"Children get older and I'm getting older too..." Fleetwood Mac's lyrics often pop into my head as I watch my children grow, another inevitable change.

“Children get older and I’m getting older too…” Fleetwood Mac’s lyrics often pop into my head as I watch my children grow, another inevitable change.

As I was driving to pick up my sons today I couldn’t help but notice the magnificent fall foliage. It sounds so cliche to marvel at this, I know, but every year there is that one moment in October when I notice it, one day green; the next day gold, red, orange, as if it happened overnight. The reality is that it happened more gradually, but I, like all of you, was probably too busy surviving the struggle that is day to day modern life to notice it. However, today, it caught my eye and there it was, the yearly reminder of change.

With that the concept of change began flooding my mind. A year ago this time I was fretting because the boys wouldn’t talk, now I can’t get them to be quiet. A year ago this time I had a friend living with me because she had no where to go, now she’s just somebody that I used to know. A year ago I was just beginning this journey as a blogger; and I HATED the term blogger, now I’ve settled into a rhythm and have become a bit more relaxed and semantics schemantics…call me whatever you wish, so long as you all continue to read.

Change is inevitable. We are all evolving whether we acknowledge it or not. Hopefully we are all evolving into the person we always hoped to become. I’m not talking about striving to revamp your life, but about the natural progression of life that, even the biggest creatures of habit, cannot avoid.

With recent cast shake ups across the Housewife franchises, including Caroline Manzo’s recent announcement that she is done with RHONJ, I have been thinking about the evolution of reality television. Did the original producers of  MTV’s The Real World ever imagine that what they sparked in the early nineties would look like the Reality shows of today? Do all the cast shakeups mean the current state of the genre is phasing out? Certainly nobody can deny  the reignited interest in scripted shows like Scandal, and Revenge. Even the sitcom seems to be coming back this season on the heels of the success of Modern Family.

What about the things that don’t change? Though what we watch on TV may rise and fall with the tide of popular culture, the fact that we watch TV will most likely never change. And though some may be moving onto other projects, women like Caroline will always be remembered as Housewives.

I started thinking about our site. What needs to change and what will be constant? I will always be a writer. I will always feel the need to string words into a product. I will always want an audience for my writing…whether it be because I don’t want my writing to be done in vain or because maybe simply I’m a narcissist (I know that running a blog in some way is narcissistic, or at least several articles on Facebook have convinced me of that). But will TBBReality  be able to survive if Reality TV doesn’t?

I honestly didn’t think it could, at least as it is. And so I reluctantly realized it was time to shake things up again, just like they are doing on the Housewives. In this little corner I shall call TBBDiary I will share a weekly tidbit of, for lack of a better term, Mommy Blogging. Perhaps to make you laugh, or share some wisdom (because Facebook tells me I’m a narcissist) ,or because one thing that I know will always be a constant is that I will always be me and always be a mom, or simply perhaps because it’s cheaper than therapy.

At the end of the day (Gawd I hate that phrase) this is supposed to be reality, and my reality, along with Brent’s and Lesley’s, is more than just going to events and talking to Bravolebrities. Our lives are just like yours…messy, complicated, frustrating and funny all at the same time. So let us, the real us entertain you.

PS: Don’t ever let a friend live in your house!

Regards and hugs,


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3 thoughts on “Ch-Ch-Changes

  1. I love your blog. I found your name on twitter. My twitter name is Coach Sunshine. I am also a blogger. I have written 904 consecutive blogs just to see if I can think of a story every day. So far I have over 33,000 reads and am still amazed that more than 1 person is interested. You asked about constants and changes. My soul is constant because it is always filled with love and caring. The way I share it, is changing since the internet has such a broad scope. I manage a psychiatric center and am a life coach. Remaining the same never serves a purpose. Changing to help others, makes the constant good in you, stronger.

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  3. I guess your live-in friend is gone and doesn’t read your blog? I had a friend living with me for about 2-3 months while he was between apartments. Luckily, his room was in my basement w/separate entrance. And even better, he was quite the handyman and did many repairs and upgrades around the house while he was here…

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