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Vito and Lauren (Source: Twitter)

Congratulations are due for Lauren Manzo, daughter of The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Caroline Manzo. The 25-year-old owner of Cafface Beauty Bar said ‘yes’ to boyfriend Vito Scalia‘s tearful wedding proposal on Tuesday.

“She’s so happy!” Caroline revealed to TBB Reality’s own Tara Cushing earlier this week.

“I’m so incredibly happy!! I’m in shock,” Lauren told Us Weekly. “I’m so excited to spend the rest of my life with my best friend. Well he was my brothers’ best friend first, but I stole him!”

The couple has yet to pick a date; however, they are hoping to tie the knot in the church at Fordham University, where Scalia went to school.

Vito and Lauren have both been featured on RHONJ but we are not so sure cameras were present to capture this precious moment for Caroline’s new family-centric spin-off, Manzo’d with Children. Reports are that the show already wrapped filming prior to the proposal. However if there’s a season 2 maybe we will see some wedding planning!

(Learn about Lauren’s other recent milestone here!)

Get ready for another season of bloodshed and tears! The fourth season of Vh1’s Mob Wives returns December 5th!

Now titled Mob Wives: New Blood, viewers will witness returning cast members Renee Graziano, Drita D’Avanzo, and Angela “Big Ang” Raiola mingle with newcomers Alicia DiMichele and Natalie Guercio.

Alicia will certainly fit in amongst the cast as she is no stranger to being a prison wife. Her husband, Eddie “Tall Guy” Garofalo, was indicted for racketeering, extortion, and conspiracy to murder. Alicia herself has been indicted and pled guilty to embezzlement. In fact, she is facing a potential prison sentence.

Natalie Guercio is the owner of the Carto Funeral Home—a business known for its mob-related burials in South Philadelphia.

Also returning for a fourth season is Vh1’s Couples Therapy, which will be getting a dose of Real Housewives drama! The season four cast will include The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Taylor Armstrong and her fiancée John Bluher.

Bravo’s head honcho Andy Cohen will be stepping down from his role as Executive Vice President of Original Programming & Development at the cable channel this January. It was announced earlier this week that Andy has launched his own production company, Most Talkative, and has earned a multi-year development deal with Bravo.  

Andy will continue to host Watch What Happens Live! and executively produce all platforms of The Real Housewives franchise as well as host the Housewives reunions and specials.

“‘Watch What Happens Live’ is the show I have dreamt about hosting all my life — it’s the exact extension of my love for pop culture and fun,” Andy said in a statement released by Bravo. “I’m thrilled to launch my production company Most Talkative and to continue my role as EP of the ‘Housewives’ -– I couldn’t imagine leaving behind women that have become a part of my daily life.”

The current season of Watch What Happens Live! has been averaging over 850,000 viewers per episode, and has attracted some big celebrity guests in the past few months including Cher, Lady Gaga and Oprah Winfrey.

Former Real Housewives of New Jersey cast member Dina Manzo is officially returning to the hit series next season; however, production for season six has been postponed.

“They were supposed to film at Dina Manzos event but the production team couldn’t get everything in place in time so they pushed back the first filming date,” a source explained to Radar Online about a Project Ladybug fundraiser that took place on November 11.

The anticipation for season six is high as the production team is rushing to capture all the drama surrounding Teresa and Joe Giudice’s legal troubles, including Joe’s most recent offense of driving carelessly in a school zone.

Joe, who has a long history of driver’s license suspensions, was cited by police last week in Montville, N.J. for careless driving in a school zone, according to a copy of the citation obtained by ABC News.

Joe allegedly swerved into oncoming traffic lanes as a police car approached.

“The officer assumed he was texting,” Montville Township Administrator Victor Canning said. “He didn’t actually see him texting but he assumed that’s what he was doing.”

Juicy Joe is currently awaiting trial for a separate driving incident after allegedly impersonating his brother, Pete Giudice, to illegally obtain a driver’s license after his own was suspended for a DWI.

Added to that, Joe, along with his wife Teresa, was indicted on 39-counts of federal fraud and tax charges this past summer. The couple pled “not guilty” to the charges; however, if convicted Teresa and Joe could each face decades behind bars. Joe even faces being deported to Italy if he is found guilty of just one of the 39 counts in the indictment, prosecutors said — as it emerged recently that he is not a US citizen.

Eeach week I will rummage through the Bravo vault to find vintage photos from the past, revisit a classic moment from one of our favorite shows, or update the status of a past Real Housewives cast-member! Recently, we revisited one of the most infamous moments in Real Housewives history—the Teresa Giudice table-flip!

This week, we will find out what one former Real Housewives of New York City star has been up to since her departure from the series.

Alex McCord and hubby Simon van Kempen were staples on the hit reality television show since its debut in 2008; however, McCord was fired from the show in 2011 during a mass firing which also left former cast members Jill Zarin, Cindy Barshop and Kelly Bensimon with a pink slip.

Since her departure from the series, Alex launched a linen company, Aluxe Home and Hotel Collection, with her husband.  In addition, the couple made the move from Bravo to VH1 to star on the show Couples Therapy in 2012. The duo also wrote a he-said, she-said book called Little Kids, Big City, discussing their experiences of raising two children in New York City.

Currently, Alex hosts her own web-series, The Real Deal with Alex McCord, on and runs a fashion blog on Sulia. Simon owns and writes the popular  site ,and occasionally gets into it with other Bravolebs on Twitter…check out his site for his recent “chat” with Andy!

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  2. How do you see Andy’s situation.. a demotion, promotion or about the same? I see it as a step up for him with making a deal with with his own production company, and in conjunction stays with the franchise and #WWHL. Best wishes to all at

    • I see it as a great opportunity for him. For him to be working for Bravo and creating different series, he does not make any profit. That is his salaried job. For him to create a series and then sell it to Bravo, not only will he make an initial amount of money but any spinoff or second season, he will get creator credit and will earn more money thereafter.

  3. I’d like to see just a quick update on the one or two season HW’s. Like the churchy one from OC and a few of the other ones that only lasted one or two seasons. Just they are now doing this or that.

  4. Why is lapband in shock. They had it planned this way for PR for their new pilot which I hope bombs. The mother is the one who did all the changes. Now she has her boys where she wants them also. Run Vito and Al run.

  5. Honestly, I can’t just pick one favorite housewife. Favorite past housewives are Jo De La Rosa and Bethenny Frankel. Favorite present housewives are Lisa Vanderpump and Teresa Giudice hands down! @justrrrs

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