Hamidah Ahmad: No Ice Queen Here

imageHamidah Ahmad may come off as a bit of an ice queen on Bravo TV‘s 100 Days of Summer but it turns out that statement can only apply to her career. An accomplished skater and instructor who has also logged pre 100 Days’ camera time as a model, Hamidah is disciplined and level headed. She didn’t seem to fit what we feel is the typical reality TV mold, so of course we were intrigued. What we found is that Hamidah has a softer, almost giddy side to her, and she could probably teach some of the Housewives a thing or two about conflict resolution.

TBB: How did you and (boyfriend former NFL player turned entrepreneur) Ray Austin become involved in 100 Days of Summer?

HA: A good friend of ours had heard about the show and felt that we would be a great fit for it. Fast forward to today, and here we are!

TBB: You do realize that you both seem so grounded and non-attention seeking, especially for reality stars…

HA: Thank you so much! Believe it or not it’s really hard to place myself in the category “reality stars.” One thing I always keep in the forefront of my mind is that I’m a role model to a lot of kids, and some I work very close with. As for Ray and me, we had on-camera careers before this, so there was a lot at stake and we understood that one wrong move could ruin what we’ve worked so hard for.

TBB: That being said, what are your thoughts on the behaviors of some of your reality star peers?

HA: I can’t speak for my peers and how their behaviors were on the show. All I can say is that we all handle situations differently and they reacted in a way that they felt was best for them at the time.

TBB: We know you can’t reveal too much of what is to come on 100 Days, but do you feel the show put a strain on some of the friendships/relationships involved?

HA: Honestly, I felt that being a part of 100 Days of Summer opened up opportunities to network, build new friendships/relationships, and become closer with some of the cast members I knew before doing the show.

TBB: Your confrontation date with Pascale (Wellin) may have been the most calm and mature one in reality TV history. How are you two getting along now?

HA: Thank you! I truly believe that two women can sit down and be honest with how they feel about each other, without things spiraling out of control. I like for both parties to walk away with something positive instead of more hurt feelings. As for Pascale and me, we have built a good relationship and support one another in whatever we try to accomplish.

TBB: Is it skating that’s given you the skills to stay calm even when faced with someone like Pascale?

HA: Yes, I truly believe it does play a huge role in how I deal with certain situations. I think one of the coolest attributes of an athlete is that we are trained to deal with very high stress situations at a very young age. However; I’m still faced with unfamiliar situations, so everyday I’m learning something new.

TBB: You spend a lot of time on the “ice” both practicing and training other skaters. How did you make the time to film?

HA: It definitely wasn’t easy. But from a very young age I had to learn how to juggle many roles, so it has taught me how to multi task and prioritize.

TBB: We have shows like Dance Moms and Cheer Moms. Do you think the skating parents will have their moment in the reality spotlight?

HA: I don’t know what the future holds for ice skating and television. But anything is possible!

TBB: You were a part of Disney on Ice for many years. You certainly have combined a passion for skating and acting. Would you want to be involved in a reality show about skating?

HA: I can’t say where I’ll be in my life, but if the opportunity presents itself I would definitely consider it.

TBB: Who are you most looking forward to seeing skate in the upcoming Winter Olympics?

HA: I hope you don’t mind, but I’m a little greedy with this one. I have three people I’ll be cheering on. My very very dear friend and former training mate Jeremy Abbott. As for my Chi-town native’s Jason Brown and Gracie Gold, I’m excited to watch them as well. They’re a great group of people.

TBB: Will you be in Sochi at all?

HA: As much as I wish I could be there cheering on all the Olympic participants, I have to stay home and support my students with their upcoming competition season about to begin. You never know, maybe one day a few of them will be at the Olympics!

TBB: Thanks for chatting with us. Is there anything else you’d like people to know about you?

HA: That’s a good question. Things I would like for people to know about me is, I love making people laugh. I have no problem poking fun of myself to put a smile on someone’s face. Last, I know to some I come across as having a rough exterior on the show, but one thing my closest friends always say to people is….. “Once you become friends with Hamidah, she will be the most loyal and loving friend you could ever ask for.” Thank you so much for chatting with me, I had an absolute blast answering all your awesome questions!


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