Wrap Someone Up This Holiday Season!

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If it’s not obvious, I get some pretty cool stuff for being TBB‘s Editor in Chief. Of all the Housewife Hot Items I’ve been swagged with, however, there are few I use as often as my Wrapadoo. The creation of Cynthia Saito, Wrapadoo is a favorite among the Housewives of Orange County and Miami. Made of a soft fleece outer shell and terry inner lining,  Wrapadoo wicks away moisture from wet hair while comfortably staying in place. No more wrestling with a “towel turban.” And they are so glam that we are sure even Lea Black would approve, after all she is the reigning HW queen of turbans and Wrapadoo has the seal of approval from fancy pants Heather Dubrow. The best part, Wrapadoo keeps soft wash after wash, so feel free to do your makeup with it on!

Saito’s Wrapadoo products were featured on Tamra’s OC Wedding. This month we will giveaway Wrapadoo gift cards to our commenters. Use your card for the original Wrapadoo, or put it towards one of the other products on the Wrapadoo website! All you have to do is keep reading TBB, which we know you do anyway, and tell us how you feel in the comments section! Comments are counted up and then a number is randomly chosen. The more you comment the greater your chance of winning! Not sure what to say? No problem, just tell us below that you “want a Wrapadoo” and we will count that too! Your email is safe and will never be shared or sold. So chat with us and get ready to win and shop Wrapadoo.com this holiday season!

*For more Wrapadoo like them on Facebook and follow them on twitter @Wrapadoo !

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27 thoughts on “Wrap Someone Up This Holiday Season!

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  7. these wrapadoo’s are really sweet! Its nice to see the hair wrap evolve to modern day times! YAY for wrapadoo…and us!

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  15. I want a Wrapadoo sooo bad! I’ve been trying to get one since I’ve seen it on Tamara & Eddies OC Wedding! Please!?!

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  17. I am praying I can win this, but I have the WORSTLUCK in the whole world n surely don’t have money like the RH! THEY THINK they have problems, live my life4a month n you’ll have not a damn :thing 2complain about! I worked 3jobs at1x n messed up my hand n the Dr. Did a worse job on it now I’m missing 1/2″-1″bone missing in my right wrist!Then on top of that found out at age33 I had Rhumitoid(?) Arthritis n 2add2that diagnosed w/Fibromyalgia, n other stuff! So I have no idea why complain n fight about the most stupid things! My friends n I NEVER act like these women! GROW THE HELL UP “LADIES”!Ppl have real problems n no money 2cover Doctor bills n medications they need to function day 2day!I hope I win but I have AWFUL LUCK AT WINNING ANYTHING!

    • Sorry but this contest closed at the end of November. Please look for another TBB giveaway after the holiday season. We are also sad to hear you are so down. A little tip we believe in is to start believing in the power of you! Make your own good luck for 2014! We wish you the best!

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