Real Housewives of New Jersey,Season 4, Episode 13: Sit Down and Man Up).

What did Bethenny have to say about the launch of Teresa’s Fabellini? She weighed in on the February 21, 2012 on Watch What Happens Live, when she played Plead the Fifth with Andy Cohen. When asked about Fabellini, this is what Frankel had to say:

“Imitation is the most ineffective form of flattery.” (Source:

Wow! Write What You Really Mean – Using Bravo Blogs As A Weapon

Bethenny became familiar with the table flipping maven by writing a blog for Bravo chronicling her thoughts on the Real Housewives of New Jersey’s freshman season. Although her initial comments were not completely negative, her attitude toward Teresa began to sour with each new episode. Bethenny’s first impression of Teresa was radically different from her current view:

“Teresa is cute and sweet, and like Jacqueline (Laurita) (minus the huge rack) she’s everyone’s friend.” ( Source:

Bethenny, breaking down her view of Teresa in a latter episode:

“Teresa: Ignorance is bliss. She is a sweet, happy, ditzy brunette with 3 pageant children who already have a massive penchant for shopping……Sweet girl though. She seems truly happy.” (Source: )

Several episodes in, we can plainly see Bethenny’s attitude toward Teresa going south. This is Frankel’s commentary after watching the episode in which Joe Giudice made gay slurs toward a dance instructor during a salsa lesson.

“I’d rather date that 26-year-old sleazy troll boyfriend of Danielle‘s (Staub)than Teresa’s ignorant, uneducated gay-bashing husband. Now he is going to put a hit out on me.” (Source: ) .

I can see that being a comment that would make Teresa see red. Giudice seems to be a person who can take criticism about herself and let it roll off her back(minus a specific table flipping incident); however, negative comments and actions about her family bring out her fiery side.

And, of course, Bethenny commented on the season one finale, which featured the ‘table flip heard ’round the world’.

“Let’s talk about being sore from constant sex and how your husband is never not on top of you (even if you have stitches and are still under anesthesia), but we really shouldn’t discuss some antique scandalous book (the contents of which Danielle’s children already know) in front of the children. Huh? Teresa, in her hot dress with her nice new rack, really outdid herself here. The entire Housewives franchise loves to speak of class and lack thereof, and well this performance just speaks for itself. How proud her family must be.” (Source: ).

Soon after her first season of RHONJ aired, Teresa was put in the control seat and was chosen to blog about a season of RHONY. As you will see in the following excerpts, Giudice was able to make her jabs back at Bethenny and pretty much established herself as a charter member of ‘Team Jill (Zarin).

“Finally, the comments about me bashing Bethenny … please. In my last blog, I said she “exhausted me,” that we’d make a funny team, and then complimented her dress and her hair. That’s bashing?….I’ve said that I liked her a lot in the first season, and that I think she’s changed this season…People change. They get successful and change. They get unsuccessful and change. We’ll see where she ends up (hopefully it’s in a good place because she needs to be a good mommy to that little baby!) It’s still early in the season…”

Teresa mentions that she was a Bethenny fan during the first season, but she felt success had changed Bethenny. Could that be true? Or was the change of heart related to the scathing comments Bethenny put in her RHONJ blog about the Giudices?

“I was happy to see Jason (Hoppy) promise Bethenny a “commitment” before they moved in together … although she already looked pregnant sitting on the couch. Hmm…”

Um, OUCH! Teresa has a penchant for making low brow remarks (I’m thinking of the previous reunion where she commented on Caroline’s (Manzo) “Blubber, blubber, blubber”. It is possible that Teresa really felt the quintessential SkinnyGirl was preggo before Jason mentioned a commitment or proposal (Gasp! Really? How scandalous! Insert eye roll here.)? Or could that scene have been shot out of sequence, but edited to fit into the story line?

Through the cutting remarks in this blog, here was one shimmer of common ground between the ladies:

“The one thing I could relate to with Bethenny though, was when she explained that at the fashion show she felt like “a caged animal.” Housewives is real, yes. We say what we’re thinking at the time…..You have no idea how hard it is to be trapped in a close situation with someone you can’t stand… You’re stuck, and sometimes you blow…” (Source: ).

“I am being asked by Bravo for my opinion of the episode though, and Bethenny’s naked shoot was a big part of that, so hear goes. What did I think? I thought it was nasty that she hiked up her robe by the bush in front of everyone.” (Source:,1 ).

