Really Great Reality Inspired Valentine’s Day Gifts

I truly am in love with February, it is one of my favorite months of the year. February rocks because, even though it is the shortest month on our calendar, it probably has the most reasons to celebrate;  Superbowl, Ground Hog Day, Black History Month, Valentine’s Day, and President’s Day. Toss in with that the fact that the days are lengthening and Spring is right around the corner, and who can help but feel giddy? Of all these amazingly cool events, Valentine’s Day is my favorite…not because I am sucker for cheesy cards and chocolate, but because all the pink and red decorations are a welcome change from the dreary gray of winter.  

Though I do like to acknowledge Valentine’s Day, I’ve learned over the years the pitfalls of the typical gifts and rituals. Chocolate? I just finally started to get rid of December holiday…and January birthday cake in our house…pounds, I really don’t want a visit from Lady Godiva. Dinner reservations? Nope, restaurants are often crowded, prices are inflated, and the extra busy kitchen often results in mediocre food and service. Flowers? Prices on those are spiked this month too, and they die…not a good message for eternal love. So below I have compiled some cool gifts inspired by some of my fave Reality TV  shows. Remember, you don’t need to be coupled or even wait for these if you are. See something you like, treat yourself…like Whitney sang self love is the greatest love of all! 



Sharktank :These leg warmers from Grace and Lace are really awesome. So awesome that in 2012 they were labeled a “Best Pinterest find.” Personally I’ve never wanted leg warmers before, at least not until I saw these. Maybe it’s how relaxed the model looks, maybe it’s all the snowstorms we’ve had this winter, or maybe it’s just the signature peek a boo of lace that the company is known for. Either way I want them and at $34 they cost less than a dozen roses!


Courtney Loves Dallas: If you’re like me you spent much of this show with your eye on what fashion blogger Courtney Kerr was wearing. One piece I could not take my eyes away from was her adorable  State of Texas charm necklace. I researched and found the piece comes from designer Maya Brenner. Brenner’s “statement” necklaces range from $130 in sterling silver to $1800 for gold with complete diamond border, she’s got something for every budget. Perfect gift if you’re relocating for love!

Photo: Charmed By Charlotte

Photo: Charmed By Charlotte



Real Housewives of Miami: Angels  for Animal Rescue is a not for profit organization developed by RHOM’s Joanna Krupa and her partner Gabi Gutierrez. Jewelry designer Charlotte Smith’s stretch bracelets for the organization are not only perfect for those On the Wings of Love but a bonus for those who are animal lovers as well. Part of each sale goes to benefit Krupa and Gutierrez’s organization. The bracelets cost $18 – $38.



Real Housewives of New York City: Funky jewelry from Good Charma can be spotted in nearly all RHONY episodes on Heather Thomson. Also worn by stars like Beyonce GC’s pieces are inpsired by owner/designer Pam Fink‘s trips to Bali, where each silver and gold vermeil charm is made. Meant to spread good luck and good will, a gift from Good Charma says “I’m lucky to love you!” GC jewelry ranges from under $100 to the mid $400s. There is something for everyone! Bonus, all orders placed by Valentine’s Day come in a limited edition heart shaped box. Lovely!



Still can’t find anything that excites you? Well there’s always Bedroom Kandi, but you can check that out yourself!



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