Keeping House…Barely

On Bethenny Ever After, Frankel shopped for furniture she feared her toddler would destroy.

On Bethenny Ever After, Frankel shopped for furniture she feared her toddler would destroy.

Once upon a time there was a woman who managed everything seemlessly. She had an orderly immaculate house with toilet paper rolls folded into triangles and fresh home baked treats under the cake dome…and then she had children.

Don’t get me wrong, I struggled to become a mother and I am eternally grateful, but I can’t ignore the fact that there are some portions of my previousl life that I miss. Somewhere between Monday and Friday when I’m just trying to survive and keep everyone alive my house becomes a disaster. Working all day and then trying to make the most of just a couple of hours with my kids before their bedtime I just don’t notice how bad things get. Then Friday night rolls around…

I just don’t understand how things get the way they do around here. Am I the only one who takes care of stuff? Who puts things away? It boggles my mind. I half want to scream and I half want to cry. I recall Bethenny Frankel once saying when looking to buy an obscenely expensive armoire that eventually her daughter would scratch it and it would end up “a piece of shit like everything else I own.” That’s exactly how I feel. There’s no point in owning anything nice, because eventually it all becomes just that…destroyed, dented, scraped…the brown word.

So now my once perfect little corner of the world is filled to the brim with things I once loved that have now turned to, for lack of something more eloquent to say, shit. Would it be better if I was a stay at home mom? I often fantasize that it would. I do know that my Herculean efforts on the weekend to get things somewhat right by Monday usually pay off…but by Tuesday the decline begins again. By Wednesday I’m too tired to care. By Thursday I give up. Then Friday comes and I’m once again a raving lunatic who wants to stuff my entire home in the trash and just start over.

This is my peculiar way of asking for help, or at least the comfort to know I’m not alone. Please share your tips for keeping up your home during the work week, or at least admit, like I just did, that you are struggling to just keep it all together.

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10 thoughts on “Keeping House…Barely

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  2. I have 4 kids (21, 18, 10 & 8), 21 yr old lives on his own. We own our own business which means we work way too much. I’ve learned to accept that my home is not spotless and I can’t do everything. My kids are older than yours, they have a list of chores to do. I keep a cleaning schedule on my phone and as I complete things I mark them off. If I don’t finish everything I just remind myself that my children will not remember if there were dirty dishes in my sink or not but they will remember the time I spend with them. Don’t beat yourself up about a clean house, your kids will only be the age they are once, trust me it goes by so fast, cherish every moment.

  3. I spent all day yesterday doing my Cinderella routine. My house was spotless. I say WAS, because I’m looking around now and it’s a disaster again. No one seems to care but me. I sense a diary entry coming

  4. Let me take a deep breathe before I continue. By no means in any way whatsoever are your alone in this matter. I have three Sons and a Husband. I literally say the exact same thing pretty much every single day! Don’t forget to put the toilet seat down! Wash your hands. Take the garbage out and put a new bag in the garbage can. Rinse your dishes out. Wipe your feet before you enter the house. Put the lid back on the toothpaste. Replace the toilet paper if you used the last of it; so that the next person doesn’t have to stare at an empty roll. Keep it down your way too loud and it’s getting late! I can go ON&ON but I feel a migraine heading my way. (No Pun Intended) When I hear the saying, “A Mothers job is never done!” In my opinion that’s an understatement! It should really say, “A Mothers job will NEVER EVER be done!” That’s how I truly feel every single day but I know for a fact that at the end of the day I’m truly blessed! I wouldn’t change my life for anything in this world. I have three beautiful, respectful, healthy Sons. I have an incredible, supportive, healthy Husband. Life isn’t perfect but it’s the life that I was so incredibly blessed to be given. A life that I choose to continue. A life that I couldn’t live without. Sandra @justrrrs

  5. You’re so not alone! Honestly I’m heading back home from a Disney vacation that I spent coking and cleaning on thinking about the disaster if a house we left and all the stuff on the calendar for the week….not too excited about it. I’ve tried just about everything I can think of to get the hubby and kids to help out with no luck. The only time hubby will pick stuff up is while his mother is visiting… Good luck! When you figure out the magical answer of how to make it all work, please share!

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