RHONJ Season 5 Episode 18: AKA “Salon Farewell” The Nightmare Before East Part 2

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Bravo calls it Salon Farewell. I call it The Nightmare Before Easter. When I introduced you all to my title last week I couldn’t exactly say why. Now that I know what was aired…and more importantly what wasn’t…I hope by the end of this article you will all understand. I hope I can clarify a few things for you, even though I personally will never be able to make sense of what I witnessed that night.

The Posche 2 party occurred on Saturday March 30th which was the eve of Easter 2013. It was an odd night to hold a filmed event, an even odder night for the mayhem that ensued. There was nothing holy about that evening.

As I previously wrote the party started out light and fun. Chris Laurita and Joe Giudice got a little dose of metrosexual pampering, Jacqueline Laurita had her hair and makeup touched up, Melissa Gorga was in a great mood and socializing. Only one person tipped me off that there might be a problem. Someone loosely affiliated with the show motioned to Penny Drossos and told me she had a “bad feeling” that something would happen simply because Penny was there.

In the background you can see people mingling on TV. You can even see me if you look for my pale face and blonde hair. I stick out like a piece of Wonder Bread in a bakery of whole wheat loaves…I will never be tan enough for New Jersey. It wasn’t until we saw Johnny The Greek walk in looking really pissed off that we knew we were about to see some major drama. At this point my pale white ass got stuck in a sea of spectators. We all turned towards the back of the shop where JTG approached the escalating argument between his wife and the RHONJ cast.

This is when things got ugly and two thirds of my team went running for the hills. JTG’s voice got loud and the last thing I heard was “Ask your f*cking sister.” Then I heard smashing, thrashing, and glass breaking. I was caught between staying put, backing up, or moving closer to get more of the story. I decided to stay put. I couldn’t see what was happening, but I could hear enough to know it was bad. I was jostled back and forth, frontward and backward as the crowd backed up to avoid the debris. Yes I said debris, because my head would never have been able to wrap around what all that crashing and banging was unless my eyes hadn’t seen the aftermath.

While I was being tossed around the Manzo kids burst through the door and into the crowd like superheroes. I later found out they had been dining nearby and came when they received a text from Caroline that there was major trouble. I’m pretty sure that Albie and Chris were strictly there to protect their mom and weren’t involved in the fight. While this was going on Jaime and Brent of TBB had escaped to the sidewalk out front where a group of people on the street gathered. They wanted to know what was going on. When they were told it was a RHONJ filming they started asking Jaime and Brent to take pictures with them, so while I was being tossed like a salad, my staff was getting the star treatment.

As quick as chaos tookover, it suddenly subsided. JTG was escorted out the back door and the crowd began to disperse. Kim D was visibly shaken and screaming at Penny who I was shocked to see didn’t walk out with her bleeding husband. Yes, bleeding, there was blood everywhere. It was splattered on the walls, on the floor, even on some of Kim’s inventory. Speaking of Kim’s inventory I’m sure thousands of dollars of her cuffs and fashions were ruined along with the display cases, which would account for some of the shattering. The rest of the shattering came from two hairwashing basins that were in the area. You know those giant thick porcelain sinks that you lean into at the salon? Well two of those were smashed to pieces.

In my lifetime I had never seen such brutality and I hope never to again. I’ve seen bar fights and people rough eachother up. I’m not THAT sheltered, but this was beyond. After it was over I spoke to a shaken castmember whose name I will not reveal. “Can you believe all this for a show? That this is what our show has become. It’s sad, it’s not worth it anymore.”

However, let’s go back to the finale, because after all this is supposed to be my final season 5 recap. I was pleased to see this season end on a high note. Kudos to Sirens Media for putting the drama first and all the love and light at the end. This was much better than how season 4 ended, and even though it was known the night of March 30th that the party would most likely make the finale show, it wasn’t known just how perfect the finale would end. All the cast at the Giudice’s shore house laughing and eating, it was like the old times, like the last two seasons were some ridiculous Dallasesque bad dream and everybody finally woke up.