In this particular blog, in my opinion, it seems like Giudice is striking back at Bethenny for her own personal blog on the RHONJ season one finale(See above). Bethenny mentioned Teresa’s dinner table discussion of sex, her new boobies and how classless the whole display was. This blog from Teresa regarding Bethenny’s PETA shoot echoes those sentiments (Tit for Tat? Bush for Bush?).

Getting Personal

Try as they may, the Housewives try to keep their private lives quiet when the cameras aren’t rolling. In recent months, Bethenny and husband have separated and are going through a messy divorce. In the meantime, Teresa and her husband have been under raised public scrutiny after being indicted for 39 counts of fraud. When asked about the Giudices’ predicament, Bethenny stated:

“Do I feel sorry for them? No, I don’t. Not so much, because it broke the law. You broke the law and you went on television. That’s not really that smart,” Frankel said. “I feel badly for them because they have kids, and their kids didn’t sign up for this,” Frankel stated. (Source:

While it has yet to be seen if Teresa has made a statement on Bethenny’s split, this comment exposes common ground these two ladies share: being mothers to little girls. In addition to that, both women have built their empires from scratch (both in the culinary field) and are NY Times best-selling authors. Their down to earth attitudes, low BS tolerance and comedic commentary have attracted extremely dedicated fans. As much as these two may not be exactly alike, or see eye to eye on certain topics, they absolutely do have a good amount of commonalities. I, for one, would love to see these two ladies getting along, and perhaps, working together on a future project. Well, a girl can dream, can’t she?

Ok, readers. Here’s your homework: Leave your comments on the Bethenny/Teresa snipe fest. Who’s side are you on and why? Also, don’t forget to vote in our poll for your favorite housewife – Bethenny or Teresa?

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8 thoughts on “Battle of the Housewives: Bethenny -vs- Teresa

  1. This was a hard vote, I enjoy watching Bethenny and Teresa. I cant pick a favorite, they both bring so much drama to the “table”. My gulity pleasure is watching them stir the pot to cause drama. That being said Bethenny is no longer a houswife and poor Teresa needs her fans support to get through what we all know, but hate to admit is eventually going to happen. When going thru what she is eventhough its her own fault, depression and suicidal rates triple. I worry for her mental state during these times. Therefore I voted for Teresa.

  2. Bethenny has been a culinary expert for years. She has all her own recipes. Though I do like Teresa she really is not a culinary expert due to the fact all her recipes are from her mother. These are not “her recipes”. As far as Teresa’s Fabelini I have not tried it as of yet, so when the time comes and I spot it out here in California I am sure to try it!

    • You know what… all of my recipes are from my mother and grandmother too… they taught me to cook.. they were fabulous cooks, and they taught me everything about how to season food… does that mean I don’t cook? please. Have you ever read one of Bethany’s recipes, and tried to cook them? they taste like cardboard. they have absolutely no flavor… at all! bland bland bland… nobody eats like that in real life! Just like Skinnygirl drinks, they have no flavor .. except sacherine! artificial sweeteners, and artificial flavors.. that’s why they were taken out of Whole Foods. I’m sorry but Bethany was on Celeb apprentice, not top chef! .. she’s never actually shared her credentials .. shes says she went to culinary school, but she’s never actually said which one or when, so nobody has actually checked. Honestly, Teresa’s recepes have come down from generation to generation through her family, until she learned to cook as well… that’s much more interesting than something created in a lab, designed to look good but who cares what it tastes like… sorry Teresa wins hands down.

  3. The problem with quoting Tre’s blogs or anything written is that it’s Heather not her. Teresa can’t put two sentences together to save her life.

    • FACT CHECK!! Heather has stated many times on twitter, and in blogs, that she does not edit Teresa’s blogs… and was only involved in editing and organizing her thoughts for her books… as all writers have them… it’s called an editor, and many, if not most celebrities that write books have a co-writer…The content comes from the celebrity, but the organization and actual sitting at the computer writing comes from the cowriter. She’s never once tried to hide that fact and gives her full credit right there on the cover of the book. Still want to try to make an issue of that? If you’re going to insult someone, at least get the facts right or you just look like you have an agenda with nothing to back it up.

  4. Just saying CKO96, Heather doesn’t write Teresa’s blogs, so unless you have specific fact please share it, other wise. don’t make assumptions. Donna Dameron Bethenny has been an expert in the culinary world for how long? Since when? And how many of Bethenny’s recipes are hers and not reworked for the skinny girl book? Anyway I am Team Teresa because I think how Bethenny treats people she no longer needs in life is disgusting.

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