RHOM Episode 10: ”Brazilian Bridezilla”

"Here Come the Bride" or the theme to "Psycho"? Credit: Bravotv.com

“Here Come the Bride” or the theme to “Psycho”?
Credit: Bravotv.com

It’s 24 hours before Adriana’s wedding and Frederic is giving her a B12 shot.  She has a laundry list of things to do that apparently she waited until the last minute for; waxing, mani/pedi, and airport runs.  Maybe the day before is not the optimal time to get everything done.

Alexia, Lea, Lisa and Joanna meet at the beach, with Lea sporting another turban. They discuss what happened at Alexia’s party with Marysol.  Lea claims Marysol has a pattern of trying to get attention and twisting events around.  The other three then drag  Lea to the water who is protesting that she doesn’t want to be in the sun or get wet.  The beach may not be the best place for you Lea, just a thought.

Adri arrives at the Biltmore Hotel on the wedding day.  She checks into what I think is the Al Capone suite, while explaining that her only family members that will attend are her sister and niece.  She feels sad that Lea won’t be there, but it is what it is.

Over at Lea’s, Joanna stops by, to make sure she’s okay.  Lea says it’s awkward that she wasn’t invited especially since a friend called her to ask what she was wearing and she had to explain that she wasn’t invited.  She says she misses Adriana but she just doesn’t think the friendship could ever be the same.

Meanwhile back at the hotel, it’s two hours until ceremony time and Marysol and Alexia get ready.  Adriana however, hasn’t even showered yet.  Lisa arrives and says her plan is to be fake with Marysol, because today is not the time or place to hash things out.  Marysol is all, “pour a cocky and get over yourself “.  Frederic comes in looking for his clothes and Adriana comes out of the bathroom in a facial mask doing her best Michael Myers (Halloween) impression.  Seriously, it is frightening.  I’m thinking Adri is a of a pain in the ass, she’s very lucky to have someone as nice as Frederic is to her.

Now fifty minutes until the wedding is supposed to begin, Adri is “feeling faint” and is lying in the bed still in her mask.  She has wet hair and no make-up.  You do the math.  The girls are clearly irritated and rightly so.  This bullshit continues until she finally pulls herself together, and walks across the street to the church.  She does look gorgeous, I’ll give her that.  Time of arrival at the church is 7:25, a full hour and twenty-five minutes late.  Rude, rude rude!  The bridesmaids walk down the aisle, all looking very pretty.  The bride steps in, on the arm of her son Alex, and what turns out to be a lovely ceremony commences.

Post ceremony, the crew heads back to the Biltmore and people are doing their costume changes all over the place; in cars, the hotel store fitting rooms, everywhere.  The reception is set to begin at 9, the current time is 9:01. There is one extremely long table, with beautiful centerpieces of hydrangeas and roses, along with candles and flanked with silver chivari chairs. Gorgeous!

Back upstairs, Lisa and Marysol discuss what happened with Lea and they argue again.  By this time it’s 10:35 and Adri is STILL upstairs.  Everyone looks pissed.  Frederic comes up and tells Adri that people are leaving and she’s pretty much like oh well, that’s their problem.  Alexia tells us that being late is a Latin thing and she gets it.  Personally, I just think it’s a rude thing, no matter your culture.  Lisa comes down at 10:45 and Lenny tells her he’s outta there.  Well seriously, who could blame him?  Lisa protests and he tells her that this is not normal that she’s so late.  They fight at the table.  At 10:55 Adriana strolls in with Frederic to opera singers.  Lenny actually gets up and leaves.  Lisa ends up following him and after arguing, convinces him to stay.

Back inside, dinner is finally served and everyone seems happy now.  Marysol tells us that the torture was worth the beautiful day.  The episode ends with everyone dancing and having fun.

Up next, Marysol is very upset over Mama Elsa, and Lisa travels to Texas with Lea and meets her family.

What do you think of Adriana’s wedding day behavior? Share your thoughts and you could win our October giveaway! Details here!


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2 thoughts on “RHOM Episode 10: ”Brazilian Bridezilla”

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  2. The lateness was very rude. But, I find it even worse that people had to change after the ceremony. If she thought this outfit change was a good idea, she should have at least booked a bunch of hotel rooms for the guests to change in, instead of having people to change clothing in the parking lot or public bathrooms…

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