imageBy Lesley Rousso

Wednesday September 4th, I was waiting at the deli in Publix, which is such a joy to begin with, when my phone dinged with a Twitter notification. I looked to see that I had a direct message from @BravotTV ! “Congrats Lesley! You have been selected as the next @TheBravoholic” it read. I actually gasped so audibly that everyone turned to look. I still had my entire shopping to do and I’m sure I looked like a crazy person as I was smiling ear to ear like a lunatic. After I called my husband and I texted my friends, I emailed Bravo and accepted. We exchanged some emails and they scheduled a call with me for Friday afternoon. We talked, they filled me in on what I needed to do, I signed a release that stated the contest rules, and I was set to start Monday at noon.

I got busy thinking about things I would tweet during the day and started downloading pictures and making notes. When Monday came I hit the ground running. I learned quickly who many of the former @TheBravoholics were and started exchanging tweets with them and everyone else. That first night was not exactly what I expected. Honestly I have no idea what I was expecting, but that first night was overwhelming to say the very least, and this coming from someone who is a professional multitasker. The first show I live tweeted was Tamra’s OC Wedding to which I mistakenly tweeted to the wrong hashtag. It WAS the previous week’s tag so I cannot be held accountable, rule number one of being @TheBravoholic, double check because things change! The new hashtag wasn’t my only surprise, I didn’t realize that my phone would be going off every 2 seconds for the next week. I tried to live tweet while feeding my husband and kids, and while doing homework. It was pure chaos. I got smart the next night. I grabbed my wine, headed upstairs, and locked my bedroom door which I would only open during commercials. I figured out a system and the rest of the week went really well, I think.

You’d think the time commitment would be my major dilemma, however one of the hardest parts of this job is being totally diplomatic. I usually just tweet whatever comes to mind about the Real Housewives, Million Dollar Listers ( I’m looking at you Josh Altman ) and the others. It’s not always complimentary. When you are representing the network they appear on though, you have be a little nicer. I would tweet questions and let others give the answers that I may normally give. I have to admit that it was nice to be free of the chains of diplomacy when my stint was up. I also got to have my question asked on WWHL by my one and only Andy. The guests for that night were Andrew Dice Clay and Kathy Wakile. I asked Kathy if she ever smokes anything else out of the Hookah. I asked this because I thought Andy would like it and Kathy is boring and I had nothing to ask her. Of course she said “No.” Buzzkill.

I had so much fun and would totally do it again. Too bad it’s not a paid job! I loved tweeting with all my fellow Bravoholics who understand my crazy obsession with all things Andy Cohen and Bravo TV. In real life people who get that as well as I do are few and far between! I thought that it was pretty cool to be chosen as one of like 34 who get to do this. At least I now have more followers than people I’m following. Meanwhile, I’m waiting for my swag bag. I’m pretty sure it’s Mazel glasses (shot and sun) and some coasters? Sounds like Turtle Time. Hopefully I’ll get it soon. Stay tuned…


About mommyrou

I am a Miami raised wife and mom of three. Actually six if you count my 3 dogs. I have always been a TV junkie and I'm not embarrassed to admit it!

8 thoughts on “@TheBravoholic

  1. Everyone wants to be a Bravoholic. I think it is a lot of hard work. Kudos to all past holics. If they asked me, I’d turn it down & suggest @thebravoblonde instead! 🙂 #bloop

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  3. I think you were the first @thebravoholic I followed.. not sure but I think, hooked ever since! love the idea.. I wonder if other networks do something similiar?
    thanks for sharing your experience

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