Courtney Loves Dallas…Will the Love Last?

imageI have to say that of all the Bravo premieres this season, Courtney Loves Dallas is the one I most anticipated. I can’t exactly explain why. I was not a fan of Most Eligible Dallas. I found every character on that series shallow, self serving, and boring…including Courtney Kerr, the subject of CLD. Considering my disdain for its predecessor, it’s odd that I’d even watch the spinoff, however when I first heard over a year ago that the Dallas based fashion blogger was filming her own show I was intrigued.

It’s a lot to carry your own show which is why Bravo  has only awarded the spinoff honor to such ratings draws as Bethenny Frankel, Nene Leakes, Kim Zolciak, Tamra Barney, Kandi Burruss, and now Caroline Manzo. From that select group only a couple were successful, and Manzo has yet to be seen. When I learned that a cast member of a one season wonder, that nobody I could recall even watched, had been given the task to carry her own series, I knew there had to be something outstanding about Miss Kerr, something I missed the few times I tried to digest MED. Besides, being a blogger myself I certainly could relate to and maybe learn something from watching Kerr in action. She’s managed to turn her blogging into a business, I well, as Bethenny says “All roads lead to Rome,” so I guess I’m still traveling.

In the midst of all the holiday hype I actually missed episode of one of CLD. I thought it premiered a week later than it did, so I watched in reverse. For some odd reason Bravo thinks it best to premiere the new episode of the half hour show followed by the previous week’s. But even so, I was hooked enough by episode two to DVR episode one and actually watch it the following day. Take a look at my bursting DVR storage and you will undestand just how big an event that is.

Courtney Loves Dallas follows the fashion blogger as she builds her brand, tones her body, and broods over former boyfriend and Most Eligible Dallas castmate Matt Nordgren. Kerr is surrounded by an interesting supporting cast of characters, including best friend Tori who is the yin to her yang. Where as Courtney is giddy and a bit obsessive compulsive, Tori is laid back, down to Earth, and a bit snarky. The relationship works in a Lucy and Ethel kind of way.

My intial queries for opinions from my Twitter following have been thumbs down, so maybe it was my low expectations, but I found the first two episodes of CLD highly entertaining. I can relate to Kerr’s self deprecating humor, her ridiculous antics, and her commitment to diet,exercise and ANYTHING to be thin…hemorrhoid cream anyone? Though I did marry at 30, her age, and cannot relate to her fear of becoming a “cat lady” I still remember pining for a man who broke my heart. When her heart skips a beat when Nordgren enters a party I can feel that moment and it brings me back to an exciting time in my own life.

CLD may not be for everybody. It’s shallow and silly and may not be relateable for those who are so drawn into their advanced adult lives that they’ve forgotten who they used to be, but for me it’s the perfect 30 minute getaway. The subject matter will deepen as the season goes on when Kerr’s mother is diagnosed with cancer. Hopefully more people will fall in love with Courtney Loves Dallas. This is one relationship that I’d like to see make it.


2 thoughts on “Courtney Loves Dallas…Will the Love Last?

  1. Excellent review. I totally agree that Kerr is entertaining. An insight into the fashion blogging world is also intriguing to watch.

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