100 Days of Summer

Chicago singles take on the heat, and eachother, in 100 Days of Summer. Photo Credit: bravotv.com

Chicago singles take on the heat, and eachother, in 100 Days of Summer.
Photo Credit: bravotv.com

By Lesley Rousso

100 Days of Summer premiered Tuesday night on Bravo.  This latest reality installment takes place in Chicago at the start of  the summer. We meet our six cast members, aboard a yacht in Lake Michigan in what they deem as “the playpen”.  For my fellow Miamians, it’s like one of our numerous sandbars, just in a lake. Your typical boats, booze and boobies. First up we are introduced to Pascale Wellin, @pascalewellin, a jewelry designer who has just moved back to Chicago after a year in LA.  She is, we could say, extremely self-assured.  Seriously who am I kidding here? Pascale loves herself and seems to love being the center of attention.  Throughout the episode and in the upcoming preview she comes across as a bit of a pot stirrer too.  I think she gets a kick out of people not liking her, it seems to fuel her.  I’m not saying this is necessarily a bad thing and she does have every reason to be confident.  She’s gorgeous and smart and clearly can handle herself.

Next up is Vincent Anzalone, @vincentanzalone, a very cute thirtysomething who describes himself as “the gatekeeper of Chicago nightlife”.  He and business partner Lonnie Rodriguez, @LonnieRod, own Genuine Entertainment, which promotes all of the hot bars and restaurants in Chitown. Vince, though adorable is a complete man whore. His  job is mainly to go out and drink and flirt.  That would be great for Vince except that now he has a girlfriend. Jessica has moved to Chicago from NYC to be with him. She despises his job, understandably and from what we see in the previews it’ll cause major problems for them.

Ex Chicago bears player Ray Austin ,@rayaustin36.is the third cast member.  Ray is now a part-time model and talent scout and is dating Hamidah, an ice skater.  I loved Ray on sight, because he’s just a mush, a really nice guy.   He thinks Hamidah could be the “one”, telling Vince she has “potential”. Hamidah however cannot stand Pascale and the feeling may be mutual as we see them butt heads at a dinner party and in the upcoming episodes.

Tara Clack, @TaraClack, our resident veterinarian is the fourth member of the cast.  She comes from a very affluent background with her family being multi generational owners of Clack Corporation which makes water softener components.  She has just started dating new guy Mark and really wants to get married. She’s a nice girl, despite the fact that she has a little history with Vince.  She loves the animals she treats which of course, being a dog lover, won me right over.

Phillips Demming, @PhillipsDemming, is the fifth new  future Bravoleb.  She reminds me a little bit of Gretchen Rossi.  Phillips owns a clothing line called “Attention Seeking Behavior” which are matching clothes for you and your dog.  One of my dogs is a Great Dane, I’m thinking I could save the money and she could just borrow my clothes. Anyway, Phillips says she’s a member of Mensa but that clearly doesn’t give her a whole lot of business sense.  We see this in a scene with another cast member that she’s been hired to make uniforms for.  She’s super flaky, I’m wondering if she’s a stoner.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Last but certainly not least is Jay Michael, @jaymichaelliving.Jay is a real estate developer who takes old buildings and turns them into luxury boutique apartments. Much of his summer will be spent promoting his new project, called The Flats.  Jay, who also happens to be gay, tells us he grew up in an upper class Jewish family, basically getting everything he wanted. This includes now, as he shows housekeeper Lucy his new penis sculpture.  I’ll go out on a limb and tell you now, I heart him already.

So there are a hundred days of summer in Chicago and clearly after being locked up all winter, things are bound to get cray cray.  In Miami we basically have three hundred and sixty five days of summer.  I have to admit, as do a lot of my friends, we take it for granted. Don’t get me wrong, I  still do love the summer, but it must be a little special when it’s only that short period of time.  I really like the cast, they are relatable and remind me of people I know.  I have also never been to Chicago, though my grandparents lived in the Marina Towers, I enjoy seeing the lifestyle there.  While I do find that most of Bravo’s new shows are unwatchable, 100 Days is definitely not one of them. Bottom line is I loved it, and it left me excited and wanting more, which I already knew from watching the sneak peek.  Stay tuned…


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I am a Miami raised wife and mom of three. Actually six if you count my 3 dogs. I have always been a TV junkie and I'm not embarrassed to admit it!

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