RHOBH Episode 12: Tough Break

Drinking and Dialing? Brandi hope to make ammends with dear old dad.

Drinking and Dialing? Brandi hopes to make ammends with dear old dad.

By Lesley Rousso

This week, the episode begins at Carlton‘s house, where she greets her arriving friends with kisses, on the lips.  Carlton has an annual pool party  that she is auditioning the “talent” for.  Her friends are there to help and of course so is her trusty sidekick, Elizy the ever-present Nanny. Does she ever actually nanny? They should change her title to Carlton’s playmate.  Carlton explains to us that it’s very important to entertain everyone. So along with a caterer, she has girls on poles and girls on the balconies…I know that’s the first thing I usually book when throwing a pool party…Meanwhile she lets the hookers, sorry MODELS in and they proceed to pole dance for Carlton and her friends.

Brandi prepares to pack for a trip to Sacramento and we see that she’s adopted a new dog named Buddy.  Lisa stops by and Brandi tells her what a big deal it is for her to be going to her hometown for this book signing event.  She happens to be going on her father’s birthday.  Guy Glanville, Brandi’s dad, is still upset with her for saying he was a drug dealer in her book.  He was a marijuana distributor and grower and I guess was offended by the term “drug dealer”. Brandi tells Lisa that Yolanda is traveling with her, telling us that Yo will be much more relatable to her parents than Lisa.  Lisa once again mothers Brandi, which Brandi detests. Is this the beginning of the end for these two?  I think so.

Brandi and Yo arrive in Sacramento and head to the hotel.  Brandi entertains Yolanda on the way, with stories of her mischievous teenage years.  Brandi hasn’t spoken with her father for months and is questioning whether or not he’ll even show up at her event.  He is not overly pleasant on the phone but does show up and Brandi has Yolanda kind of babysit him, which puts him in a seemingly good mood.  Brandi and her dad begin to resolve things and are hopefully on the road to recovery.

Over at the gun range, Joyce and husband Michael take shooting lessons.  Once again Miss Puerto Rico is in a costume of sorts, black sweater with skulls on it, short shorts and heels.  Joyce tells the gun instructor a crazy tale of a home invasion at her house.  I’m not sure robbers usually carry shot guns, but to each his own I guess.  The story gets even loonier, and the gun guy just has a look like “Okaaaaay”.  Joyce actually ends up being a pretty decent shot, but that story sounded like nonsense.  Oh, and better watch out if you try to rob Joyce, she’s wielding a machete.

It’s Friday night at Kyle‘s and she’s hosting a Shabbat dinner.  She has a personal chef assisting her and as she’s covering the challah she tells the chef that she grew up Catholic but converted because it was important to Mauricio.  Kyle tells us that growing up in Beverly Hills all of her friends were Jewish and she always admired the traditions.  Mauricio’s sister Sharon (who knew) and husband Kendall arrive with their son and they light the Shabbat candles.

All of the ladies go to a boxing class together, Joyce wearing an I heart life shirt and high top wedge sneakers.  I just can’t with her, has the woman heard of Lululemon and Nike? Anyway, the trainer instructs the ladies on how to defend themselves and how to choke someone.  Yolanda proceeds to almost kill him during this lesson as she chokes him until he’s purple. Carlton proves to be a good boxer and Lisa clad in crops and a bra top basically just shakes her boobs at the trainer, who becomes distracted.  Love that LVP.  Kim and Kyle of course box each other and it’s a pretty even fight.  Brandi practically breaks her hand hitting him and Yolanda chokes him again.

Brandi, Lisa and Kyle leave together for a drink and at the bar Lisa tells them she can’t stay to eat because she has to work.  Kyle chastises (word of the season) her and tells her that for once she should just stay and relax.  Kyle throws some digs Lisa’s way and Brandi tells them they’re too competitive.  The two bicker and then Lisa tells Brandi to have her swollen hand looked at. Again, doesn’t go over well with Brandi.  The episode ends.  Honestly, it was a little boring this week.

Next week: Carlton’s pool party takes place in all it’s naughtiness and Kyle manages to offend her again, Kim goes to an autograph convention and holds an unusual doll and Carlton and Joyce have a fight about witchcraft. Stay tuned…


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