RHOM Season 3 Ep 3 Booby-Trapped

Lisa, Lea, and Joanna escape from the other women. Credit: Bravotv.com

Lisa, Lea, and Joanna escape from the other women. Credit: Bravotv.com

By Lesley Rousso

Episode three picks up where we left off, with Adriana and Lea still arguing in the rain.  Adri’s umbrella was clearly injured during the fight, as we see it lying in the driveway.  Adri tells Lea that she resents her and that Lea turned on her.  Lea fires back that Adri should have defended her with Ana.  I agree with Lea here and I guess Adri does too, as she apologizes and says she regrets not doing so.  As they show the scene from the reunion, it’s true Ana was vicious toward Lea.  Adri says that Marysol & Alexia have been saying that Lea is talking behind her back, all over town.  Lea’s response is that Adri took the bait, they wanted to turn the two against each other and succeeded.  Adri tells Lea that she didn’t have her back with Joanna. To which Lea responds, that she did not agree with Adri slapping her.  (It looked more like a punch from our point of view.)  Adri says that Lea collects people and she’s bascially old news now that she’s BFFs with Joanna.  Lea asks her why she’s so jealous of Joanna, Adri says she’s not jealous. Lea’s not buying that and neither am I.  Adri is very hurt and it wouldn’t be normal for her not to be a little envious of the new found friendship.  Adri leaves in a huff, telling Lea she can never win with her.  It’s now beautiful outside.  That’s Miami weather for you.

Joanna and Romain arrive at the Sony Open in Key Biscayne to watch Maria Sharapova play.  All the moaning apparently reminds Joanna of sex, which she claims they never have.  Romain tries to change the subject, telling her she’s talking too much.  She kind of is, it is a tennis tournament.  You’re supposed to be fairly quiet when the ball is in play.  Joanna keeps on keeping on though and Romain tells her she needs to spice it up, to “wake up and change the sauce” and that “everything gets old and boring”.  Horrified, Joanna suggests that they see a professional.  No, not a hooker, a sex therapist.  Get your minds out of the gutter.

Frederic comes home and find Adri sulking on the couch. She fills him in on the fight with Lea and breaks down in tears.  Frederic angrily tells Adri, “She’s not worthy of us, you think I’m scared of Lea Black? I’m going to text her “Watch out Lea Black when you see Frederic Marq”  Okay…I’m quite sure Lea was quaking in her Louboutins when that text came in.

Alexia hangs out in the kitchen with Frankie and Peter.  Wow, Peter used to be so handsome and still probably is under his mullet-like hair.  I’m sure Alexia cringes at this.  Alexia basically tells us that Peter is a bit of a deadbeat.  He lives at home, and sleeps all hours.  After trying modeling and photography, he’s now focusing on his music.  I’ll use the term music loosely.  Alexia however thinks that music will be his career and has built him a studio.  The song he wrote for Frankie includes the lyrics “I get high as f*ck” and “I give it to her real hard”.  Alexia is adorable though as she nods and smiles at Frankie as he’s singing.  She has a full plate and is making the best of it.  It can’t be easy for her.

Lisa and Lenny lounge in their bathroom as Lisa calls Lea and plans a girls night.  She tells her it’ll only be the two of them and Joanna.  Lenny brings Lisa some wine as she perfoms her thirty minute before bed facial routine.  Lenny’s complaining he’s tired and they get in bed. Lisa can’t sleep. I don’t understand how she again has a face full of makeup, after just watching her take it off.  Bravo magic I guess.  Meanwhile the two discuss hiring a surrogate, which upsets Lisa who wants so badly to be pregnant herself.  It’ll happen one way or the other Lisa, fingers crossed for you!

Back at Alexia’s bayfront home, she sits outside with her mother, Nancy, and talks about the problems she’s having with Peter.  Nancy is a psychiatrist remember, so she is trying to help Alexia with him.  Alexia tells her that Peter has a new tattoo which reads “Alexia”.  This amuses Nancy a little.  Alexia reveals to us that the boys real father, Peter Rosello has served time for drug trafficking and says that Peter relates to his real father.  Nancy suggests that Peter needs a job.  Good thinking Nance!  I could’ve told you that one.

Over at Adri’s house, also waterfront, Marysol comes over for drinks.  Marysol meanwhile has a sleeveless dress on, and Adri is wearing a coat.  Maybe it was one of our cold days (68 degrees).  They discuss Mama Elsa and Marysol gives Adri Elsa’s wedding mantilla, a prayer shawl for the wedding.  Adri tells us that she feels closer to Marysol now that she’s joined the victims of Lea club.  Marysol asks if Adri is inviting Lea to the wedding.  Adri says that she doesn’t want someone there who doesn’t wish her well.

Alexia and Lea meet up for lunch and the two discuss the fight she had with Adri.  Lea says that Adri went from “an underdog to an attack dog”.  Alexia confronts Lea about what she heard Lea was saying about her son Peter.  Lea says that’s not true and that she’s always defended Alexia.  She doesn’t think however that Alexia has ever defended her.  Alexia tells Lea that if it were something she agreed with she would and that she’s not afraid of Lea.  Alexia tells us that her and Lea have been friends for years and she wants to trust her.  (She cannot though because Lea always ends up turning on people.)

Lea, Lisa and Joanna arrive for dinner at Baoli.  Lea’s flower on her shirt is so gigantic, it arrives ten minutes before.  The three idly chitchat and Adri, Alexia and Marysol walk in.  Marysol asks “Who invited the grim reaper?”  Lisa has pulled a fast one, inviting them all.  Drama ensues and Lea storms out, but not before kissing Adri hello, being the bigger person. Lisa explains that she’s only trying to bring everyone together.  It’s very uncomfortable.  Lisa tries to no avail.  Then Joanna whips out a print out of the court document proving Adri actually is married.  Jesus, we are still on this?  Who cares anymore??  The episode ends with Lea crying that she would never intentionally leak a story about any of her friends to the press.

Next week, Lisa confronts Adri with the paperwork, Marysol visits a Tarot card reader and Frederic , Adri and Romain fight.  Stay tuned…

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