She’s a Catch! : An Interview with Tara Clack

imageShe may be looking to reel in a husband, but 100 Days of Summer‘s Tara Clack is quite the catch herself. A trust fund baby from a successul family, she prefers to earn her own way as a veterinerian. Anything but a princess, this self proclaimed “tomboy” likes Crossfit and combing the waters for crayfish. We wanted to know more both about Tara and Bravo TV’s newest show. Check out what she revealed!

TBB: You seem to have all the makings for a calm life and successful career. Why be on reality TV?

TC: I think I chose to do the show because it was an opportunity to do something different. Plus, a while back I had the idea for a veterinary talk show and actually registered it years ago with the Writer’s Guild. I thought this would maybe give me some exposure and help bring my vet show to fruition.

TBB: How did the opportunity for 100 Days of Summer present itself to you?

TC: I had a friend who was close to the owners of the casting company. I went
there with a few girlfriends and the rest is history.

TBB: Your family owns a successful plastics company. Did any of them balk at the idea of you doing this show?

TC: My sister wasn’t too keen on the idea but my parents were supportive.

TBB: Has your sister come around? Will we see her on the show?

TC: Unfortunately she didn’t (appear on the show), but she sure enjoys watching now and making fun of me!

TBB: Which cast mates do you feel most connected with?

TC: I probably feel the most connected to Jay (Michael). He and I just click and he’s very easy to get along with.

TBB: What was your most memorable moment filming?

TC: There were a few breakout fights that were pretty interesting. I’m not involved but got a front row seat!

TBB: How do you feel about your portrayal on the show as the girl who is really “chomping at the bit” to get married?

TC: Everyone has a character they are portrayed as so while I’m not thrilled,
I’ll take it. It all works out in the end….

TBB: Oooh care to elaborate on that one?

TC: I wasn’t as pathetic as I may come across, but you’ll have to stay tuned to see if I do actually scare him off in the end.

TBB: Is there anything the cameras caught that you wish they hadn’t?

TC: Probably a lot but I guess I’ll find out as the season progresses.

TBB: Without giving too much away, did the show break apart any of the
friendships/relationships among the cast?

TC: I think if your relationship can’t withstand the show, it wasn’t too
strong to begin with. All the cast members get along now and can laugh
about the previous drama.

TBB: Your show takes place in Chicago. What do you like best about living in

TC: I really do love the summers here. I love running along Lake Shore Path
with my dog She-Ra and just seeing all the action and how alive the city

TBB: Name three places that visitors MUST go to when they come to your city:

TC: Castaways on North Avenue Beach, Shedd Aquarium, and Michigan Avenue Downtown!

TBB: You are a veterinarian. What animal charities are your favorite to support?

TC:I’m involved with PAWs Chicago and  iCARE (Iriquois County Animal Rescue). I also help fundraise for our clinic’s Needy Animal Fund.

TBB: Tell us 5 things that viewers need to know about you:

TC: I’m very dorky and down to earth, despite how I may be portrayed. I love my profession as a veterinarian and couldn’t be happier going to work each day!  I love sports! I was a pole vaulter in college at University Wisconsin-Madison which most people don’t know about me. I love Crossfit! I work out at River North Crossfit and have made amazing friends there. Plus it kicks your butt! I’m a tomboy at heart. My favorite activity is catching crayfish with my nieces in northern Wisconsin. And I love to fish!



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