Making the Rounds…In New Jersey

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imageSummer is over, but Bravo’s longtime biggest summer sensation is still going strong! In fact, the reunion of The Real Housewives of New Jersey filmed yesterday as confirmed by Jacqueline Laurita who tweeted , “Of course the reunion had some drama. It wouldn’t be the RHONJ reunion w/out drama! But…it was deep and good!”

When I saw Jacqueline and her co star Melissa Gorga  last week neither one of them mentioned the reunion coming. The women were at Portobello in Oakland, NJ to help launch the new dermal filler Artefill. Melissa and I ate a light lunch of fruit and cheese over which we discussed another filler Botox, something she really hasn’t tried…nor have I. We also chatted about her three adorable children who were getting ready for the new school year.

Jacqueline, who recently shared her plastic surgery experience on the show, looked svelte in skinny jeans. “She has the skinniest legs,” Melissa said while they were taking pictures together. Just recovered from a tummy tuck myself I had to ask Jacqueline about those jeans she wore home from her LA trip to Dr. Brent Moelleken, who happens to be the husband of journalist Dayna Devon. “They were jeggings,” she told me. For those of you who don’t know that flight home was just days after Jac’s surgery, had those been actual jeans she’d had been in some serious pain.

Absent from the event was Caroline Manzo who mentioned the reunion last month when I spoke to her at The Browstone. That night she was in good company, surrounded by her husband, Al and three children, Albie, Chris, and Lauren. Always together, especially in lots of scenes on the show, rumors have circulated about a Manzo spinoff. We asked unofficial family spokesman Albie about the possibility. Check out our exclusive interview below!


4 thoughts on “Making the Rounds…In New Jersey

  1. Nice interview Tara. You always do a good job. I, for one, just would never watch their show. I don’t think they’re interesting enough. No disrespect to you or the Manzo’s. I just think their time on reality TV is over,

  2. I would watch it-the Manzos and Lauritas always have a lot going on and they are positive, but like Albie pointed out they fight and honestly. Lots of extended family to meet!

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