So where do they go from here? It feels like there’s nowhere to go really. The conflict was resolved, everyone was happy, in the land of scripted television that would signify the end. There are many rumors about what will and won’t be next season. I more wonder should there even be a next season? What do you all think?

4 thoughts on “RHONJ Season 5 Episode 18: AKA “Salon Farewell” The Nightmare Before East Part 2

  1. Yes it is so sickening at what Bravo will do to create drama! Glad to know that you did not get hurt. I wonder if anyone did besides JTG. You talk about glass breaking and such. YIKES! Season 6 was a total disappointment on many levels. The only time I can actually say we enjoyed watching was anything with Milania and Juicy and Rosie.

    While Caroline seemed to lose the hatred to save face, because of the hatred she and her kids spewed, I personally would not watch anything they put on TV now. If they had all gone to Teresa and apologized because the world knows that Teresa never did a thing to that family.

    Jacqueline came across also as a nicer person who wanted to be friends with Teresa again, but sorry, she yelled out that crap about Juicy cheating with someone at his work. If that’s a disgusting lie she is a POS and if Tre did tell her that it was in confidence, and I personally would not speak to someone like that ever again.

    Kathie is way to passive aggressive and that makes her look phony plus her husband needs some lessons in manners. So sucks too, because I will miss Rosie.

    Sorry to say, but Melissa cannot sing and needs to work with a voice coach for a couple of years. I think it is sad that people encourage her and are not honest. I have been saying for two years, I have a niece who can sing and has been trained. You can google her, Lauren Cupples and I have a cousin who can sing and has not been trained at all, he can be googled also, Davide Durrell. So I know what I am talking about. When the voice coach was having her do the scales, my 6 year old granddaughter and I could do it better. If that is her dream, then do it right for herself not for Bravo. I have not bought her book and would not do so since I have been married for over 22 years, however, the reviews are not good.

    I feel that Teresa has way too many legal issues to deal with at this time and most likely should pull away from this show for now. I also feel that she has too much class for the show and would be better off on her own.

    LOL so yeh, I think they should just be done with RHONJ because no matter what people will always see it as some fake show where stupid producers try to ruin people’s lives. Dina was smart to leave. Danielle was also.

    • I agree. It’s time to put an end to RHONJ. The cast shake up is a season too late. This season was painfully pre-meditated mess of stupid plots. What was this season? Was it a redeemed family trying to put the pieces back together or was it another season of set-ups, false accusations and fights? And it culminated in the stupidest season finale. What was that? They exploded over tweets that no one can prove existed? From a nobody? I just don’t get it, except to say it is clearly made-up drama. No normal person would explode over something so stupid. And then they endanger real people, showing up to an event to see their HWs (like Tara)? It is so dumb, dumb, dumb.

      As for losing Caroline, Jacqueline and Kathy, I get that. But then we’re left with Melissa and Teresa. What other story can they come up with for these two except the stupid bad-rumor-about-Melissa-blame-Teresa crap. These 2 cannot get along if their lives depended on it.

      My final reason for removing RHONJ from my DVR is whatever stupid plots and storylines existed, the show lost the last morsel of credibility when they splice and dice conversations to make it seem like something else. It’s one thing to have the cast carry out an exaggerated, drama-filled plot; it’s a whole other area of despicable to make sh*t up. It’s just not real. So who can watch “Real Housewives” when it’s not real at all in any way shape or form?

  2. Well, first of all, I am glad that you are ok and that your staff ditched the drama! I believe you when you say “bleeding husband.” Jac, who I know you respect, has been tweeting JTG did not get hurt by her. He did get hurt by who? doesn’t matter at this point. Very disappointed in Bravo TV for staging a situation that could escalate into physical violence and destruction of property. Such scenes should be staged and paid for by Bravo. Feel bad for Moxie. And you don’t look too pale! PJ

  3. Time to stop trying to ride any RHONJ coat tails, or any BS about them. It is over, unpleasant, phony,dried up and dead. Future seasons will never be loveable people and events we wished we were there. It is over, done, dead. Move on. Read about positive people.
    By now, you should be planning your charitable events, have you learned anything? Forget the mic in face of illiterate dips asking for a word other than about their free dress and hair.

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