RHOBH Episode 17: Lines in the Sand

The dinner party from hell is alive and well. Photo: bravotv.com

The dinner party from hell is alive and well.
Photo: bravotv.com

By Lesley Rousso

The episode opens with everyone preparing to go to Puerto Rico, well everyone except Carlton, who wasn’t invited. They meet up at LAX and Joyce explains that although her father has passed away, she wants everyone to have fun.

The group arrives in San Juan and on the bus Brandi looks stressed. She explains that she needs to say something to Lisa, and soon. Ken and Lisa check into their room and they are less than thrilled with the accommodations.

Yolanda and Brandi sit down to talk and Brandi tells her that Lisa hasn’t called her in a week. She’s also tired of Lisa “pushing” Scheana on her. She claims that Lisa has stepped on Kyle and now is stepping on her. Yolanda tells us that Lisa never has anything nice to say about Kyle. Yolanda promises to give Lisa a piece of her mind the following day, as she has her own problems with her.

After breakfast, a ferry comes to pick up all but Joyce who is spending the day with her mother. They arrive at a Palomonito a private island and if I have to hear Mauricio describe something as amazing again I’m reaching through the screen. Seriously, like Tom Cruise jumping on a couch annoying!

Yolanda walks away with Lisa and immediately tells her that Brandi is upset because she feels like there is a divide in the group. Okay hold on, I thought Yolanda had her own issues and can Brandi not speak for herself? Yo chastises her for throwing a party with Kyle and says that she should’ve let everyone know that her and Kyle sorted things out. Why? Lisa asks the same thing and Yo says because they were all part of it. Yo tells us that Lisa should’ve asked Kyle for forgiveness after saying things about Mauricio behind his back. Why may I ask, again is this Yolanda’s problem? Lisa gets up to walk away and Yo tells her to sit down. Brandi chimes in that Lisa never calls her anymore and is now BFFs with Kyle again. Lisa basically tells her she’s being ridiculous. Brandi goes on to say that Lisa doesn’t call or check in on her. Really? Wasn’t it Brandi who didn’t want Lisa mothering her. She was just complaining about that three episodes ago. Make up your mind Brandi! Lisa asks her when the last time she called her was. Touche! She gets up to walk away and holier than thou Yolanda tells her that walking away won’t solve anything.

Lisa’s voice breaks as she says she doesn’t want to stay. Brandi keeps saying she is afraid to go against Lisa, because she’s seen what happens when people do this. She then says she must be one hundred percent honest with Kyle and proceeds to tell her that Lisa wanted Brandi to bring the tabloids with the cheating claims about Mauricio to Palm Springs with them. Why in the first place, did Brandi have the tabloids? Kyle of course believes Brandi. Kyle and Yolanda walk back over to Lisa and Ken asks Yolanda why she’s getting involved when it has nothing to do with her. Ding ding ding! Yolanda tells him that it has nothing to do with him either to which Ken replies, “that’s my wife and she’s upset.” Yolanda of course seems to take issue with that. She’s very hypocritical in this episode. Kyle comes out and asks Lisa about Brandi’s claims and Lisa tells no, that did not happen.

Meanwhile, Joyce’s family arrives and they all have lunch. It’s a nice scene in comparison to the previous one. Joyce tells her mom she needs to come and live with her in California.

Back at scary island, Kim fills Mauricio in on what the conversation was about and of course, Mauricio believes her. Lisa continues to deny it. Ken, in true form tells us that Lisa is the perfect woman and they’re just jealous and trying to start trouble. Why I ask you would anyone believe Brandi? How many times does she have to prove that she lies and is not a genuine person? Mauricio gets pissed and leaves. Guess he believes it too. Kyle goes after him.

On the bus to dinner, Lisa asks Brandi what her problem is and Brandi tells her to ask Scheana. So Lisa says, “What do you mean ask Scheana?” Brandi asks Lisa how close the two are and Lisa says that Scheana has been very close to Pandy for five years. She claims that she did some digging and the two are “thick as thieves”. Brandi says she’s used her to get publicity for herself. Ken says she’s a kid who works for us, not our friend. Once again. I think Brandi is grasping. Brandi tells Lisa she needs to take a lie detector test. She then claims that Lisa puts people under her spell and makes them do what she wants. Seriously? Do you not have a mind of your own Brandi?

The group arrives at dinner, and Lisa walks over and promises Brandi she had no idea that Scheana had slept with Eddie that first time the two ran into each other at Sur. She tells her she loves her and is always on her side. Kyle announces that she feels uneasy and needs to ask Lisa and Brandi at the same time what happened. Maybe after dinner would’ve been a good choice but Kyle asks right at the table in true dinner party from hell form. Lisa again denies it, Brandi accuses her of lying. Ken gets pissed and again Yolanda asks him why he’s getting involved. He tells her not to be so stupid. Kim chimes in and Ken tells her to stay out of it. Kim fires back that she’s tired of his godamned mouth and that he’s a “big stubborn old man”. Joyce is horrified. Again, Kim brings up Kimberly’s graduation. Really Kim, they RSVP’d two weeks in advance and sent a gift. Get over yourself! So Ken says well, “Why weren’t you at my daughters wedding?” By the way, Kim never RSVP’d to that. Ken and Lisa get pissed and get up to leave. They go back to their room and discuss how ridiculous the whole thing is. At the table Yolanda continues to give her two cents as does everyone else. They sit down and have some wine, Lisa cries and they actually show her and Ken smoking, scandalous!! Ken says he won’t have them talking about her like that. The episode ends.

Next week: the trip drags on, Kim and Yolanda say goodbye to their daughters as they leave for college, and Lisa fills Carlton in on what happened…Stay tuned.


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One thought on “RHOBH Episode 17: Lines in the Sand

  1. I’m so sick of Yolanda an her to cents in anyone’s conversation who the hell is she to tell Lisa to “sit down” an then saying Lisa is 55 years old is Yolanda just nuts or 2 stupid ……. Really!! Lisa is 52 lets get it straight an Kim calling Ken a “old man” Kim is just classless with no respect maybe Kim can marry her dog Kingsley, now Brandi O please I can’t even go there with that one cuz if I did it would take me just about 3 days to say what I need to say about that nasty lying mouth thing. Ok Kyle loves to talk down to Lisa about what Brandi had to say which wasn’t true in the first place it’s like the blind leading the blind , Right!! I love Lisa an Ken both of them didn’t deserve what happened on that trip with all 5 trying to hurt Lisa the way they did it was so unfair an wrong . Karma will get them .

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