Interior Trends: 2014

By Jamie Bertolini

Happy New Year, everyone! I know with all of the holiday decor coming down, it often inspires us to refresh our surroundings, especially since we all know our houses just don’t look the same after the tree comes down.

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The Pantone Color of 2014 is Radiant Orchid, it’s a plum color that’s actually been trending for a while now. It’s just finally come full circle. One way you can use Radiant Orchid without painting all of your walls or, heaven forbid, changing anything that can’t easily be changed back (flooring, countertops, etc.) is to use it for accents. A pillow cover, pottery, even a throw over the arm of a sofa or a chair would be a great way to incorporate this color into your home.

One of my favorite places to get trendy items is Home Goods because you can get really nice, higher end items for a fraction of retail. I purchased a throw for a friend of mine as a Christmas gift & paid just $15 for it! And, guess what color it is? You guessed “radiant orchid,” didn’t you? Good guess!

Also, think about it with the colors you already have in your home. Radiant Orchid, looks great with grays, tans & blues, especially turquoise or icy blues.

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Moving on to styles, we’ve seen a huge trend in classic, American styling with some transitional & regency style moments. We’re seeing a lot of clean lines mixed with carved, European accents and mixtures of metal finishes. As far as color palettes go, while designers are using more and more color, the monochromatic gray/white/cream story is still here for a little while.

Eclectic, curated spaces are still trending as well. If you have a collection of something, feel free to display it, just don’t have it all out at one time. Organize them in a built-in or display them on a shelf but to avoid an overwhelming look, keep it limited to 3-5 of the same color/style/type of item & mix them with items that won’t take away from the items that you really love.

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When it comes to kitchens, you can’t go wrong with crisp, white cabinets with a subway tiled backsplash. The trend is shying away from granite & more toward marble and composites like quartz. Also, mixing styles like shaker-style cabinet doors with modern, “wire” stools creates an interesting, less average looking kitchen.


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In bedrooms, my emphasis is always on the textiles. We pay hundreds and thousands of dollars for clothes that are worn for a short amount of time compared to the sheets & blankets that we wrap ourselves in while we sleep each night. My advice is to get two down comforters, one for Fall-Winter & one for Spring-Summer. The difference is in the feather content; the warmer comforters contain more down while the cooler ones contain more feathers and less down. Breathable, cotton duvet covers will protect your investment. Also, invest in 100% cotton sheets. Egyptian cotton is the best but look for higher thread counts, from a quality standpoint and nothing else. People are obsessed with thread count when really, all that means is how many threads per square inch were used in the weave of the fabric. 700+, you’re safe & will be enjoying your sheets for years to come. White is best, especially if you like to bleach. Neutral colors in the bedroom have been trending for a while now but rich, dark colors (navy, emerald, charcoal) are making their way back into bedrooms as well.

Overall, remember that you don’t have to submit to trends. If you like a trend, go for it! If you hate purple, then Radiant Orchid may not be for you. Personal preference and taste still trump trends but it’s important to keep it fresh and current so you don’t grow tired of your surroundings.

Stay tuned to for more interior design-related posts and a more in-depth look at interior styling, trends, furniture, textiles and more!


imageJamie Bertolini is an interior designer who has done work in both residential and commercial spaces. He has collaborated with other designers on many projects and events including a large wedding in 2013. Jamie hails from an artistic family. In an interesting twist his family is very involved in their church, his father being the  pastor, and they are also the owners of a tattoo shop. Jamie loves spending time with his family and friends, and of course keeping track of latest trends in design. Oh and he is also a major “Bravoholic” and was honored with the title last year! Have an interior design question? Tweet Jamie @JamieBertolini . Looking for inspiration? Check out his blog .

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